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Life Force International Product Testimonies

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The Purpose

 The purpose of this page is to store a
collection of life-changing stories from one of a kind products. These stories contain testimonies on
health and wealth. We sincerely hope you share these with everyone,
because you never know what a significant impact it could
make………just like the stories you are about to read.

We have changed the name of the company and products because we are not to claim to cure or prevent any illness or disease.

Disclaimer: These are personal accounts and are not claims to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

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Woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Gets Her Life Back

At 35 years young I was the owner of two successful businesses. In a very short period of time I was stuck in bed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Sleeping 20 hours a day for 10 months I had to shut down my businesses and live off loans while others cared for me and my 3 young children.

A friend gave me 2 bottles of “Liquid Organic Product” telling me to drink 4 ounces per morning and 4 ounces per evening. I was willing to try anything at this point but sure didn’t think much would help. I took my 8 ounces per day and within two weeks I was sleeping 10 hours a day. Then by the end of a month I was out of bed and starting back to work!

I’m not cured of MS but without “Liquid Organic Product” I’m convinced I would be in a full time care facility. With “Liquid Organic Product” my life is active and healthy. Besides the 8 ounces of “Liquid Organic Product” per day I also mix in several of the other “Life Force” products such as “Liquid Calcium/Mineral Product” and “Liquid Joint Product” which have helped with other pains common to MS. With “Liquid Organic Product” I have my life back!

Stacey, Colorado
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Faster Bone Healing

Hi everyone,

I want to let you know that the doctor and the chiropractor is happy with my healing progress.  I saw them on Thursday and they said the bones are staying in place and healing very well.   The pain I'm still having is from the trauma to the soft tissue (muscles) and to keep taking my liquid supplements and the pain med and muscle relaxers and give the body time to heal

It's been only 3 weeks and they said the healing process looks likes 5 weeks and they feel it's due to the “Liquid Calcium/Mineral Product” and “Liquid Organic Product” that I'm taking and the body utilizing the product and is healing the body faster.  Someone at my age should be behind in healing, since as we get older it takes longer for the body to heal.

The bruise on my left butt cheek was gone in 1 1/2 week and the doctor said the way i landed on that hip and being 55yrs old I should of broke my hip and was amazed that I didn't, that's when I told him about the “Liquid Calcium/Mineral Product” that I've been taking, he was very impressed, he said that it's the best product he's every seen or read about

I want to thank all you you for your prayers. I pray your all doing well.

Love ya Opal

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Pain Free from Chronic Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

“Well, I’ll be” is a quaint Southern saying that my great-great-aunt Ethel used to affirm people in conversations.   She had no idea that it was short for “well, I’ll be damned”.  I share this because that was the state I was in, suffering from chronic severe pain.  But several years ago I made a conscious decision that I would turn that saying around and… WELL, I would be!

At age 13, my recurring pain and what appeared to be symptoms of repeated urinary tract infections baffled the doctors.  They prescribed antibiotics for the supposed UTIs and gave me large dose Naprosen and Motrin prescriptions for the pain.

By age 23, I had self-determined that caffeine was a main culprit for the repeated UTIs and I eradicated it from my diet.  But by this time, my issues had broadened with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Around 33, the dilemma had progressed to a point that many food items and even circumstances were “triggers” for the still recurring UTIs and IBS bouts.  Dinner out or an intimate evening with my husband could end with days of severe abdominal pain.  I visited many specialists, and finally was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis [also known as Painful Bladder Syndrome].  With that diagnosis came the term – chronic.

Over the next 5 years, the bouts worsened by both length and severity and the frequency increased, finally coming to a head when I began passing blood clots in my urine.   With the crippling pain and debilitating effect on my life as a mother, wife, and employee, I had to find an answer.  The doctors wanted to prescribe Pentosan [only oral drug approved by FDA specifically for IC], which I would have to take -- forever.  How it works is unknown, as are the long-term effects.

Knowing that food was the main trigger, it must also be the answer… so I began my research.  Aloe was the main ingredient needed to counteract the IC.  I began an exhaustive search for the right aloe:  liquid form, not a pill; something that I could stomach the taste and stand the texture.

“Liquid Organic Product” by “Life Force International” is my miracle find.   With its aloe base and the minerals from the sea vegetables, it is the perfect whole food to counter my condition.  After only a couple of months on “Liquid Organic Product”, my IC was under control and the IBS left completely.  A small cup of 2-3 ounces each day keeps me in balance.  At times of great stress or bad diet, I take an extra drink.

Today I am pain free and have no frequency issues.  WELL, I Am!

Susan Y., NC

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Woman Beats Allergies, Asthma, Headaches, Digestive Problem

I once had allergies so bad I was taking over the counter and prescriptions the majority of the time, I also had injections for pollen and molds, they never seemed to help. I also have food allergies, and allergic to animal dander. My stomach would be upset I would have headaches and diarrhea. The asthma would flare up I would need to use an inhaler. Every spring I would see the doctor for sinus infections and feel like I was in a fog and my energy was zapped. The doctor told me I may not live to see my grandchildren if I didn't make changes.

After being on “Liquid Organic Product” for awhile I noticed I could breathe better, no more upset stomachs, headaches, infections, I haven't had to go to the doctor only for yearly check ups. I am amazed how this whole nutrition food has built up my immune system. I am so ever thankful to the people who have encouraged me to take control of my health so I can have a better life

What a blessing

Pam McKinney, South Dakota

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Chronic Yeast Infections – A Real Solution!!!

For years I have suffered from yeast infections.  By the time I hit 40, they were considered chronic.  Over and over I was tested for diabetes and thyroid conditions.  I gave up alcohol, went off oral contraceptives, and completely cut out carbohydrates.  I spent thousands of dollars buying probiotics, acidophilus, and a myriad of other natural remedies.   I ate so much yoghurt my husband suggested we get our own cow.  I was buying over-the-counter remedies at least monthly, and took prescriptions meds until my doctor feared for my liver.  I knew the yeast was the result of an imbalance of bacteria in my gut, but I tried all the traditional methods of restoring this balance and nothing seemed to work. 

The doctors didn’t seem to have any solutions, and frankly seemed less than concerned about my situation.  I had just about accepted that this was just my lot in life when my family started taking “Liquid Organic Product” as a daily supplement.  Seeing such positive results from this product (our first illness-free Christmas since my daughter was born in 2001!) encouraged me to ask about a product for yeast; I was referred to “T” Natural Immune Booster” (Taheebo).  I started taking “Natural Immune Booster” 4-6 times a day about 6 months ago.  I have not had a full blown yeast infection since.  I now take it morning and night; more often if I feel the onset of symptoms.  This is a product that I will take for life.

It’s not very often that you discover something that truly changes your life.  If you suffer from chronic yeast infections, you’ll believe me when I say this product has done just that!

Meg P.,  Tampa, FL

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High Blood Pressure, Depression, Insomnia

Before hearing about “Company X” I had been doctoring for lots of things: high blood pressure, depression, female problems and insomnia.  My blood pressure was off the charts, being 150 over 97.  I never wanted to be on medication so I didn't take any.....I thought I was healthy enough and I had NO idea of possible stroke. 

After being on “Liquid Organic Product” for just a few day I was sleeping through the night.  My blood pressure is normal now 100 over 62.  My depression has lifted and I feel great.  Recently, there has been times in my career that I was in a stressful situations and I have sailed right through due to being on “Liquid Organic Product” It has made an incredible difference in my life.

I have my life back.  I love to share what I do being a “Company X” member, and on a scale from 1-10 before being on “Liquid Organic Product” I was about a four and now I'm at 10.

I always thought I was healthy and I always felt good but I've never felt this good.

I am amazed at the power of whole food nutrition.

Blessings, Sandra A. Sawyer

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"Protein Supplement" RESULTS!!

I am an arborist and I climb trees using ropes and gafts on my feet. I am 55 years old, so this is a very strenuous profession for a man my age. Many times, I would really have to push myself to get through the job. I am now taking a protein powder called "Protein Supplement". I notice that my energy level is up, my body strength is up and I have the stamina to work at a steady pace all day. Thank you "Protein Supplement"!

Jeffrey Haswell,  Paonia, CO


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   "More alert playing sports!"

I am in 7th grade and I play on the 7th grade basketball team. When my Mom gives me "Protein Supplement" before the game, I feel more aware and alert while I’m playing. I can also do a lot better physically.

Noah Haswell,  Paonia, CO

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My name is Riley and I am in 8th grade basketball. When we are in competition, I usually am in for the entire game. By the 4th quarter, I start to get tired. Then my Mom started to give me "Protein Supplement" before my games. Now I can play all 4th quarters full out. It really helps me.

Riley Smith,  Paonia, CO

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 "Muscles Work Better in Extensive Work Out!"

I am a college student and like an extensive work out every day. Before I started taking "Protein Supplement", I felt like my muscles were not being reached. Now that I take "Protein Supplement" before every workout, I can actually feel my muscles working better. But, what I really love is I can see more daily growth, I can lift more weight and I have more stamina.

Nate,  Boulder, CO
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My Cancer Story

By Kim H.

In January of 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had a lumpectomy and then started chemotherapy a month later.  My sister had undergone chemotherapy and while she assured me I would be fine, she also gave me pointers on how to cope with the very uncomfortable (okay, miserable) side effects such as bowel distress and mouth sores.

With this in mind, I knew I had to do something to try to build my body’s defense systems.   When Kathy Price walked into my office one day, I followed a prompting to ask her about “Liquid Organic Product”.  I began taking it immediately. 

I had chemotherapy treatments every other week and I was on what they refer to as “dose-dense” therapy.  In other words, they plastered me with chemo because I had a very aggressive form of breast cancer.   While I did suffer with nausea, especially with the first drug, I kept waiting for the abdominal distress to come.  I never got it.  I also seemed to bounce back faster than other chemo patients.  When I sat in the therapy room with other ladies, I could hear them talking about the famous mouth sores.  I was so afraid of getting them because to hear them talk, they would totally put you out of commission, and I needed to be able to work.  One woman described her mouth sores as if someone had pulled her tongue out of her mouth and run a cheese grater over it until it was raw and bleeding. 

When I started the second drug, a receptionist handed me a piece of paper with suggestions as to what I could do when I developed mouth sores.  I told her that I hadn’t had any yet.  She said, “Well, I hope you don’t get them, but most people do.”  A few week later, I awoke in the night with a very sore tongue.  It felt as if it were on fire and like I had extremely large canker sores…although I didn’t.  I got out of bed and took a pain killer, but I also put some “Liquid Organic Product” in my mouth and just let it sit there for quite awhile I did this several times throughout the day and by that evening, my sore mouth was gone.  When I related this story to my doctor he said, that doesn’t happen to anybody! If they get mouth sores, they really get mouth sores.”   

Another blessing I had was that of my blood count.  I never had to take a shot to keep my platelets or red blood cell count high.  My doctor would say,  “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up.”   

One day my daughter was visiting me while I was on chemo, and she said, “Mother, I haven’t heard you complain about a headache for a long time.”  I had to stop and think about it.  I had suffered with migraines for some time, and after my daughter said that, I realized I hadn’t had a headache for several weeks.  And I have only had one bad headache since that time.  My migraines are gone.  I also don’t have any restless legs anymore. 

Shortly after my chemotherapy and radiation treatments were finished, I decided that I would “wean” myself off of “Liquid Organic Product”,  I thought I wouldn’t need to take it anymore.  Boy was I wrong!   I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other!  I decided that I could never really be without it.  I am convinced that I need it for overall well-being, but also to help my body fight off a return of the cancer.   

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Appendix Removal – Fast Recovery!

I am back at work 3.5 days after my appendix being removed and I credit it all to "Liquid Organic Product" and "Vitality Product"

Thursday, January 27 at around 10am I was having stomach cramps and by 3pm I was in the clinic at work, 4pm at the Urgent care near my home and 10pm in an ambulance to Shady Grove Hospital to have my appendix removed.  At 11pm they removed my appendix, 12 midnight I was in post-op, 1:30am I was in my room and at 11am the next morning (Friday) I was being released.  My appendix did not puncture or burst and because it was inflamed but otherwise in good condition when they removed it from my belly button, they did not even put me on antibiotics, because no toxins were released into my system.  I had no pain, never took any pain medication, ate pot roast for lunch and pork shops for dinner on Friday.  The next day went to game night with friends, church and to get my nails done on Sunday and I was in the office at noon on Monday.  I will be back at the gym tomorrow morning at 6am and my only restrictions are no lifting over 15 pounds for the first month and no crunches or abdominal exercises for 30 days (however, my 9 minute mile on the elliptical, is ok, if I feel up to it)

I really can say that my 45 minute workout a day, my 1200 calorie diet, and my daily regimen of "Liquid Organic Product" (6 oz)  is why I am back to my routine in 3.5 days after surgery!

Thank you "Life Force!

Suzanne L. New,   Bethesda, MD

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Blood Pressure Lowers; Off Medication!

3 years ago I had been on the high blood pressure medication Calan-sr for 17 yrs. I also had frequent migraine headaches, low energy and hair loss.  The reason I was on the medication, was due to Surviving 2 Brain Aneurysm Operations.

I was then introduced to “Liquid Organic Product” and several of the other “Company X” products. After taking the products for 2 ½ months I monitored my blood pressure. It was 110/70 down from a medicated 120/95. Since then, I am medication free.

I haven't had any headaches since taking the products. I now have full head of hair, which I thought would never grow back. My energy is through the roof. I'm 54 years young and I feel like I'm only 25.

I believe these products have changed my life. I thank GOD for “Life Force”.

Carol Hinkle  Oak Park , IL


Hormone Issues, Energy

After having 2 miscarriages within a year (one at 16 weeks one at 7), I felt down and that I was lacking something. I also felt that I needed a bit of healing inside and out. I tried all sorts of pills and felt worse while I was on them. I decided to stop taking them altogether.

I had been looking for an organic product that could help me with all sorts of things from fluid retention to hormone imbalance. After only a few days of taking “Liquid Organic Product”, I started to feel better and gained more energy. I also felt happier with the additional energy that I experienced. I have introduced it to mother who suffers menopause night sweats and is waking every 2 hours. She now sleeps right through the night, has more energy, and gets up early to garden.

I am so grateful to have been introduced to this wonderful product and will continue to keep using it and reap the rewards.

Tara McGhie


Hypothyroid, Goiter

Hi there, my name’s Ray Grigonis and I’m excited to tell you about a great health change that’s come my way.  I do home remodeling work and over the years inhaled many chemicals, which included arsenic from pressure treated wood. I discovered that I’d acquired many health problems due to this and learned that I was on the road to getting some serious diseases such as Parkinsons at an early age. I worked with various wellness products, the latest being natural food supplements in pill form from Australia.

My wife is a Holistic Therapist and she started recommending Liquid Organic Product. I listened in to some of her gatherings, while she introduced this product to others and heard many wellness testimonials of the positive effects people had from drinking “Liquid Organic Product”. My wife had asked me if I’d like to try it, but I told her at the time that I wanted to give these other products a fair chance, as they was showing some results, even though they were very expensive and slow moving. A month or two later, I had learned more about the mineral depletion of the soils in the world with the U.S. topping the charts in depletion. Then Australia surpassed us. At this point I decided to try the “Liquid Organic Product” my wife suggested.

Also, with one of my issues being digestion, I learned that the tablets I had been  taking could only utilized up to 20 percent and in contrast, the liquid would be taken into my blood stream through my mouth up to 98%. This blew me away and I started to notice in a very short period of time, several changes in my health; my energy increased, my Hypothyroid (which was a Goiter) returning to normal. My digestion improved and I experienced many other positive subtle health changes. A few months later I went in for a full exam with my medical doctor and my thyroid checked out perfect with no medications, as did all of my functions. I’ll be drinking this stuff for life.

Sincerely Ray Grigonis,  August 2010

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 (In a mere 3 months!) 

This is me before I started taking "Liquid Organic Product".  I felt my life was in crisis, I was very tired and very sad on a scale of 1-10 (1 being really low), I was at 2.  It’s taken me 20 years to find "Liquid Organic Product" and I am very, very GRATEFUL!

BEFORE "Liquid Organic Product" – early June 2010

  • Stressed, depressed, suicidal thoughts
  • Often irritable, angry, often crying
  • Bi-polar, extreme mood swings
  • Allergic to many things
  • Easily confused, withdrawn, anxious
  • Poor memory
  • Always hungry but not wanting to eat
  • Broken sleep, little sleep
  • Anxious, lethargic, robotic,
  • Raw nerves, sore tummy
  • Dry, itchy, flakey, scaley cracked skin
  • Shakey, feeling like an empty shell
  • Eyes puffy and drippy, lids raw from rubbing irritation
  • Sneezing lots, hayfever, life long sinusitis
  • Aching lower back – no desire to get out of bed and life feeling pointless

TAKING "Liquid Organic Product" DAILY – Sept.2010

  • Very happy, laughing lots, newfound confidence
  • Balanced, centered, grounded
  • Better memory  and focus on goals
  • Deep restful sleep & waking refreshed
  • Weight balance, lower food budget
  • Several daily bowel movements
  • Increased energy, walking/running daily
  • Eyes and nose stopped dripping
  • Skin healing
  • Handling more, dealing with lots of people daily
  • Hope and purpose in my life
  • Socialising, inviting lots of people into my home
  • Proud of myself, self employed, creating residual income leading a team of entrepreneurs
  • Speaking on stage and sung on stage
  • Kinder, more patient, tolerant & loving Mum
  • Scale of 1 to 10 - I’m an 8, very excited about my life & future getting better & better everyday!



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Night Blindness Gone!

I have had night blindness for years and after 4 days of using the “Immune System Product” I notice when driving in the dark that I wasn't having problems with the lights of the on coming cars.

Kathy Price and I was had a booth in the Twin Falls, Idaho County fair (6 days) our hours we're from 10 am to 10 pm we were living on a few hours of sleep and by now I would be sick and I'm not. I thank “Company X” for producing a wonderful new product “Immune System Product”.

Thanks Opal 

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Osteoporosis - Woman Reverses Bone Loss

My Story.

I have osteoporosis.  No longer taking drugs due to lasting side effects. For me the "Life Force" products have been a life savior. After taking the joint pack and "Energy Product" for ten months I have seen significant improvement.  My last bone density indicated that I have gone from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia. Many thanks to Carole and the "Life Force" Products.

Marcia Bell, Farmingdale, Maine

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Nose Bleed Heals with Colloidal Silver

For last 2 to 3 weeks, I have had a sore inside my nose.  I think it originated from a dry-winter-air nose bleed, but it wouldn't heal, mostly cuz it bothered me so much and it was so itchy, that I wouldn't leave it alone.  Every time that I fussed with it, I would get a pretty nasty nose bleed.  This was a daily event by the way. 

So yesterday, after my nose stopped bleeding, it continued to weep all day long.  That afternoon, I asked max to put 2 or 3 drops (not dropperfuls) of "Silver Product" into my nose.  After about 10-15 minutes I noticed a huge change.  It was no longer weeping.  This morning it is feeling pretty good, and like it is finally on a healing trend, rather than getting worse or staying the same.  Plus the sore size is smaller today, and there isn't any extra junk in my nose sticking to the sore (I know that was gross, again I apologize).

So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys since I am so excited about my results.  Plus it was only 2-3 drops of that stuff.  totally amazing!!  What can't this stuff do?

J. Allen    Casco, WI

Spina Bifida, Endometriosis

I was born with Spina Bifida a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close completely before birth, I was one of the lucky ones. Others with this condition experience a canal that does not close at all causing paralysis and hydrocephalus.  I was repaired surgically and watched closely for changes or any trouble throughout my teen years. I have developed many issues related to Spina Bifida but have always managed to push through and live a productive life.

In early adulthood I began to suffer with endometriosis, a gynecological problem which causes many different symptoms, tiredness, pain in the lower abdomen, diarrhea,vomiting, weight loss, flu-like symptoms and terrible joint pain. My late twenties to early forties were totally plagued with surgeries and discomfort and although I was never afraid to mix east with west it seemed that I had tried anything I thought might help from Omega 3 fatty acid pills, which were new in the eighties, to new drug trials-but nothing helped until I reached menopause which lifted me out of the endometriosis nightmare that many women suffer from.   Although I was living day to day throughout my life with a pain level of between 10 and 14 with 10 being your worst pain ever experienced, I felt that I would have to push through all of those walls and keep moving...and so I did. Fatigue was a condition that I thought I had become quite familiar with.

It was June of 2002, I had been through a stressful time but life seemed to have leveled out and was ok now....AND THEN IT HIT ME the brick wall of what would become the most devastating medical news I had received in my 49 years, “you have Crohn’s Disease”. I had experienced some weight loss, what woman doesn’t want to shed a few pounds?  I hadn’t had much of an appetite but I thought that it was due to the stress. One afternoon I was afflicted with very bad flu symptoms accompanied by severe pain in my right side. Every bone, muscle and joint in my body hurt. I felt a kind of nausea that I had felt only one other time in my life, it was like a sea sickness. It worsened so dramatically in the next few hours that I called my gynecologist sure that it was some wayward endometriosis attack. A cat scan, blood tests and ultra sound resulted in the bad news of Crohn’s Disease.

I spent five out of seven days laying on the couch because I was so sick that I really couldn’t stay up for any length of time. I thought “is this what my life is going to be”?  I felt tired from the inside out. The nausea was constant and Crohn’s Disease at least in my case is a constant condition.

After a while I felt as though I had tried everything from pills to drug treatments and most everything in between, I became discouraged and disconnected from the rest of my world. Then a good friend told me about ‘Liquid Organic Product” and suggested that I try it.  Although skeptical, I began to take it every day and in one month I noticed a change. I could feel the effects of ‘Liquid Organic Product”. The effects of my low grade fever began to disappear, and my other pains became bearable. Still skeptical that this was the result of taking ‘Liquid Organic Product” I would stop taking it as if to test it for a week only to find myself back in a Crohn’s attack with the nausea, joint and abdominal pain and exhaustion from the inside out!  I found that I didn’t  know the real meaning of fatigue until I was stricken with Crohn’s Disease. It has been 8 years since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease but with the ‘Liquid Organic Product”  I know that I am able to maintain a level of heath that allows me to continue a daily routine. There are no more 4 and 5 days a month spent on the couch. I have a feeling of health and well being with ‘Liquid Organic Product”. The aloe vera helps my digestive system and the sea vegetables nourish my body. It has been a lifesaving product for me and I wish for all of you who read this the same results.

Santa Fareri


Love your Dogs?

Our Dog Zooey

We noticed a month ago that our five-year-old labrador retriever, Zooey, had developed very dry and unattractive skin/fur, discoloration in her fur, and problems with her back legs (she couldn't even jump up on the beds or couches without help).  We started making a concoction for her of tuna fish with “Liquid Organic Product”, “Liquid Calcium/Mineral Product”, “Joint Product”, and “Greens Product” mixed together every morning with her regular food.  After only a week or two she was jumping up on the beds again and jumping up to say hello when we come home.  Now a month later her fur looks beautiful, no discoloration and it's soft and dandruff-free!

Our Dog Jamocha

We started Jamocha, our eight-year-old labrador retriever (and Zooey's mom), on the same concoction as Zooey at the same time because we noticed that she had less vitality and was stiff (reminded me of Frankenstein) when she woke up from her naps. A month after taking a blend of the ”Liquid Organic Product”, “Liquid Calcium/Mineral Product”, “Joint Product”, and “Greens Product” she is no longer stiff.  We are also seeing improvements in her vitality.

What I give each of the dogs:

1/2 can of inexpensive tuna fish

1 oz “Liquid Organic Product”

1 tsp. “Greens Product”

1 tsp. “Liquid Calcium/Mineral Product” 

2 droppers full “Joint Product”

about 1 cup dog food


Ethan Wanger

Durango, CO


I Can Say "YES!" Again!

Last year I loved living a driven, high-profile life, traveling the world, and coordinating events for thousands. However, towards the end of the year I began to feel generally ill, fatigued, and stressed. For three months before I started “Liquid Organic Product” in March, I was had to sleep 13-18 hours a day -- all throughout the day and night-- and felt constantly fatigued and drained, my mental clarity was low, my skin was severely broken out, my digestive system was not functioning properly, my blood sugar was constantly low and cravings high, my hormones were obviously askew, and I had headaches and body aches daily. However, the difficult part for me was the unexplainable, non-stop mental stress and pressure that so invaded my life to the point where I couldn't be in a crowd or interact at church or with family, and even close friends. I am now at about 28oz of “Liquid Organic Product” daily and have a life again! Not only do I frequently have rest from mental stress, I can also get up in the morning, cook, work, run errands, smile, skip napping, I lost 15 pounds, my headaches are mostly gone, my skin is clearing, and best of all, I can say "yes" again. Praise the Lord for not just “Liquid Organic Product”, but amazing, loving people like the Chris & Darlene DeLano and Laura Santos!


Love,  Johanna
Bremerton, WA 98312




Hi Kathy,

Sending you a testimonial and picture for Dave our cat.  See you in Estes. 

This is Dave.  Two years ago in 2008 Dave was really stressed due to the loss of his friend Gateway.  Dave was losing the hair on his tail.  We offered him an extra bowl of water and added 1 oz of the “Liquid Organic Product”.  He began drinking it and now 2 years later he will not drink out of that bowl without “Liquid Organic Product” in it.  His fur is very soft, he does not seem to eat as much food and his weight is great!

Dave CO



C-Reactive protein down 87.3% in 2 ½ months.

My husband Nick had a massive stroke on January 17, 2009. When we went in for a check-up On February 5th, the doctor tested his C-Reactive Protein (CRP). If your CRP is elevated, it will damage your heart. Anything over 10 is dangerous and between 1 and 3 is ideal. At that appointment, they tested his CRP and it was 41.55. The doctor wanted to put him on some medication and I told him I wanted to try something else.  I told him about “Energy/Longevity/Youth Product” and its ability to reduce CRP. He told me I could try it for 30 days, but no longer.

Nick began drinking one “Energy/Longevity/Youth Product” per day. Also, Nick increased his “Liquid Organic Product” intake to between 10-20 ounces per day. When we returned to the doctor on March 4th, his CRP had significantly dropped to 27.35. The doctor was impressed. Nick continued to take “Energy/Longevity/Youth Product” and on the last doctor visit on May 20th, his CRP was down to 5.3.  In 10 ½ weeks, Nick dropped his CRP a total of 36.25 points which is now at an acceptable level and with no drugs required. His physical therapists even commented that they have never seen anyone Nick’s age recover from a stroke as quickly as he did.  Incredible!

Marge Streza

Omak, WA


Multiple Sclerosis (MS),


       Acid Reflux,

            Blood Sugar and

                 Blood Pressure


“Company X” Testimony from Vicki B. of Illinois

I started having vertigo in my early twenties.  Over the years my immune system seemed to be compromised.  I would catch everything my kids had and it always took me longer to recover.  I started experiencing weakness in my legs from time to time and it was especially noticeable after being ill.  I also had some bad episodes with my legs after being in the sun or in a whirlpool.

In 2001 after many months of being run down, I became seriously ill.  My vision was affected, I was terribly weak, chronic pain in my body especially my legs. The weakness became worse until I was unable to function, barely walk and the fatigue was totally taking over.  After 2 years of tests, and 3 neurologists, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I have improved my leg strength over time with water exercise and using weights.  But still could not walk very far without painful consequences. I would sleep 10 to 12 hours at night and nap everyday, sometimes up to 5 hours.  If I didn't get enough rest I paid for it. I had so much trouble with my memory for a while that I was getting lost on the 12 mile drive home from doing errands.  I went through a battery of tests to make sure I did not have Alzheimer’s.  It was very scary!  My daughter would call me in the morning and I would say something like "I'm still on my first cup of coffee, I'll call you back after I've had my second cup!”  It took me a couple of hours to be alert enough to even have a sensible conversation.  I also had acid reflux.  My blood sugar was rising as was my blood pressure. I was on sinus allergy medication year round and used a lot of ibuprofen for joint and arthritis pain.

I was introduced to “Liquid Organic Product” in April of 2009. I started using “Liquid Calcium Product” about a month after that, then added “Joint Product”.  I now sleep 9 or 10 hours a night and I wake up more alert. I can get right into my day and most of the time I don't even drink coffee.  I do not need to nap on a regular basis. Some weeks I don't nap at all.  I am walking better and farther and I don't have as much pain as I did before. I've been told that my gait has improved.  Some people have commented that my complexion is beautiful, and others that I look like I feel better.   My acid reflux is gone, my blood sugar and blood pressure are lower.  I rarely need an allergy tablet or ibuprofen.  I have also lost some weight.

I still have M.S. as the “Company X” products are not a cure. But I feel more in control of my health and have a better quality of life on these products.


Dogs Get Results! 

I am a certified Advanced Rolfing practitioner and a certified canine massage therapist as well.  I myself have 4 dogs and my 14 year old has torn both of her ACLs (in a quadrupeds it's actually called the CCL).  The second time it happened in the second hind leg, she was 13 and I did not want to put her through the repair surgery.  She was not weight bearing, climbing stairs or playing.  I assumed the lack of playing was simply age related.  I began putting "Flexible Joint Product" on her food each day and within a month, she began to weight bear.  Soon after, she began to climb stairs (now she is back in my office with me while I Rolf).  Amazingly enough, she is playing again with my other dogs.  She weighs 23 pounds and I put 3 droppers full on her food.

I have other canine clients with hip dysplasia, knee issues, arthritis and more.  I have them all on "Flexible Joint Product" and they are
all feeling/experiencing good results.  My Vet is interested in trying the "Flexible Joint Product" since many of her canine and feline clients either don't like taking the pills they suggest or don't absorb them!

I have yet to try the "Liquid Organic Product" with my gang of dogs...this is next!


Certified Advanced Rolfer
   Good Health Isn't Expensive, It's Priceless



Most of you know my husband Joe or at least have heard of him!  He, like many people in our country and in the world suffers from high cholesterol - some of this is genetic in tendency and beyond his control without the use of strict diet, cholesterol lowering medication and regular exercise.

Joe is great at the exercise part, pretty good at the diet part and has not decided to take the cholesterol lowering medication.

What he HAS done for the last 8 months is drink "Liquid Organic Product" each day.  His blood work recently came back and the LDL (bad cholesterol) had dropped from 146 to 91 points since his last test 1 year ago!  He has done NOTHING different except take "Liquid Organic Product".  His exercise has been less than consistent and his diet - he struggles with self control.

The doc was thrilled and wants to know more about "Liquid Organic Product" and "Company X" products. 

Your friend and health coach,   Barb  


ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

Do you have children... or know someone who has children?  My story is for you.

My 13 year old daughter Sara had been on ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) medication for over 3 1/2 years.  That sounds like a simple statement so let me explain.  Once she was "diagnosed" with ADD, then comes the task of finding the medicine which will work for her.  That is done by trial & error & the error part is horrible.  We were advised to "experiment" with the drug on the weekend because we didn't know what the effects on her would be.  We gave her the med on Saturday morning & figured out pretty quick that it was NOT for her.  Have you ever seen a child stoned? - and I was the one that did that to her!  She was higher than a kite all day long & she was still "under the influence" the next morning at Sunday school.  Long sad story short, we did find a drug that had more  benefits that out-weighed the negatives.  Negatives being loss of appetite, irritability, nausea & not being able to fall asleep at night.  We ended up having to give her a melatonin pill before bed so she could get a good nights' sleep to wake up and do this all over again.  Keep in mind, a funny thing happens with kids.  They are constantly growing!  That means you have to make adjustments in the dosage & possibly having to change to a different drug altogether & then going thru everything all over again.  Now being that the drug is a controlled substance, your child needs to be seen every 6 months for a check up to make sure there are not adverse effects happening.  This is really scary stuff.  Being on ADD meds is not a simple statement.

Toward the end of last school year, I was told our 9 year old son Blake had symptoms of ADD.  My heart just sank.  We thought we had the right drug for him & sent him off to school but by 9:30 the school called & said he had broken out in hives & to come pick him up.  His doctor felt he was allergic to the binders & fillers that are in all those types of drugs- in other words, he couldn't take them.  I asked his teacher to please, just keep him at the front of the class & "work" with him until I could figure out what I was going to do.  It was about this time that “Liquid Organic Product” was introduced to our lives.            

It's a big party for the last day of school- parents, grandparents -everybody turns out to play games & socialize.  I pulled Blake's teacher aside & asked him how difficult was it to work with him because I needed to prepare next year's teacher.  I still didn't know what I was going to do.  Mr. Eggert  looked me straight in the eye & asked what I was talking about - Blake is fine - he thought I had found a drug for him!  I could have cried right then & there - the only thing Blake was on was “Liquid Organic Product”.  You have to know that I stopped Sara's meds immediately & she's doing great too!  We are now thru more than half of this school year & Blake & Sara are doing wonderful!  Both are getting great grades and for the first time, are participating in sports and having a ball! 

Blake recently told me his goals - he wants to earn his Eagle Scout & when he's 18, he wants to share “Company X” like me and help other people too.  Please, share my story - you never know who it may help.   

Cindy Mahan 

Union Grove , WI              



Parkinson’s Disease

It is a paralysis agitans, a chronic nervous disease characterized by a progressive tremor and weakening of muscle tone. My husband, Dale Adrian, was told by his Doctor,  Dr. Dave Terry that he not only had Parkinson’s, but also had two heart valves that were not working. My husband also had headaches and couldn’t sleep well at night. I felt helpless and he kept me up a lot of nights. He was also falling a lot.  So, Dr. Terry and I though his place would the nursing home. He went there for about one month and I felt so bad because he was worse. I felt like I needed to bring him home and take care of him myself.

In the mean time, I was introduced to “Liquid Organic Product”. I took it for my arthritis and it helped. I though this may help my husband’s Parkinson’s.  I gave him one quarter cup every morning and within one week, I saw a big difference in his tremors. His headaches were completely gone. He slept all night and that was because I cut his medication in half. I am so thrilled that “Liquid Organic Product” is helping him to live a little longer. He looks forward to having it every morning. I need to tell you this is what he says, “Honey, please don’t forget my juice!


Help With Constipation

Hello Juli

Thanks a Million for your email and please keep it up.

I have been taking “Liquid Organic Product” for 10 Years every day

twice a day to help me with my constipation -digestion challenge.

When I take it regularly every day my body functions

a lot better in comparison to not taking it.

I have tried it both ways and I would not want to be

without “Liquid Organic Product”.



Type 2 Diabetes – HUGE Improvement!

Hi Ildi,
I have my “Company X” story or at least the beginning of it. Last week saw me in the hospital for a couple of days while doctors tried to rule out a stroke I may have had. I woke up in the early morning at work with a horrible headache. I took a large dose of Advil which didn't even begin to help. My head just hurt more and more. Very shortly I was losing use of my right arm and I was very nauseous. My coworkers took me to the ER at
Cheshire and immediately they found my blood pressure was dangerously high. I had figured my blood pressure was getting very high because I had been waking up with minor annoying headaches and was also getting double vision on several occasions. But being the stubborn sort I just doubled up on my medication and moved on until I could get around to making an appointment to see my primary care doctor. Anyways, I had been moving towards some sort of medical calamity for a while and I knew it. Overweight, smoking, pre-diabetic, high blood pressure and my triglycerides were really high. I was supposed to follow up and get fasting labs months earlier to see where I was heading and of course kept putting them off.

The hospital drew my labs and I was quite surprised. My blood sugar was back down well below the normal levels and my triglycerides were down so low compared to where I knew I had been. I almost didn't believe the tests. 6 months ago my blood levels were so high the tech said my blood just foamed up when they tried to spin it out. They thought I had to have been binging on ice cream for days before my lab tests. The level was something like 984. My new level was 184 with no changes in my lifestyle other than taking “Liquid Organic Product” daily beginning 4 months ago. This is an 800 point improvement in just 4 months. So now that my doctor has told me that what I really had going on was a transient ischemic attack or a small temporary stroke, BUT, the next time it happened I would end up drooling on myself if I survived it. They did have to put me on some more medications at least for a while until I can take off the weight. I have quit smoking and my wife is trying hard to quit also. My goal this year is to get back to where I should be medically and I have a huge jump start because of what “Liquid Organic Product” has already done for me with my blood sugar and lipids.
This is going to be a challenging year but it should be rewarding as well. I will keep you updated as I go along.
Talk to you later.


Blood Sugar Improves


I just had to share with everyone the immense happiness I feel at this moment.

You see, for two years I have been taking “Liquid Organic Product” because I believe in it and I want to share it with my friends and family because I deeply desire for them to feel the benefits I do and to believe in it themselves. But, that is not something I can do, it is something that they can only feel for themselves.

Today, I called my 80-year-old father, expecting the normal couple of minutes on the phone (he's never been a big talker on the phone) and was amazed at what I heard. We talked for over 15 minutes, which is a long time for my dad. But what he said, I will remember forever, because after asking him to take “Liquid Organic Product” for over two years, he finally understood why!

He would take it a little for a few weeks and then it would back log, so he'd cancel and it would sit there and then he would take it again for while (mostly because he's my dad and I kept asking him too). Well, after his latest backlog, he decided to drink lots of it - in his words "2 big gulps of it" - and when he says big, he means it!

He has almost depleted his back log and noticed a couple of things. His friends have commented on how good he looks, and he realized he feels good too! He also had a check up with his doctor and his blood sugar numbers are GREAT according to his doctor, they have been less so in the past as he has Type 2 Diabetes. I was elated because I so-o want him to be healthy. You see we lost my mom, his wife, over 4 years ago and he means the world to me!

But, the thing I noticed most, is he was laughing and joking with me on the phone and he just hasn't done that since before my mom passed. He admitted that he had been skeptical of this stuff I was asking him to take, because you hear of all kinds of stuff people want you to take and do to 'improve your health' and quite frankly he didn't believe it...But, NOW HE DOES...he is a believer - finally! And everything I have ever done with “Company X” is all worth it, right there in those words, because MY DAD BELIEVES! He gets it, he feels it for himself because he stuck with it and gave it time and drank enough of it for it to help him! Each person is different, each person needs a different amount for a different length of time before they will feel it for themselves, but when they do, they understand why this 'stuff' is different!

So, I encourage each of you to give it the test and really see what it can do for you and your loved ones because if we can't help improve someone else's life, what is the point of sharing!

God Bless you all. Thank you for listening to me and Dad. I love you!

~ Morven Bellinger

Kitchener , ON


Constipation, Allergies, Sleeping, Less Fragile

My mother is 97 years old.  The first time I gave “Liquid Organic Product” for her to taste she said "I was wondering when you were going to make me taste that stuff"!

When she saw how it helped me overcome my constipation, allergy, sinus and lung congestion problem, she bought a bottle.  She is on her second bottle now, she drinks it every morning.  She admits, she feels more energy, less eye problems, sleeps better, and has less acid reflux problems!!!  I also can see her improvements, she walks faster, sleeps better, feels more rested during the day, she is less fragile plus she is more mentally and psychically active.

Thank you “Company X” for "“Liquid Organic Product”" and my mothers improved quality of life, she is looking forward to her 100th birthday now!!!!!!!!!  

Jeanette Nocera 

Denver Colorado

Independent Member for 4 months


"Liquid Organic Product" HAS SAVED MY LIFE!


  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Auto Immune Deficiency
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Raynaud’s
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome


     Here's my story in short. Before I started taking "Liquid Organic Product" I was on multiple prescription medications for life. I have CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome w/Auto Immune Deficiency) , FMS (Fibromyalgia), Raynauds (sensitive to changes in Temperature), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and a whole list of other health issues.  In 1997 I was in a car accident and needed a knee replacement. I was 35 years young at the time, (I just turned 48 years in Dec 2009). After several knee surgeries I finally got a Total Knee Replacement and thought that was the end of my pain and suffering. I was wrong, that's when all my problems started.  Life changing health issues for LIFE


     I was on many drugs for pain, muscle ache, back spasms, intestinal issues, GERD (acid reflux), sleep issues including napping daily and insomnia at night. . . total exhaustion with extreme fatigue and poor stamina.  


     I suffered from Chronic : Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Headaches, Ear aches, Sore throats, Asthma, Swollen Parotid Glands/Lymph Nodes, Barking cough.  Infections that wouldn't go away despite the antibiotic regiment, which would include 4 different antibiotics in a row. I also had a fever of Unknown Origin for 3 plus years that baffled all my specialists.    


     I had been to the best Doctor's in Boston ~ Infectious Disease Doctor's, Rheumatology & Autoimmune Disorder Doctor's, ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist's, Gastroenterologists. Besides my PCP and Orthopedic Surgeon.  I tried the Chiropractic method as well, which helped me.  My pain got so intense I was on Morphine Patches and was offered Oxycontin to keep the edge off the pain. This would be for LIFE ! The health problems I incurred along the way were not going away and only manifesting.  So in all actuality this would be for LIFE !  Daily medications for all my symptoms for LIFE !  That is no way to live your LIFE ! 


     After being on Morphine Patches for a few months I realized that. . . Something has to change!  I knew I had to wean myself off the pain medications and just suffer my life away as this was killing me.  I decided to STOP going to Regular/Specialists Doctors as they were only giving me the same answers "we can give you medication to help with the symptoms".  My Family and Friends were worried sick and I thought I was going to die. 


     Through the pain and anguish I had a dear friend tell me about Homeopathy/Holistic way of LIFE which a few of my friends practiced with their families for many years. I just didn’t have an open mind about it and was trying my way first.  She explained to me “when your given a Remedy it takes each symptom AWAY for LIFE”.  My mind was open to anything at this point. I tried the Holistic Way and was grateful for the information given to me. Then my friend told me about "Liquid Organic Product" and how she thought it would help me with my symptoms.  She changed my LIFE!  I have been on "Liquid Organic Product" for four months and it has changed my LIFE !  


     I’m gradually getting my life back, day by day.  Many of my symptoms have subsided and I stopped napping.  I weaned myself of most of my medications and I’m so excited about this"Liquid Organic Product". . . it is Liquid Gold.  I stopped taking two medications (Prilosec for Gerd/Dicyclomine for Intestinal Spasms) completely.  That saves me $50.00 dollars a month for co-pays which I put towards my "Liquid Organic Product"


       I’m now an Independent Distributor for 'Company X" and will pass the words of wisdom that have been passed to me.  "Liquid Organic Product" has saved my LIFE !! “  Moral of the story :  Listen to your FRIENDS it could save your LIFE ! “ 


~ I have documentation to back up every illness that I have stated above

Alisa McDounough


 Triathlete Excels with Products!


I've been taking “COMPANY X” products for about 4 years now - and I've been a triathlete for that amount of time.  During the 4 years that I've been training and racing, I've also raised two young children, created a 2nd business while maintaining the first one, performed many hours of volunteer work, managed a household in spite of a husband who travels 50% of the time, and acquired a very active puppy.  In other words, I have a hectic, potentially very stressful life.  However, in spite of the pace, and the countless viruses I am exposed to via my children's classmates, I have (knock on wood) remained extremely healthy and energetic.  

For my 40th birthday this past October, I decided to celebrate by competing in my first full Ironman triathlon:  2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run.  I made this decision a scant 10.5 weeks before the race, which meant I needed to get into Ironman shape in 8 weeks so I could taper the last 2 weeks.  I trained 7 days a week, averaging 3 hours of training each week day, 5-6 hours each weekend day.  Much of my training occurred before school or work, when everyone was asleep, and it occurred in spite of H1N1 (which my children caught, but had a mercifully mild version), my running for local political office, and carrying on with all of my other regular duties in and out of the house.  My only goal for the Nov. 29 Ironman was to finish, and not finish last.  I managed to complete it in 15 hours, in 1,103rd place (out of 1,900), felt great during it, and had completely recovered from the effort by the next day.  

During training, I started each day with “Liquid Organic Product”, my breakfast was a shake that included “Protein Product”, “Greens Product” & “Calcium/Mineral Product”, and the 2 weeks leading up to the race I had 2 bottles of “Energy Product” each day.  The morning of the race I had the shake (minus the “Greens Product”) and had 2 bottles of “Energy Product”.

Ironman is known to involve 3 sports: swim, bike, run.  However, every long distance athlete knows that the "secret" weapon - or what will break you - is the fourth discipline: nutrition.  This is where my “COMPANY X” products came in and gave me that extra edge, during training, racing, and recovery.  I have signed up for Ironman Cozumel 2010 and “COMPANY X” will once again be in my bag of tricks!

Susanne Navas


Years of Pain from Injuries GONE

I have been an athlete all my life. As a football player for and graduate of the University of Florida in Architecture “ GO GATORS” also including high school football, basketball ,track, tennis and golden glove boxing. I completely abused my body with the sports I played “giving all I got” which included damaging my body in the process. Over the years as I am getting older, I have been experiencing constant aches and pains especially in my shoulder joints and torn ligament damage in my knees from football. I have broken my right wrist twice which constantly bothers me since I am on a computer all day for work. For years I have been suffering with the aches and pains from my injuries and the solution back then was pain pills/ injection pain management which was just hiding the problems but not correcting them. I was told if I had the surgeries for my injuries it wasn’t a full proof guarantee that it would be corrected or I’ll pain free. So, I dealt with the pain for years along with taking pain medication as needed which made me felt miserable, tired along with stomach pain from the medication I was taking.

In May 2002 I was involved in a motorcycle accident. From this accident my right knee was severely damaged which I had to get it completely rebuilt with surgery. In that process they used a portion of my ham string muscle to rebuild my knee with. Other injuries from that accident included protruding disks in my L-3 and L-4 and a nerve root pressing on my L-5 which I did not need surgery for this but I had to get 8 epidural treatments and I was told that I would have on going pain management treatments for my back as needed .Also from the surgery I got nerve damage which caused a burning sensation down my leg daily .My doctor who did the surgery for my knee and back treatment told me when I get older that I would definitely have arthritis in my right knee which I will have ongoing physical therapy as needed. What my doctor didn’t say was, how old I would I be before I would be experiencing arthritis pain which this is leading me to write.

2009 was a very painful year. I was always complaining to all my friends and family how bad I felt and how my knee and leg was constantly bothering me with the deep burning and throbbing pain which limited my physical activities I enjoyed doing especially riding my motorcycle which I couldn’t ride on long trips without making numerous stops to stretch and rub my leg from the pain I had . In July of 2009 a good friend of mine told me about product called “LIQUID ORGANIC PRODUCT” how it could help me, believe me I was skeptical at first and I heard a lot and took many products that didn’t work as they claimed and I was really tired of wasting my money. I bought several bottles to try after she convinced me it was a money back guarantee. After 2 months of taking “LIQUID ORGANIC PRODUCT” my knee pain was getting less painful and I was being more active and productive. After the third month my knee and leg pain was COMPLETELY GONE. Along with this I haven’t had an epidural injection in my lower back in 6 months , my shoulder and wrist pain do not bother me anymore and to top it off I had restless leg syndrome for the past 6 years and was taking CLONAZEPAM 3 -4 times per week so I can sleep.

Now, I can sleep through the night and I no longer take any medications of any kind. I am no doctor nor do I work in any medical profession all I know is, my energy level increased tremendously with my work outs and daily activities, I feel great and energized nor do I consume the amount of coffee like I had before to give me that mid afternoon jolt and all the aches and pains I had before are gone. “LIQUID ORGANIC PRODUCT” has worked for me by improving my quality of health, life and well being.

  Ernie S.

Improved Memory, Focus, Lowered Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

Hi All,

For me, the first effects I started noticing as a result of taking “Liquid Organic Product” were;

1) An increased energy burst in the morning after taking it.

2) A laser sharp ability to focus on my work.

3) The ability to work longer without exhaustion

4) An increase and improved memory, suddenly I was thinking of people I hadn’t talked to in years, people from college or childhood just popping into my head.  I was remembering specific conversations and days in vivid color like they were only yesterday.

5) More gradual improvement came over time, lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and lowered blood sugar.

These are the things that I have experienced with prolonged use. Your results may vary but this is what it has done for me.

Best Regards,

Edward H. Salazar



Weight Loss Without Trying, Back Pain, Acid Reflux

From Mike TT) Hi everyone,  I was forwarded an email from a gal in Washington  state who's gotten great results with “Liquid Organic Product”...check out what she told me:

    "I've been taking ”Liquid Organic Product” for 5 months now with some great benefits to my health, my weight and mental happiness. I lost 20 lbs without even trying, feel great and have great mental clarity. I was troubled with back pain and was taking 4 or 5 Aleve a day, along with anything else I could get my hands on to stop the pain. I don't even take aspirin now!  My skin is softer and my fingernails grow better than they have my whole life.

      My sister was having problems with Acid reflux, she was rundown, and I have to say I was worried about her. I gave her a month's supply of “Liquid Organic Product” as a gift and she was hooked. She is happy now without the problems of Acid reflux and her energy level is back - and that is after only a month on the product."   - Tonie T., WA 

I just love the way “Company X” is helping people - it's so gratifying!


Chronic Pain relieved with Liquid Supplements!

Marge Streza:

My health problems started with pain in my shoulders that soon spread down over my arms to the point that I couldn’t even lift my arms over my head .  I couldn’t wear a T-shirt or pullover, and sometimes to wash my hair in the shower I would have to hold one arm up with the other hand and wash one-handed.  These problems were soon followed by stress fractures in my foot, which required me to wear a therapeutic boot rather than sandals or tennis shoes.  After being on my feet for any length of time, a pain would develop in my knee.  The serious nature of this problem kept me from being able to enjoy walking with my husband in the evening.  I also experienced pain and numbness due to carpal tunnel and had to wear a brace on my right knee. 

All of this pain prevented me from sleeping through the night, and I had to completely change my sleeping habits.  The only way I could sleep was on my back with pillows under my knees or in a recliner.  I went to several different doctors, Being referred from one to another, and had many tests performed.  After all of the tests and various medications, that was simply told that my rotator cuffs were worn out, and I would need replacements.  I had chronic pain throughout my body with symptoms of fibromyalgia, although the disease was never medically diagnosed.  I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. 

When I started taking liquid phytonutrient supplements, I stopped taking my pain, anti-inflammatory and hormone medications.  I also stopped taking my vitamin pills.  Within a week I spent all night without waking up in pain.  After two weeks I could walk a mile without pain.  I recently celebrated two years of no medication and no replacement surgery.  When I had my last physical, my calcium level was normal, and my bone density was above normal for someone in their 70’s.  I know it is due to the liquid supplements.  I was taking handfuls of calcium pills before the liquid calcium supplement, but my body wouldn’t absorb them. I am now able to live a pain-free life and do all of the things that I had not been able to do for three years.  I thank God every morning when I wake up that I no longer have to drag myself out of bed and take one or two hours to get started.  It’s a blessing for my loved ones and such a joy for me to jump out of bed and start the day full of energy.  


Anemic No Longer With “Liquid Organic Product”

My name is Andrew Goforth and I live in Boulder Colorado .

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Anemia (low iron/ferritin levels in Blood). Both of these diagnoses together have packed a heavy punch over the years concerning my level of endurance and stamina.  If I went for a long hike or exuded too much energy in one given day, then next two to three days would be spent resting or on the doorstep of contracting whatever was the latest bug out there. I began seeing a Naturopathic doctor for some solutions three years ago. We had new blood tests run on my ferratin levels in 2008. The normal range of iron in the human body ranges from 30-300. My level since 1999 has not been above 9. I have been on all sorts of different iron supplements and have tried many different solutions. Even my Naturopathic doctor was stumped and didn't quite know what to do for me.

After six months of drinking “Liquid Organic Product” I realized that I was feeling much more energized than I had in several years. I decided it was time to get my blood retested. I got my results by email from my doctor and when I read that my ferratin level was at 63, I cried with joy!  Not only had I moved within a normal range but my level bumped up 54 notches!!! Needless to say I have been so inspired by my involvement with “Company X” since these results!

In the early stages I experienced energy increase, sugar cravings decrease, caffeine intake decrease, mental clarity increase, and all are still present six months in.

If there is anything else that you may need from me please let me know by either email or phone

Smiles and blessings



Medical Doctor – More Energy, Less Hungry, Less Illness!!

If I learnt anything from my time spent in the medicine it was that we all absolutely needed to take care of ourselves to the best of our abilities.  That awareness has led me to explore many things over the last 30 years and the simplest and most profound thing I have found over that time is “Liquid Organic Product”.

My personal “Liquid Organic Product” story is that within the first few days I noticed a better level of energy and focus along with a more settled, relaxed feeling in my body.   At that point, in my mid 40’s, I didn’t know my energy was flagging but I did know I had a sense of feeling my ‘age’, which lifted nicely off my shoulders.

Over the first few months I found I just wasn't as hungry as I used to be.  My food consumption reduced by at least 25% and has stayed there for the last 9 years.   I put this down to the whole process of being mineral deficient.  Your body can't tell you what mineral you need but it can tell you it's hungry and keep you on edge - looking for something.  Anything – just give me some FOOD!!!  It’s nice not to feel that way anymore.
After several months the next improvement for me was sleeping better.  Before I had always been a very wakeful sleeper and it’s just great not to dread being awake for hours in the middle of the night.

And last but not least, over the years the family and I generally don't suffer from regular colds like we used to.  I remember I used to feel afraid when I met someone who had a cold or flu. Now it really doesn’t worry me.  I have a confidence that it’s more likely than not going to pass me by and if it doesn’t my body will deal with it quickly with a minimum of fuss.  That’s a wonderful feeling to have.

Darag Rennie MB ChB (MD)


Pink Eye – gone with no Doctor or Prescription!

A few days ago, my daughter got Pink Eye.  This is an infection of the eye that is highly contagious.  Since I have 7 children, this is always a great concern to me because it means we cannot go anywhere until it is clear, and because it spreads so easily from one child to another, I wanted to make sure we got rid of it right away! 

I got out the “Silver Product”, put one drop in each eye and then she went to bed for the night.  The next day, we put two more drops in each eye before bed.  The next morning, they were perfectly clear, not itchy, not goopy.  We put in one more drop for safe-keeping, and that is it.

No more pink eye!  No spreading of it, and no doctor visit!  A quick and easy solution =)  And it only took 4 drops in each eye to clear it out.  I am so very thankful to “Company X”!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristie L Guns



I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the “Liquid Organic Product”.  Within a week I noticed a difference, by week two a bigger difference!  You had told me you and your wife would add me in your prayers due to my being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, well Im happy to tell you that I’m 100% CANCER FREE!!!!!  I still have to be checked every three months for the next six years but YIPEE!!!!!!!

I have my husband taking the product now, and two of my doctors have asked for info on the ”Liquid Organic Product”.  They are very interested in it.  I feel like a new person.  I feel as though a death sentence has been lifted (as harsh as that sounds, its true and feels incredible!)  I can’t thank “Company X” enough (or Kristen, she is truly an angel in disguise.)  Thank you so much! 

I forgot to tell you... my general practitioner is weaning me off 4 different meds.... with not one drop of a withdrawal symptoms!   I fully feel it is the “Liquid Organic Product” that helped with that.  I am now one of “Company X”’s BIGGEST FANS!!!!!!

Thank you
Deborah O'Connor-Hirtle


Pets do well on “Liquid Organic Product” too!

I had an Australian Silky Terrier for 15 years. I put him on “Liquid Organic Product” 6 years ago when he developed dry, itchy, scaly skin on his spine. He rubbed his skin so much he had no fur left. I gave him 2 Tbsp / day in his food and he fully recovered in a month. The only times he went to the vet was to have grass seeds removed from his ears. As he grew older I also added True Greens to his food as well. He was never vaccinated since the initial puppy treatments. His physical agility was phenomenal right up until he died… escaping onto the road once too often!

My niece has Beagles & they wouldn’t drink water until she put ‘Liquid Organic Product” into their water bowls.

Mavis Carruthers

Perth WA


Constipation, Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Sticky Blood Cells RESOLVED!!

In 1996 I had a blood test done (this test was done on a dark view microscope that was designed especially for viewing blood).  The blood test showed that my cells were all together touching one another in a clump, this is an unhealthy condition, I was told that I needed to get better nutrition into my body.

After a year on “Liquid Organic Product”, I had the 2nd blood test done and it showed that my cells are 10 times more active than normal for my age, I was told that the blood flowing around my cells was better than a healthy teenager’s, I saw both of the blood test on a video, it was amazing 

Thanks to “Liquid Organic Product” from “Company X”, my health issues are no longer a problem for me.  I have been helped with a constipation problem that I had to deal with most of my life, the arthritis pain in my back and my knees is no longer a problem for me, and the sciatic nerve pain in my leg is improved, my total cholesterol screening numbers have dropped 42 points, my blood pressure has stabilized (at one point is was 180 over 90!), my episodes of fast heart palpitations don’t happen anymore, the artery that was blocked on the right side of my neck is now opened without surgery or medication, the planter’s wart on the bottom of my foot is no longer there and my energy is great.  As a child I was always sick with the flu, colds and that continued on thru my whole life until now.  I know that by getting good nutrition into my body my cells are all healthy again.  I am 69 yrs old in (2009) and I feel better than when I was in my thirties.                      

I love sharing these wonderful products because the reward of helping someone with health issues is one of the most worthwhile things a person can do. Plus the extra income is wonderful!!!             

Carolyn Frens


Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Sleeping

Age and lack of concentrated activity had started to take a toll on Laura's body late in 2008 as she put on weight and began to feel sluggish. She voiced this to a friend who has a massage therapy practice and a colon hydrotherapy practice. The friend suggested she try some products she used for colon cleansing. Laura did, but didn't see much in the way of results so when the same friend later suggested she try “Company X” products, specifically “Liquid Organic Product”, she resisted for about 3 months. The friend had recently joined “Company X” and persisted in her recommendation. Finally Laura agreed to try the product since she had recently been hospitalized for cardiac issues and a mild stroke and had been given handfuls of new medications to use. She started first with “Liquid Organic Product” and noticed an immediate difference in her emotional state, her skin and her hair. This was major improvement within the first five days of using “Liquid Organic Product”. Within two weeks her blood pressure had regulated and she cut back on three medications. In addition the sleep was much more restful and this was after many years of insomnia. When the next order was due Laura added “Sleeping Product” to her product repertoire. After using the “Sleeping Product” and “Liquid Organic Product” for an additional month she had lost almost eleven pounds and was sleeping well every night for up to eight hours a night. She continues to use both products and lose weight, have greater inner calm, clear skin, thicker hair and a feeling of health.

As a nurse Laura feels that everyone should be using “Liquid Organic Product” every day and her goal is to introduce it to as many people as possible. In the process she will be able to overcome her fear of rejection because this product has changed her life and she intends for it to change the life of others.

With increased health, vigor, and better sleep Laura is now once again able to resume her hobbies of hunting, fishing, hiking and enjoying all aspects of the outdoors.

Laura Hollingshead, RN BSN    Salmon, ID  

About Laura:

Laura has been a registered nurse for 14 years, but has spent over 30 years in the health care profession as a medical assistant, ER tech, nutritional counselor, lactation educator and researcher. After graduating from nursing school she was involved with Women's Health and provided care to pre-mature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in a major Las Vegas hospital. Eventually she transitioned to Home Health Care and has worked in that genre' ever since. As a home health nurse the patients reach across the life span and have multiple disease processes after acute hospitalization that need to be addressed. Over the years it has become apparent to Laura that nutrition is the predominant factor in healing or illness, length of recovery from surgery or injury, and affects all aspects of a person's life including physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological.


Children and a Strong Immune System with “Liquid Organic Product”

My daughter, Caitlin (age 4) has been drinking “Liquid Organic Product” since she was born (and in vitro through me). I’ve relied heavily on the this juice through the heavy virus seasons for her immune system. In her first 3 years, I noticed that while she would catch the usual colds going around, her recovery was significantly faster than her peers and her symptoms never once carried onto secondary symptoms such as ear infections.

In her fourth year, she has been exposed to a more serious cold and flu season than previous years, yet it has been Caitlin’s best year so far. Even the gastro viruses going around have never affected her in her life. Her immune system has developed naturally very well.

I have chosen not to vaccinate Caitlin since her 8wk old shots and she has been exposed to the highly contagious chicken pox but not contracted it.

Caitlin has always been a very strong-willed person, but I never saw a “tantrum” until she was about 3 (and very tired!), upon which moment I gave her a shot of “Liquid Organic Product” and she was placid by the time she put the cup down. I’ve used this trick on countless occasions in the “witching hour” before dinner when she was younger and it has centered her without fail 

Since Caitlin could say “Liquid Organic Product” (or point to the fridge) she has been asking for it intuitively as needed at various times of the day – particularly in the mid-afternoon. Lately, I’ve noticed a change in her sleeping pattern since giving her a nip before bed. She sleeps more restfully on these occasions, after a history of frequent sleep talking and nightmares.

Caitlin’s comprehension, language and physical development have always been stronger and more advanced than her peers. She is currently about a year ahead and has been able to carry a conversation with adults since the age of 2½. I have always treated her with the same respect as I would any adult and I believe this combined with her intake of such a great spectrum of nutrients between “Liquid Organic Product”, ‘Calcium/Mineral product” & extra “Greens Product” every day has produced the remarkable individual she is today.

With love,

Theresa Carruthers


Knee Pain Gone!

8/26/09 Janet wrote:
I am not proud of the fact that I ran out of my “Calcium/Mineral Product” last week. I didn't think it would affect me too much, boy was I wrong. To all of you who know me and have seen me show my dog, run around with my kids..... You think, "this girl is in good shape." Well let me tell you another story. My "shape" is directly related to taking 3 “Company X” products DAILY!! 2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with Last Stage Osteoarthritis in my left knee. Bone on bone, cysts and edema everywhere, but no pain. How is that?? Because I take 3 “Company X” products DAILY. So here we are, one week after running out of 1 of my bone and joint products. I CANNOT WALK!! The pain is excruciating. I need a cane!

8/27/09:  I received some “Calcium/Mineral Product” last night. I took 2TBS last night, 1 1/2 TBS two more times today AND I CANNOT BELIEVE how much better my knee is already!!! Here is another picture for proof and documentation of how fabulous the

“Company X”products are!!  

8/31/09:  It took from Wednesday evening to Friday afternoon for my knee to return to "normal."  As you can see my knee is far from normal but functional and pain free as long as I take my “COMPANY X” products regularly. 

The summary of my knee diagnosis back in 2007 was:
1.  Cruciate deficient knee.  Findings suggesting complete rupture of the patient’s anterior ligament graft.
2.  End-stage osteoarthritis with obliteration of the articular cartilage.
3.  Obliterative - type tears of the medial and lateral menisci.
4.  Large joint effusion.

By taking the “COMPANY X” products daily, I have been able to show and finish to AKC Championship my 165 pound Great Dane without pain or additional injury!!

Janet Whitmore 

Acute Intermittent Porphyria ~ Lisa Lane

From the day I started taking this amazing product, I never had another AIP relapse  

This is highly unusual with this particular health issue

Twelve years ago I was struck down out of the blue with what turned out to be a rare hereditary health condition. I was 34 and at that time in my life I would have considered myself the fittest and healthiest I'd ever been. I had a beautiful 13 year old daughter, a loving husband and 17 year old twin step daughters. We lived in an eco-village in a pristine environment in NZ, growing our own organic fruits and vegetables. When I had my first attack, it came on with acute pain and delirium, vomiting and diarrhea, plus no sleep for over 5 days. I lost 10kg (22 lbs) in 3 or 4 days. I was finally taken to a doctor who unfortunately misdiagnosed me, subsequently nearly terminating my life with the anti-inflammatory medication he injected me with. I ended up in a coma on a life support system for a week. It was understood later that with that particular health condition, just about every medication is potentially fatal, if administered during a bout of it.

With me continuing to go downhill regardless of everything the hospital tried a student doctor was finally delegated to researching 24/7 to come up with a diagnosis, which he finally did. It turned out to be a condition called Acute Intermittent Porphyria, a very rare disease, particularly here in New Zealand . They were then able to identify the appropriate blood derivitive medication to address it with. Unfortunately there was no hematin in New Zealand so they had to source the first lot in Australia and fly it over. The rest of it they had to fly from New Orleans ! That's how rare AIP is in NZ and Australia . This got me out of the coma, but I was literally a vegetable for some time after. I had had some swelling of the brain from the extreme drop in my sodium levels. But also, when I went into the coma I had fallen down the spiral staircase in our house, banging my head on the way down. So one way or another, it looked like I had brain damage.

From then on I had to relearn how to walk and slowly regain the use of my faculties again. However, it was a long slow road as every other month when I had another relapse, I'd get knocked right back again, often having to be re-hospitalised. Each time unable to eat and in acute pain, sleepless for 5 days or so, and any weight gain lost again. The only painkillers that were safe were not strong enough, I just had to ride it out till it passed. At this time I started religiously taking health supplements for the first time in my life, 8 or 9 tablets a day. We had very little money, and because Zvone, my husband, had to be my caregiver, he couldn't work so we were living on my very minimal sickness benefit. We really couldn't afford those supplements, and to be quite honest, over the 2 years I was taking them, I don't think they really helped me much. After 2 years I was still really underweight, no stamina, unable to think of more than one thing at a time without getting really stressed out. I also had a continuous internal shake that was imperceptible to other people, but it made me really uncoordinated in my movement. Continually missing or knocking over anything I was reaching for, like cups and glasses etc. And still regularly getting hospitalized with relapses. Very frustrating for me and everyone around me.

Happily, one summer 10 years ago, long time friends Michael and Christa visited us from Boulder , Colorado . Christa Way is a health professional, and together with her husband Michael Jude, had just started using and recommending this amazing product in the US , with tremendous results in all sorts of health conditions. A very simple, yet profound liquid organic super food. Organically grown aloe vera and 9 different types of wild sea vegetables. Sounds yukky eh?! But with black cherry and natural sweeteners, it was just like having 4-8oz of juice every day. She recommended I stop taking all those supplements I was on and try this for awhile. She was convinced I would have better results. She was right. After 2 weeks I started having more energy. 3 months later it felt like someone switched my brain on again! The internal shake went and my co-ordination returned, my stamina came back. It took another year or so for my weight to normalize again. But the best thing was, from the day I started taking this amazing product, I never had another AIP relapse. This is highly unusual with this particular health issue. Most people with AIP have to resign themselves to living with it for the rest of their lives; low energy, anorexic looking and miserable, never quite knowing when they'll get hit by another bout of AIP because of it's unpredictability.

Well, I've gone from strength to strength over the 10 years since then. I'm fitter and healthier now than I was before I started taking this aloe/sea vegetable liquid magic! I truly feel that if I just stay on this product, I will never have Acute Intermittent Porphyria again. I can't tell you how much of a blessing this has been in so, so many ways, for me, my loved ones and my life. I've also had the opportunity over the years since then to see how this simple, yet profound product has changed the lives of 1000's of other people too. Anything from low energy and a general lack of well being, to all sorts of obscure health issues that seem to have been successfully addressed.

Because of my experience and that of so many others, I feel that this product can be so great for anyone who chooses to use it. Impacting them in powerful and positive ways, maybe even in more ways than they could ever imagine. I feel so grateful to The Founders, and “Company X”, for making their experience and vision available to so many.


AMAZING Story of Recovery from Severe Chemical Toxicity

On 25 different medications…

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Immune Disorder….

depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma, and hormonal imbalances…


          In 1994, right after our son was born, my health started to fail. 


          I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and put on medication in 1994.  After a year I still did not feel well.  I was then diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and put on medication for that. Another year went by and I was getting sick all the time.  I was in and out of hospitals. I was sent down to a specialist in Iowa City where I was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Disorder, meaning my immune system was very weak and I could not make antibodies to fight infection, even when given a vaccine. I was then put on a full years course of antibiotics. 


          A while later my joints started to flare up and I was in a lot of pain. I had positive blood tests for Rheumatoid Arthritis and was put on more medication to control the RA. When I did not improve I had another battery of tests done and I was found to have Lupus. I was told my quality of life would be poor and that I may end up in a wheel chair or a rest home by the time I reached my mid 30's. I was put on more medication to control these diseases.


          In the mean time I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma, and hormonal imbalances.  I was put on more medication. I was on 25 different medications at the same time! My quality of life was so poor that I thought to curl up and die: like the doctors told me I could do with all that was wrong with me. I was only 24 years old, a new wife, and a first time mom. I remember not being able to pick up our son from his crib because my arms would not work or they were too weak to hold him.  Nothing can break a moms heart like that!


          Despite the bad health I still managed to own and work in a salon.  Several times I worked while I had an IV pic line in my arm due to infections. Every 12 hours I had to get a bag of antibiotic put in. The doctors started doing this for me because I was in the hospital so much. This saved me money and I could still work and be at home.


           Then in 2003 something was really wrong with me. I had hand tremors so bad that I could not pick up small objects or eat very well.  I started to have fits where my whole body would shake and tremor uncontrollably .  I went from 99 pounds up to 140 almost over night. I did not feel well, I lost most of my strength, my hair thinned out, I could not think straight, I wanted to sleep all the time, the whites of my eyes were creamy yellow, and my body broke out in severe acne type lesions. My husband had to carry me from the bedroom to the living room to the bathroom and back again because I could barely walk anymore. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with chemical toxicity and chemical allergies which had symptoms that mimicked Parkinson's Disease; ie the tremors and shaking.


           My liver and kidneys were very stressed. I had 33 years of chemical exposure built up in my body from salon chemicals like ammonia, thioglycolates, SLS, fumes from hairsprays, etc. This surprised me because I always wore gloves when doing perms and colors and had a well ventilated area to work in! At this point I had to close my salon and lose my income because I was too sick to work.


          I could not do chealation by IV since my body was so stressed. We used a machine that put sound waves into my body to break up the chemicals like a high pitch noise would shatter glass. I went from weighing 140 down to 104 with in months.  I was put on an all natural  liquid supplement called "Liquid Organic Product" that helped to remove those broken chemical compounds and helped them to leave my body while it replaced all the lost vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients, amino acids, etc that the toxicity had depleted.


After three days of taking "Liquid Organic Product" my strength started to return.  I could stand on my own and walk a few steps. I had more energy by the end of the first week and I could think straight. I added 'Calcium/Mineral Supplement" and the pain in my muscles and joints went away as well as the severe menstrual cramps and some of the tremors. I felt better than I ever had before!  I could stay awake all day by the fourth month. That is when I started physical therapy to regain the strength to walk and use my arms. It only took me three months of physical therapy to do so! The physical therapists were very surprised.  I told them I was taking 'Liquid Organic Product" and that I thought it was helping to give my strength back as well as believing in the power of prayer and Jesus. 


I actually tried to stop taking the supplements about a year later because I was feeling so good, but within a few weeks, I started to feel like I did when I was sick, so I started taking them again.  That taught me that no matter how my symptoms went away, it is up to me to put the correct nourishment into my body to retain the health benefits I have gotten.  If you put the wrong fuel in a car it won’t run long, the same is true with our bodies!


Since then, I have had several blood tests ran and there are no signs of toxicity. The pain from the Fibromyalgia is gone as well as the fatigue from CFS. My immune system is not underactive anymore, but rather, it is overactive. That too should balance itself out as it continues to heal. I do not have depression or anxiety and have been off all medications since 2002! The hormone tests were all in range.  I do not have Lupus, Parkinson's, or anything that I had been previously diagnosed with. Just the lingering memories of what I went through and I often wonder what our family would be like if I did not miscarry  our daughter. I recently found out that cosmetologists have the highest rate of miscarriage of any industry because of the chemicals we are exposed to. I felt cheated out of our little girl. If only someone would have known and told me back then, we may have our daughter with us today. She would have been a happy and beautiful 12 year old just entering the 7th grade. This is the hardest part of what I went through. As I write this 12 years later, it still brings tears to my eyes. I'm not sure that pain will ever go away. The loss of a child, born or unborn, is hard on a mother.  We are blessed to have our son, whom we almost lost at 5 months into the pregnancy too. I also just learned cosmetologists have the highest rate of bladder and ovarian cancers.  I just had my yearly check up at Mayo in Rochester . They took 23 vials of blood, did a brain MRI, as well as checking each body system independently and they gave me another clean bill of health! No lingering toxins or damage from the toxins was found at this appointment!


Am I in the clear for the rest of my life? We do not know. Time will tell if any long term damage was done to the cells in my body and what the after effects will be. So far no cancer and that is a great thing! I am almost 6 years in the clear now.


However, if I get around chemicals for too long, I can tell. My husband calls me a "Barometer for Chemicals".  My fingers will get a tremor in them and my body will become weak. I watch what I eat and watch what I put onto my skin. I use all natural cleaning products and laundry detergents. A lot has changed in my life since then. My quality of life has improved so much thanks to Jesus and "Liquid Organic Product"!  I am able to live a healthy, prescription free, meaningful life again!


I am back in the cosmetology industry. That may surprise some. I reopened my salon in 2007 after being closed for almost 4 years.  I own an organic salon now. No damaging chemicals! I do haircuts, natural ammonia free color, waxing, Body Wraps, Ion Spa Foot Detox Baths, facials, reflexology, and sell a wide variety of organic and all natural products for the family and house hold use. I also own a spa room where I help others detox and regain their health. You may notice I do not do perms. It is because I cannot find a safe one to use. There are companies working on safer alternatives to the traditional perm chemicals and I hope to introduce perms into my salon at some point in time.


I have a passion for helping others in the cosmetology industry who are dealing with vague symptoms such as weight gain, headaches, fatigue, tremors in the hands, aches, and pains. I know how frustrating it is when the doctor does not know why you feel so bad or they tell you it is in your head. No, it is not! I feel I was given a second chance at life to help others.



Chantal P.




ADHD Results - Better Behavior, Better Grades!

My grandson, Hunter Quinn, turned 9 years old in May, 2009.  He’s always been a bright, inquisitive, young man with many friends, and the joy of my life!  His dad, my son David, was diagnosed at a young age with attention deficit disorder, and like many other parents did in the 80’s, I put him on medication to control the symptoms.  As Hunter grew up, it was pretty obvious he was like his dad in many ways. When Hunter was in 2nd grade, the school asked if they could do some testing.   None of us were surprised when they told us Hunter had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

At that point, I had been taking “Liquid Organic Product” for about a year with positive results.  We decided that we would try that with Hunter instead of drugs.  So toward the end of second grade, he started taking 3 to 4 ounces of “Liquid Organic Product” daily.  We all saw improved behavior within a couple of weeks.  During summer vacation, his mom’s parents took him to the zoo.  They knew he had been diagnosed with ADHD and, when they got home, asked my daughter-in-law if he was on medication. They thought his behavior was so much calmer and he listened to them more readily. A few weeks after Hunter returned to school last September, the teacher asked if he had been put on medication over the summer. Again, his mom said no and explained he was taking a whole food nutritional supplement daily.

Hunter’s mom, Angie says “Hunter has calmed down substantially.  Before “Liquid Organic Product”, if he had to sit still at a doctor’s office, in school, for dinner at home, etc., it was extremely difficult for him.  He just couldn’t do it.  Now that’s not a problem.  He is much more cooperative when doing his homework, and better organized in getting things finished.  He has an easier time following directions, and we notice a big difference in how he is inter-acting and playing with his sister and brother”.    Math had been a problem in the second grade.  At the end of 3rd grade his teacher, Mrs. Breneman, wrote on his report card (and I quote) “Hunter has done great in Math this year.  He has really mastered concepts that were difficult for him last year.  Hooray for progress!”   School has been the most amazing turn-around.  According to his teacher, his writing is neater and much more legible; he is doing better on tests and is now capable of paying attention when the teacher is speaking.  That is major for him!   He has been taking 3 to 4 ounces of “Liquid Organic Product” daily for a little more than a year.  We are so happy at how he is doing, and we all say “Hooray for “Liquid Organic Product””. 

When he comes to visit me, he’ll go into the refrigerator to pour himself some “Liquid Organic Product”, and I’ll say “Hunter you’ve already taken it today”.   He says, “Yes, Grama, but this stuff is good, it makes me smart”.  Then I tell him, “it’s not making you smart, Hunter, you are smart.  It’s just bringing out what is inside you”.   I thank Heaven that my sister, Penny Wanger, introduced me to this product in October, 2007.  My husband and I, our married children and our grandchildren are a ““Liquid Organic Product”” family.   I cannot praise “Liquid Organic Product”, and many of the other “Company X” products enough; they have changed our lives for the better and had a huge impact on the quality of our family life!   

Submitted by:  Kathy Quinn, Livonia , Michigan


Leaky Gut Syndrome

Hi Kathy,

My daughter who is 9, was diagnosed at 3 years old, with Leaky Gut Syndrome. As the protein kernel inside wheat (gluten) passes into the blood stream, her immune system sees it as an allergen and attacks it, causing my daughter to: breathe poorly, complain her stomach hurts, contract a runny nose and persistent cough; all symptoms of  her gluten intolerance.

When she takes 1.8 ozs of “Liquid Organic Product” daily, her stomach doesn't hurt and is free of all of her other symptoms. Her uncle has Celiac Disease and has found “Liquid Organic Product” to be one of the very few supplements he's able to take daily without experiencing toxicity from the product.

Hope this is helpful. BTW, its because “Liquid Organic Product” has helped my daughter that I continue to share her story with anyone interested in experiencing greater health and well-being.

Take good care,  Tcha


Health Results for her Horse

Hi Juli,

This is from Sarrha who is on my downline. She has had some great results with her horse and has written a little testimonial for you! I don't have a photo to send over computer yet but she's working on it so I will forward it along when I do.  Francie

Dear readers, friends and fellow horse lovers,

My name is Sarrha Uffelmann and I have a story  about my thoroughbred mare, Angelina, that I would like to share with you.

In the winter of 2007, Angelina began to show respiratory and neurological symptoms that were effecting her day to day life. Tripping, sweating, breathing abnormally loud and a high anxiety level were her most noticeable symptoms.

I tried several different treatments over the next 8 months, using many supplements and training techniques but nothing seemed to change. Finally, in October of 2008, I decided I would have to put her out to pasture and then fed her a simple diet of hay, beet pulp, L-lysine.  I also added 1 ounce of “Liquid Organic Product” each day.

My children and I have been drinking “Liquid Organic Product” for 2 years now and have had a great response from it. I decided to try it on Angelina to see if it would improve her health.

Within one month of being fed “Liquid Organic Product”, Angelina's appetite increased and she seemed less anxious, she was able to lose the extra weight, had a much decreased anxiety level, and an increased energy level.

After 7 months on “Liquid Organic Product” Angelina is no longer tripping but moves steadily and gracefully during each session. Angelina's respiratory system is improving by leaps and bounds; she breathes normally, has energy and stamina with a recovery time for 2 minutes.

Angelina has become a joy to ride and to own. I am very thankful to Mary Meaker for introducing me to “Liquid Organic Product” and to “Company X” for making a product that both people and horses can benefit from. They have given us an affordable way to give our equine friends the trace minerals and phytonutrients that they need to be optimally healthy.

Thanks so much!  Sarrha Uffleman

                          GOOD HEALTH IS NOT EXPENSIVE...IT'S PRICELESS!!!   



I am 47 years old, have two sons -  27 and 24, suffered from chronic migraines, have been anemic for the last two decades and recently went through menopause – but you would never know it to look at me now.

Ever since I had my second son in 1985, I have rarely been able to give blood because of my anemia.  I am an Event Planner by trade so I am constantly burning the candle at both ends – hence why I thought I was anemic.  I started on “Liquid Organic Product” back in the summer of 2007 and I immediately began to see results.  I had more energy, I was no longer “sleepy” in the afternoons and I no longer had the allergies I used to have in the Fall and Spring.  Those were the things I could “see”.  What I didn’t realize that was happening at the same time was, I was going through menopause, I was building up the protein in my blood, and I was no longer getting the migraines that I used to get on a monthly basis (I used to be on Imitrex). 

After being on “Liquid Organic Product” for almost 9 months, I realized that I had not had a menstrual cycle since October 2007 and no one could tell by my behavior (I finally had to tell my family after 12 months and they still didn’t believe me that I had gone through menopause).  To this day, I have not had to take one single hormonal drug. 

The next change I realized is that I had not renewed my Imitrex prescription in over 18 months.  I only noticed this because I was getting ready to travel and found my medication in my travel bag (I ALWAYS travel with my migraine medicine).  When I pulled it out to check the expiration date – I noticed it had expired – a YEAR EARLIER!!! 

And then finally this Spring 2009, the local Knights of Columbus was having a blood drive for a local hospital and because my youngest son is a 2nd degree Knight – I decided to go and support the cause (even though I “knew” I was anemic and could not donate).  There was a lull in donors so the nurse asked if I would like to try.  I assured her that I would not qualify – but that I had been taking a “liquid vitamin” so maybe I would pass by some slim chance (at the time I was also on Weight Watchers so I was not consuming large quantities of protein).  Most times, when donating blood they are looking for levels of “11-13” in your blood, when she took my sample it came back at 15!!!!  The nurse looked at me and said, “I don’t know what you are taking – but I want some!!!”  Needless to say – I am donating now on a regular basis.

I am sure there are more areas that have improved that I am not “seeing”, but right now I am just thrilled to feel and look like I did when I was in my 30s and to be able to keep up with my 2-year old grand-daughter!!  Thank You “Liquid Organic Product”!!


Allergies,  Immune System, PMS, Migraines, Thyroid, More!

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with health.  This is probably why so much of my life has involved searching for medical answers and dedication to helping others live healthier lives.

My medical history reads like that of someone two times my age.  For years I experienced allergies in which regardless of various medications my eyes and throat would swell.  Since I was a young child I seemed to have a weak immune system and would easily catch colds/flus/infections.  I also dealt with PMS symptoms so severe that I would have to miss class/work because of being doubled over in pain and often would have to force feed myself because of the extreme nausea from menstrual migraines.  I would lose anywhere from 2-4 pounds with any given period and at its worst would have hypoglycemic induced seizures, which often would leave me bedridden for the rest of the day.  When I was actually able to eat I would have problems with digestion due to stomach ulcers I had developed in early adolescence.  I also had bouts of anemia and thyroid issues.

As a teenager I was told, given my own and familial medical history, fertility would be an issue and that after the age of 28 my chances of childbearing would be slim.  Not an easy thing for an adolescent to process.  What followed was years of various medications to “manage” the severe menstrual symptoms and growing fibroid tumors in an attempt to put a little more time on the clock.  These medications contributed to the migraines and other symptoms that kept my body in a continual state of struggle.

Since 2003, through constant vigilance of my eating habits, medication and acupuncture I was able to somewhat stabilize my various symptoms.  Failing to adhere to these strict regimens, however, would cause me to have relapses.  Being a body worker and fitness instructor involves a large amount of physical energy and my energy lags were starting to cause me to not be able to keep up with business or allow it to grow.  At times I would even have to take naps between sessions just to make it through the day.  I knew at this rate I would either have to cut back on business or risk early burnout.  Desiring to reach as many people as possible this felt like yet another devastation caused by a lack of physical health.

In April 2008, I was introduced to “Liquid Organic Product” and “Company X”.  At first I was skeptical, everything just sounded too good to be true but I felt at that point I had nothing left to lose.  Having become very intune with my body, I noticed improvements within the first week of starting “Liquid Organic Product”.  Since then I have had very few days in which there was a loss for appetite and have maintained my weight, including during periods.  My mood, appetite, and blood sugar are completely stable and I have had significantly fewer migraines/headaches and no seizures, without needing a strict eating schedule.  It amazes me how quickly things shifted.  Most days I have energy to spare and have been able to keep up with my continually growing wellness practice.  I have had very minimal allergy flare-ups since starting “Liquid Organic Product” and very few sick days regardless of working in close proximity to numerous individuals with various colds, flus, etc.

In fall 2008, my husband and I decided it was time to get more serious about a family especially being that I had turned 28 in August and the comments from numerous doctors in the past loomed in the back of our minds.  So many things had improved/resolved since starting the “Company X” products in April but we wanted definitive proof.  I underwent a full pelvic exam and ultrasound to assess the current state of my ovaries and uterus.  Having experienced the power of these products I should not have been surprised by the results, but I was speechless.  The exam came back normal.  Not only were the fibroid tumors gone but there was no scar tissue or any sign of damage that they were ever there.  If that wasn’t incredible enough, both ovaries were intact and had healthy blood flow including the left one in which I had incurred damage from an ovarian cyst rupturing in Nov 2002.  Aside from getting a completely clean bill of health, including normal thyroid levels, and knowing that all of the damage from the past had been repaired the best part was having the doctor look at me and say “Are you sure you had tumors?  I have never seen anything like this before.  I don’t see why you can’t become pregnant even in the next few years”.

In the past I have tried to wean off of my medications and failed numerous times due to the extreme withdrawal symptoms even with being on the absolute minimal dose.  I am happy to report that with the support from the “Company X” products I have been off of all medications for several months now and have not had any withdrawal symptoms.

In April 2009, I celebrated my one year anniversary with “Company X” and I continue to be amazed and can tell the difference when I do and don’t remember to take the products (specifically “Liquid Organic Product” and “Calcium/Mineral product”).  I also enjoy trying the various products.  The first time I tried the “ Colon Cleansing Product” I lost 5 lbs (in unnecessary colon content) in less than 2 weeks.  The increase in energy I experienced the more my colon got cleaned out was staggering and it felt like my body drew in the products even more.

I now feel like I can have the life I've always wanted and that my physical health is no longer a limiting factor.  My entire family, including my sister serving in the Air Force over seas, takes the products and continues to see various health improvements.  I encourage everyone I know to just try it; it could change or even save their lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


Heather R.

Madison , WI


Yeast Infections, Acid Reflux, Sleeping, Body Aches


I realize this is a long testimonial, however, I wanted to share all the ways that Jeff and I feel better since we began the product just 2 months ago.  Maybe someone else will be able to relate to one or more of these stories!

In December 2008 Kristen Sommerer introduced me to “Liquid Organic Product”.  Being a fairly healthy person I really didn't think I had a "need" for the product, other than to better my overall health.  I thought, it couldn't hurt.  My husband and I both began with 4oz each day.  I immediately began to sleep more soundly and not wake 3 to 4 times a night like usual.  In addition, my mind just felt more clear.

After 30 day we increased our intake to 8oz each and both continued just to feel good.  It wasn't until a few day ago I began to realize subtle differences that I had not noticed before. 

  • For at least a year now I would wake up each morning and my entire body would ache.  I'm only 33 years old, a mother of 2 boys, not over weight, and really did not have a specific reason to feel this way...I just did.  I would feel stiff and my back would ache.  Just to bend over and pull up my pants would sometimes take my breath away.  This would last for about 15-30 minutes each day until my body warmed up and I got going for the day.  And then the other day I realized I have not felt that way in over a month now! 
  • In May of 2008 my dermatologists prescribed me a very low dose of antibiotics to help with adult acne.  Although it was only 10mg a day my body was very sensitive to the antibiotics and I would indeed get a yeast infection.  I was strict about eating yogurt everyday, sometimes twice a day, as I had learned in years past that yogurt would help me prevent this when taking antibiotics.  However, if I would run out or miss a dose of yogurt sure enough a yeast infection would strike.  I know I had 3 just over this summer.  Like I said, I began “Liquid Organic Product” in December 2008 and did not think to continue with the yogurt.  I would wake up, drink my ”Liquid Organic Product” and then begin my day.  It wasn't until almost the end of month 2 on the product that I realized I had not been drinking my yogurt.  I am still on the 10mg of antibiotics, but, NO yeast infections.  WOW! 
  • My husband has had different results.  For the past two years now he has been taking the prescription Nexium for acid reflux.  This was an illness he has had for several years and from time to time would try and control it with over the counter medicines.  It also affects his mother and father.  It was so bad 2 years ago that we took him to the ER and thought he was having a heart attack at age 33.  Thankfully, he was not, it was only symptoms of severe acid reflux.  In September of '08 we realized the medicine would not cure him of his illness, only make him comfortable and mask his symptoms.  So, we changed our diets and this did help.  He also began the “Liquid Organic Product” in December of 2008 and would complain how much it burned his throat when he drank it each day.  After about 4-5 weeks he said it no longer felt that way.  I can only imagine how damaged his esophagus was from years of the reflux and how the “Liquid Organic Product” must have been healing to his throat.  He now enjoys drinking the product and the reflux is much better and no more burning!

My husband and I both love the product and plan to continue drinking it indefinitely.  But it is kind of nice just to sit and think back on how we both, in different ways, feel better in just these last 2 months!

Thank you for allowing me to share,

Chastity Smith ,  West Palm Beach , FL


Since May of 1992, I have been afflicted with Coronary Artery or Heart Disease.

I underwent open heart surgery in March 1998, and I have had six angioplasties with stents, along with various angiograms.

My heart troubles really increased on November 1, 2008, and my health just plain deteriorated this past winter.

It started with bilateral arm aches, then transferred to the heart pain, and eventual shortness of breath.

I was unable to walk more than five feet without arm ache, and became almost incapacitated throughout the winter.

Just a simple process of getting ready for bed brought on the arm ache, and I was taking Nitroglycerin pills like “popcorn”.

On April 2, 2009, I asked my Cardiologist for intervention. He responded by saying, “Not so fast my friend. You are basically out of intervention options.”  He showed me a film of my heart and pointed out one artery that was completely occluded, my bypass surgery and stents, and then the partially occluded vessel where the problem is located with a hairpin bend in it.  He told me if they went into that vessel there was a possibility of completely blocking it or even puncturing the wall.  

He adjusted my heart medication at the time and sent me home again. 

On April 6, I began taking “Liquid Organic Product”.  I changed my eating habits and cut out all sugars in my diet. No more goodies, in other words.

I am now walking at a normal pace once again, and am able to function normally--with NO arm ache at all.

I attribute my lease on life to “Liquid Organic Product”, adjusted heart medication, and the removal of sugars from my diet.  I am also diabetic.

The history in my family says that I have lived my limit in life.  My grandfather died of a coronary at age 73.  My mothers’ brother died of a coronary at age 56.  My father died of a coronary at age 60, and my oldest brother died of a heart trouble at age 76.

I am 73 years old, and with “Liquid Organic Product”, I plan to be around for awhile.            

Jon Hapgood ,  New Hampton , IA

Healthy Pregnancy 

After confirming my pregnancy, my doctor recommended I begin pre-natal vitamins.  I always had a issue with taking pills, and wasn’t looking forward to having to take the huge pre-natal pills, especially being as queasy as I was in the mornings already. So I provided my doctor with an outline of the ingredients for “Liquid Organic Product” and asked if I could take BB instead of the pills.  His response was it definitely had the essential vitamins I needed, and I would only need to take a very small pill for my folic acid daily. 

I continued on “Liquid Organic Product” through-out my pregnancy and experienced very few issues.  My Nicky was born via c-section at 9 lbs, 13ozs and absolutely perfect.  He is now 6 months and approximately 21 lbs and a very happy little boy.  He sleeps 12 hours at night and just laughs the day away.  In the morning when he wakes up rather than crying for his bottle, he just sits happily in his chair and talks away. 

I do believe that a lot of the ease with my pregnancy and my happy little boy had to do with taking “Liquid Organic Product” through-out my pregnancy.  Being able to "drink" my daily vitamins, versus trying to swallow those "horse-pills" made my mornings much easier, while I also benefitted from the extra energy BB always gave me.  I like to think my little guy is so easy because of “Liquid Organic Product” and I will definitely be taking it when I decide to have another.

Vicki Cowley ,  Fairfax , VA

Kidney and Sinus Infections, Absorption of Minerals and Vitamins


I have been using the "Company X" products for 6+ years now and can't say enough good things about them. They have completely changed my personal health in many ways (I've completely gone off medication for chronic kidney infections and sinus infections, and no longer experience the terrible PMS I once suffered from).

One of the things that lights me up the most about these products is the results I've had w/ them through both of my pregnancies. Both of my children were born at home and I had extremely healthy pregnancies and uneventful smooth home births. My midwife was very impressed by my health during my pregnancy. She said that in 17 years of delivering babies she had never worked with a client who had clear urine... meaning that my body was utilizing the supplements unlike the other pregnant women who are taking large prenatal vitamins in pill form and not absorbing most of it, thus creating bright orange urine.

Other than Folic Acid, "Liquid Organic Product" and "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" were my sole prenatal vitamins. I never experienced heartburn, morning sickness, leg cramps, constipation, or any of the other common pregnancy symptoms. I felt great throughout my pregnancies and gave birth to 2 incredible healthy girls. During the sleep deprivation stage with my newborns, I felt great and loved knowing that my children were getting the nutrients that they needed through my breastmilk. And now that they're older (1 and 4) they drink "Liquid Organic Product" every day which gives me great peace of mind knowing that they're getting what they need nutritionally regardless of what they're eating/not eating. To this day they are both very healthy and have never been on medication or antibiotics!

Amy Starr Allen

Broomfield , Colorado

Rheumatoid Arthritis relief, off Dangerous Drugs

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  At that time I could not

open my fingers in either hand and had a lot of pain in my hands, wrists, ankles and feet. 

I am a hairstylist, so my career was interrupted.  The doctors put me on Methotrexate injections and anti-inflamatory drugs.  These did help,  but I found out I would have to have my blood and urine tested every 3 months to make sure they weren’t poisoning my kidneys, liver and stomach.

After a few months I went back to get my tests.  I asked the doctor how long I would have to take these drugs and he said the rest of my life.  This didn’t sit well with me.

About that time my husband had a friend tell him about “Company X” products.  My husband came home and told me he had ordered the products that would help my arthritis.  We both trusted this long time friend and were anxious to try it.

After about two months of taking “Liquid Organic Product”, “Calcium/Mineral Product”, and “Joint Product”, I started to notice I had less pain and was able to move easier.  I gradually decreased my medications over the next few months.  That was over five years ago.  I still take ibuprofin occasionally,  but no other medications.

I have added other “Company X” Products over the years and my health continues to improve.   I am 63 years old and still working 3 days a week.  I love my work and am so happy I can continue to provide my best to my loyal and wonderful clientele.  Thanks to “Company X” for making this possible.

Janett Kastrup       

Grand Junction , CO

Betty’s mom (age 82) gets results with Alzheimer’s


Dear Wayne,


Thank you so much for making such an impression on my core team by calling me in Newport , RI .  My brother has been discussing the fact that we may soon have to put my 82 year old Mom in a nursing home in Ft. Worth , Texas .  She was getting very forgetful and starting to show signs of Alzheimer's.  So I decided to send her a case of "Liquid Organic Product" for her birthday. Conversations with my Mom in the last 5 months never amounted to more than a few minutes. and not much was ever discussed.


Today June 16th,  is my Mom's 83rd Birthday, she has been on "Liquid Organic Product" for almost 3 weeks.  She has been calling me and we have been having the most wonderful conversations, she even got on a 3 way call with my core team this week. 


I can not thank you enough for developing such a wonderful product. Keep your eye on Newport , RI . You'll be hearing us grow rapidly.


With Love and Gratitude,

Betty Tennyson

RN recommends “Liquid Organic Product” to patients, has results with Hot Flashes, Restless Leg Syndrome

I am an RN and surrounded by icky germs all day. I have been drinking “Liquid Organic Product” for about 15 months and I just do not get the "sicknesses" all my co-workers seem to get. It's amazing!

I am also a 2 time Breast Cancer survivor and a Tri-athlete and I have never felt better! My hot flashes have decreased dramatically and are now very minimal, my restless leg syndrome disappeared in the first month, and I have a sustained energy throughout the day that I have never had! I recover faster after a workout and feel clearer in my thinking! 

I know that my body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs to function at a high level and do the best job that it can for me! I recommend “Liquid Organic Product” to my patients as well.

Thanks, Laurie

Laurie H. Turney RN, BSN

Kidney Failure, Chronic Anemia

Went to the Dr. April 18, 2006,  for a foot callus, he prescribed the wrong meds and I woke up three months later with dialysis tubes coming out of my body and told I was in Kidney Failure.  Under went dialysis for four months, till my doctor was convinced my kidneys could take the strain, the dialysis tubes were removed July 22, 2006.  

Two months later  was told I had a compression fracture of L1-5 and needed back surgery (46 screws and a titanium rod placed in my back), examined 9/11, surgery 9/29  woke up 10/22 out of rehab, 2nd Rehab 11/22, 2006,  returned to work 1/3/2007.  The scary thing is I don't/can't recall any thing from 9/11 to 11/22, 2006, its all a blank.  I realized that God was not done with me after being told they almost lost me during the twelve hour surgery twice and once during recovery.  They tell me my kidneys are failing and I’m holding my own.  

I have been taking “Liquid Organic Product” at 2 oz. a day since the prescription accident, and “Calcium/Mineral Product” at a tablespoon a day also.  Although my labs are high for toxicity I’m feeling fine, when I should be on my death bed from End State Renal Failure.  For three years I have been seeing the doctor every 2-3 months, I started “Liquid Organic Product” and have upped the dosage from one ounce to two ounces a day, my cholesterol has dropped to 210, my HDL  to 62, my LDL to 74,  my TSH to 1.52 and my FT4 to 0.50. My weight has leveled off to 160 lbs.  Although my hemoglobin AIC and Sugars remained a little high, I feel stronger everyday, and according to the doctor, I am not dying anymore (he is amazed and said I have defied the ESRD (end state renal disease) and Chronic Anemia (in previous months, I was getting one to three units of whole blood every 2-3 months), I have not gotten any blood since September 2008.


Sleeping, Reflux, Yeast Infections

In December 2008 I was introduced  to “Liquid Organic Product”.  Being a fairly healthy person I really didn't think I had a "need" for the product, other than to better my overall health.  I thought, it couldn't hurt.  My husband and I both began with 4oz each day.  I immediately began to sleep more soundly and not wake 3 to 4 times a night like usual.  In addition, my mind just felt more clear.

After 30 day we increased our intake to 8oz each and both continued just to feel good.  It wasn't until a few day ago I began to realize subtle differences that I had not noticed before.

For at least a year now I would wake up each morning and my entire body would ache.  I'm only 33 years old, a mother of 2 boys, not overweight, and really did not have a specific reason to feel this way...I just did.  I would feel stiff and my back would ache.  Just to bend over and pull up my pants would sometimes take my breath away.  This would last for about 15-30 minutes each day until my body warmed up and I got going for the day.  And then the other day I realized I have not felt that way in over a month now!

In May of 2008 my dermatologists prescribed me a very low dose of antibiotics to help with adult acne.  Although it was only 10mg a day my body was very sensitive to the antibiotics and I would indeed get a yeast infection.  I was strict about eating yogurt everyday, sometimes twice a day, as I had learned in years past that yogurt would help me  prevent this when taking antibiotics.  However, if I would run out or miss a dose of yogurt sure enough a yeast infection would strike.  I know I had 3 just over this summer.  Like I said, I began the “Liquid Organic Product” in December  2008 and did not think to continue with the yogurt.  I would wake up, drink my “Liquid Organic Product” and then begin my day.  It wasn't until almost the end of month 2 on the product that I realized I had not been drinking my yogurt.  I am still on the 10mg of antibiotics, but, NO yeast infections.


My husband has had different results.  For the past two years now he has been taking the prescription Nexium for acid reflux.  This was an illness he has had for several years and from time to time would try and control it with over the counter medicines.  It also affects his mother and father.  It was so bad 2 years ago that we took him to the ER and thought he was having a heart attack at age 33.  Thankfully, he was not, it was only symptoms of severe acid reflux.  In September of '08 we realized the medicine would not cure him of his illness, only make him comfortable and mask his symptoms.  So, we changed our diets and this did help.  He  also began the “Liquid Organic Product” in December of 2008 and would complain how much it burned his throat when he drank it each day.

After about 4-5 weeks he said it no longer felt that way.  I can only imagine how damaged his esophagus was from years of the reflux and how the liquid aloe must have been healing to his throat.  He now enjoys drinking the product and the reflux is much better and no more burning!

My husband and I both love the product and plan to continue drinking it indefinitely.  But it is kind of nice just to sit and think back on how we both, in different ways, feel better in just these last 2 months!

Thank you for allowing me to share,

Chastity Smith

West Palm Beach

Pain free from Rheumatoid Arthritis, relief from Restless Leg Syndrome

Hi all,

I wanted to share Sherry LeBlanc's email to Karen Jones (she's been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis - RA - for several years now, and has had fantastic results with “Liquid Organic Product” and “Calcium/Mineral Product”):

Mike TT



As you know, I've been taking “Liquid Organic Product” since August of '07, and added the “Calcium/Mineral Product” about a month later. 

What I was dealing with before you introduced me to these products was horrible pain in my body, severe swelling in my legs that kept me from being able to walk easily, and a bad case of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) which made it hard to sleep at times, all of which made me just miserable. 

I was taking a prescription pain medication (Diclofenac) twice a day - every day - even though I knew it was creating more problems (it's known to be highly toxic to the liver, and to eat away the lining of the stomach), but I couldn't tolerate the pain, and felt like I had no choice. 

When I started drinking “Liquid Organic Product” my swelling started to go down right away, which made some of my pain lessen.  I added the “Calcium/Mineral Product” and noticed that my RLS went away.  Over the months, my pain went away completely, I was able to be much more mobile, and I was sleeping well. 

I decided to stop taking the Diclofenac to see if I could manage without it (it really bothered me that I was doing harm to my organs by taking it), and I am thrilled to report that I am completely pain-free, and it's been eight months since I've taken even one dose!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Frozen Shoulder, Heartburn, Seizures

I have been suffering with a frozen right shoulder for over 2 years. I faced surgery with no Health Insurance. I had so much pain, I wasn’t unable to lift my arm above shoulder level or behind my back. I had to have help dressing.  To remove my shirt was excruciating. I had gone to many doctors, including a pain management doctor who prescribed 2 cortisone shots with no help.  I have been seeing a chiropractor for 6 months everyday for therapy with some help, but I would always relapse. On one of my worst weeks when I was ready to quit my business, (I own my own mobile hair salon), and give up, I was called by two ladies, Patsy Pvete and Tina Slayton from Lifeforce.  I had been praying for God to help me.

On Feb.1 2009 I received my first “Liquid Organic Product”, “Calcium/Mineral Product”, and ‘Joint Product”. I took it everyday. Feb 14 which is my birthday I had been on the product 2 weeks.  This is when I noticed after a weekend that I was able to move my arm.  After that the mobility in my shoulder has become more flexible and less painful. I am now able to go back to the gym and I am working out with more energy.

Also, after 10 years of suffering from heartburn and taking Aciphex, I no longer have heartburn and I am off the medication.

I also have had seizures in my past which no doctor can seem to explain. I have had many tests, MRI, EEG, CAT scans, they all come back normal but I still had the seizures if I didn't take seizure meds.  Well throughout of all of this I have suffered with periodic aphasia which is a loss of the ability to produce or comprehend language. I would have a spell or episode at least 2 to 4 times a week lasting 15 minutes to all day long. Since I have been on this product I have had only 2 spells. Its now March 22, 2009 and I have only been on this wonderful product for less than 2 months now, but I am so thankful and look forward to helping as many people feel as good as I do.

Thank you, “Founders” and the people at “Company X”.

I believe that God used this product to help me, and I am a new woman.  Maybe you need help or you know someone who needs help. This helped me!

God bless you

Tina Martin

Colon , Bone Density, Leg Cramps, RLS

For years, I had complications following a surgical procedure in which my Colon was not working properly. I had to give up being an EMT because my health deteriorated.

Being in the Medical field for 32 years, I had access to all the medications out there and I used them with the doctor’s recommendations. Besides the Zelnorm, Lactulose, Miralax, over the counter products, I was drinking ½ c of mineral oil daily.   My specialist told me my colon was redundant and loopy as he would normally see in an 80 to 90 year old and I was making it worse with the medication.   He suggested a resection and a colostomy bag.  NO way.  Swimming is my favorite activity. 

My daughter guilted me into trying the “Company X” products; I bought a few bottles just to show her it wouldn’t help.  After 5 months, I was off all medication.  I took more than the recommended amount of the “Calcium Product”, and the upside to it was that I have increased in my bone density dramatically. 

My husband, Cliff, was run over 4 years ago working in a manhole, with the car parked on top of him.  Fractured scapula, ribs, shoulder, knee injuries not to mention other internal problems. His orthopedic doctor and internist were impressed at how his bones have meshed back together and the density of them.  After 2 years of recovery, his is now back working plus we are building a new home literally with our own 2 hands along with our families help. No more leg cramps, RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is improved.  “Liquid Organic Product”, “Calcium Product”, and “Joint Product” have really helped in our journey back to health.

This dense nutrition truly does quench your bodies thirst.  It is amazing what the body can do when given the right building blocks.  Remember: “It’s not just what you eat and assimilate, but also what you don’t eliminate.” 

My favorite saying:         Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb…

          That’s where the fruit is!

My bone density test at age 51:   T-Score 1.1,   Z-Score 2.5,   BMD 210.3      

Lab Result on Total Cholesterol:

2004 before starting products:               283

2006 taking products:                           248    

2007 (four years taking products)          217

                       No medication at all!!!

I love to share this information as it has changed my families & friends lives for the better!

Kathryn Price



My daughter, Faith, 11 years old, has started wrestling at the middle school this last week.  As you can imagine, the first few practices are rigorous and she started complaining of aching and sore muscles in her legs.


I had heard from my upline that putting "Joint Product" on the skin and rubbing it in helped with pain, so we decided to try that.  We rubbed it on and she said, "Mom, it went away instantly." (the pain)  I couldn't hardly believe that, I mean come on.


The next morning, she was sore again, and asked for more of that "stuff".  So we rubbed some on and again, she said the pain was gone.  This whole week she has been using the "Joint Product" regularly after practice, and I haven't heard one complaint.  I know it sounds unbelievable, I didn't believe it at first either, but it's true.  It really works!




My name is David L. Williams, Sr.  I'm 43 years old, a retired United States Marine, who until a year and a half ago thought I was in great health.  In September of 2007 I started experiencing pain in my lower extremities.  I would start sweating  and become nauseated and would experience excruciating pain that would land me in the emergency room.  I learned from my doctor that I had a clotting disorder.  My blood was slow, sticky and clotting.  After two surgeries and numerous visits to specialists they put me on a blood thinner called Lovenox.  I had to inject myself twice a day in my stomach with this blood thinner.  I was told that I would be on this product for the rest of my life.  I thank GOD that I'm retired from the military and they paid the enormous cost for the prescription.  The total of my medication came to $10,000.00 a month. 

My ex wife Carla Williams, Gold Level representative, told me about “Liquid Organic Product” and told me to take the product.  I reluctantly agreed to try the product.  I researched the product online and was amazed at how the product seemed to specifically address my condition. 

I decided to try the product.  I felt that even if the product didn't work I still had the injections. 

To my surprise the product worked.  I came off the injections and after a month scheduled an appointment with my doctor.  I let them do the normal blood work up to check my blood levels.  After checking my levels my doctor informed me that my blood levels were better than they had looked since starting my treatment with them.  She proceeded to go down the list of medications she had me on to confirm that I was still taking them.  I let her finish and I told her that I'm going to be honest with you.  I haven't taken any of the medications in a month.  I had found this product "Liquid Organic Product” that I've been taking and as evidenced by my blood levels works.  Of course she wouldn't condone me stopping the medications, but agreed that I could do as I had a prerogative to do. 

Thank GOD for “Liquid Organic Product”.  I take it daily and I now promote it.  I currently order 8 bottles per month and regularly promote the product to anyone who will listen.

I'm a regular person.  I'm not a solicited actor.

David L. Williams Sr.

Savannah , GA 

My husband of 33 years, Rob, never read a book from cover to cover. In school he was brilliant at Mathematics and associated subjects and failed English consistently. In adult life, he would read comic strips and left it up to me to read important documents. He has been drinking "Liquid Organic Product" for 7 years & many other "Company X" products for the past five years. In the past two years Rob has been increasingly reading self development books. He read the October 2008 Networking Times & quotes accurately from the material in that publication. His increased self confidence in communication is obvious to those who know him well.

It was not until our daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with dyslexia 16 years ago, that we realized Rob was experiencing the same as she. Elizabeth was more fortunate in that she received specific education to overcome this anomaly in her make-up, but still struggled with spelling. This was quite a challenge when she became a secretary & had to type up letters from dictated recordings! It was seven years ago that she too began to drink "Liquid Organic Product" adding some other "Company X" products over the past two years. Three years ago she decided to take up full time study and completed the studies of her Naturopath course Dec 2008. Most of her subjects she achieved either Distinctions or A’s

When we continue to feed our body what it needs on a daily basic miracles happen! Thank You! Mother Nature for our wonderful "Company X" products.

Mavis Carruthers                                                                                                                     Perth , Western Australia

Arterial Fibrillation Improves and My Energy is Back”

Arterial fibrillation, came into my life in July of 2006. With this condition, the danger is that blood can pool, causing clots, that can move to the heart or brain. Along with it came an unrelenting exhaustion that was always present. It caused me to give up my job in May of 2007. Without strength or energy, my main occupation became holding down my recliner (It was the hardest job I have ever had).

My working days were pretty much over because of not having energy or stamina. In August of 2008 I was introduced to “Liquid Organic Product”. I began to take four ounces a day. I have now been taking it for three months. I can tell you, it is hard for me to believe the energy and endurance I have now. My get up and go is back. I am out of my recliner.

I searched earnestly for a product that I could feel and see the difference, with results that could be measured. I tried many products. This is the best I have ever found.

On October 29, 2008 I was given a heart cath. My Dr. was pleased and surprised by the improved condition of my heart. He said it was stronger and functioning better with blood flowing more freely through one of my arteries (I had a stint put in November, 2006). He also said, you might want to go back to work. He was against it last year.

Thank You

Larry Jackson


My husband Stan has suffered with Type II diabetes.  Stan began drinking “Liquid Organic Product” in September 2008. In November when he went for his visit to the doctor, Stan was told that he no longer needed insulin injections and that his blood sugar has been under control for the last two months.  We couldn’t believe our ears.  He is feeling so much better.  Thank you “Company X”  for this product.

Great Thanks,   Flora, Palm Beach Gardens , FL

I am 27, and I have had acne since High School and I am second to the youngest of 8, and am the only one that has that problem. I felt awful, I hated taking pictures.  I take pictures of my boys but I wasn't in most of them because I didn't want my acne to be there forever, I already had to see it everyday. The blemishes I would get were under the skin and hurt. I also had a sensitivity to the sun, my chest and arms would get so itchy (a constant itch that no matter how much I scratched I didn't feel relief) and it didn't take much time in the sun to set it off. I have kids and they want to be outside. Also I was eating way too much I would get a big plates and stuff it with as much food as possible and then go for more. I am 5'1 so weight gain shows rather quickly on me. I liked to snack on cookies and chips and just had a hard time losing weight and having control. When I saw good food I just felt like I had to have it and I had to have more and maybe more.

Now after having “Liquid Organic Product” I went up to 12 oz. and my face has cleared up my complexion is better, and Yes I feel comfortable taking pictures now. I took my son to the waterpark and stayed there the whole day and didn't have the urge to scratch. My cravings were gone, my appetite was so much better I felt like I had control. “Liquid Organic Product” has given me more confidence and the Power to say "no thank you" to another serving. Oh and I have lost 12 pounds. Also there was a stomach virus going on I felt like I was getting nauseous so I went home drank some “Liquid Organic Product” and took some “Pao D’Arco product” and guess what I didn't get sick. My kids love taking “Liquid Organic Product” and “Pao D’Arco product” they bug me about it.

Mari~    Kyle , TX

   “On Oct 24th His Report Card had an A in Math the Rest Bs!”

An ADD/ADHD Success Story 9/08

Although my health results from using our “Liquid Organic Product”

is a good story of a healthier immune system and relief from migraines, 

the real truth of this phenomenal product is about

my Grandson, who at age 5 was diagnosed with Attention Deficit

Disorder or ADD.  Doctor, after doctor prescribed almost every

medication for him to "treat" this disorder.  Side effects of loss of

appetite, insomnia, constipation, irritability, being more hyper,

more inattention at school, loss of friends, talking a mile a minute,

interrupting and crying didn't matter.....just give him the medicine. 

Being his secondary caregiver, as he stayed at my home when his

Mom worked was a good thing.


In June of 2007, at age 10, I began to give him 2 oz. of “Liquid Organic Product”. 

It took a while to start to see a  change (all

while he was still on the medicine) but change did begin.  When

he was 73 lbs. I started giving him 4 oz. a day.  The final straw

came when a doctor prescribed a medication of 10mg to be taken

for 2 weeks, then to be increased to 18mg in another 2 weeks and

then increased to 40mg.  I refused to give it to him.  I read that

research has proven that ADD is specifically linked to mineral and

enzyme deficiencies.  I believed that given time “Liquid Organic Product”

would help him.  IT DID!  He has been off the medicine

since March of '08.


His appetite is back, the insomnia, constipation, irritability, hyper-

ness, inattention at school, loss of friends, talking a mile a minute,

interrupting and crying are things of the past.  He was chosen as

one of the all star players on his baseball team this past season.

Friday, 10/24/08, he brought his report card A in math,

the rest B's and a C in Social Studies!!  Thanks to “Liquid Organic Product”.


My mission now is to educate whomever will listen about the

amazing results my Grandson has gotten from taking this

phenomenal product.  I am happy to share this story and

give hope to those who need it.


Tinley Park , IL

Hi all,

I wanted to write and tell you what happened last night to me, because I think it is remarkable.

I am 35 years old and I had never had a bladder infection until earlier this year.  Last night was my third bladder infection in my whole life.  If any of you out there have had one, you know it is just terrible.  I knew it was because I had overdosed on sugar last night.  I was mad at myself, but what can you do, it was too late.

Well, let me explain the story a little bit so you know where I am coming from.  It was 10:30 at night and my husband Jesse's pager went off.  He is a volunteer fireman and he had to leave for a fire call.  He was already in bed at that time sleeping and I was just crawling into bed.  I lay there freezing.  I couldn't warm up.  I began to realize, that this was the beginning of a bladder infection because of the uncomfortableness and urgency and pain and all that jive.

Thankfully, Jesse got home by 11:30 because they got cancelled.  I didn't have the heart to tell him just yet that I had a bladder infection.  I did not want to have to go to urgent care which is about 30 minutes away, plus I knew he was really tired.  I thought maybe I could just take myself in, but really, who likes to do that when they feel that awful?  Not me.

So I got up and went for the “Pao D’Arco” and “Colloidial Minerals”.  I took 4 droppers of “Pao D’Arco” and 4 or 6 droppers of the “Colloidial Minerals”.  .  Then I went to go lay down again for a little while.  I was so cold (I am guessing from fever).  I had 3 blankets on and I just couldn't warm up.  Jesse said I didn't feel cold at all.  I knew it was probably fever.  I was just laying there, quietly thinking and praying about how I could just make it through to morning.  I thought, I will just go drink a bunch of water and keep taking more and more of the “Pao D’Arco”  and “Colloidial Minerals”.  .  Even though I would be awake most of the night, it would be better than having to go into urgent care in the middle of the night.  Then all of a sudden, it was about 10-20 minutes after taking the “Pao D’Arco”  and “Colloidial Minerals”.  , my eyes "popped" open and I am telling you that awful pain was gone!  And I only took it that one time?  How could that be?, I wondered.  I didn't know how powerful that stuff was until last night.  And so fast acting, it was almost hard to believe had it not happened to me in person

Well, that's what happened.  I fell asleep shortly thereafter and my fever broke not long after that.  The bladder infection is completely gone.  Praise the Lord.  If you haven't stocked up on “Pao D’Arco”  and “Colloidial Minerals”.   for the winter season, you should do so now.  We stay pretty healthy when others are sneezing and wheezing around us.  It always helps with colds and flu, and now I know how important it is to have around for a bladder infection too.  Imagine how much money that saved me last night from having to go in to urgent care.  I know I don't ever want to get caught in the middle of the night and not have it handy.  How wonderful!  I am so thankful

Kristie L.

Denmark , WI

I have a new testimony for “Energy Drink”.

I just realized this morning that I have lost 6 pounds since starting to drink “Energy Drink” on October 4th. Today is November 12th.  I started losing after drinking “Energy Drink”  - 1 a day for about 1 month. I think I had 1 day where I drank two of them, which felt great! So, I've lost 6 pounds in two weeks. Yeaaaaa! I'm excited!  Also of note, I feel more at peace, less stressed, happier, more able to let go and not feel that I have to be totally in control of everything, more patient.  I seem to have a deeper well to draw from in my capacity for accomplishing everything I put my hands to on a daily basis.  In short, I'm getting more done in less time, also adding to feeling less stressed!  It's wonderful.

Have a blessed day!



My story

When I was 12 I had my first asthma attack,  playing one night with my friends.  Then the suffering began.  I suffered the embarrassment of being goalie during soccer because if I ran, I had asthma.  I remember my teenage years were full of frequent bouts of bronchitis.  As I got older, I had increasing problems with my weight, weighing 185 when I graduated from high school (I’m 5’ 4” tall).  I knew nothing about eating well.  Eventually, I lost weight on Atkins and cigarettes.  I became obsessed with what I ate, reading every weight loss book on the market.  Yet, by  nightfall, my stomach hurt from overeating as I couldn’t ever be satisfied and quit thinking about food.  Little did I know that my body was just starving for nutrients.

I became obsessed.  When I went to the doctor for annual check ups, I complained about wanting to be thinner.  He said “if you don’t get your asthma under control, you will not have a weight problem.  You’ll be what we call a lunger, hauling your oxygen tank around with you, fighting for every breath.  Then you’ll be thin.”  I was also plagued with allergies all year long, sinus infections, even cancer sores in my nose every fall.  I lived for winter when flowers and grasses died, yet I was still deathly allergic to dust and molds.  I was afraid to shake people’s hands because catching colds triggered life threatening asthma attacks.

Several other concerns popped up:  hair loss, aching feet and hips, and I was seriously losing the ability to retrieve words from my aging brain.  As a teacher, frequently in front of 40 to 100 people, it is not a good thing to stand there trying to “think of a word”. This worried me, to say the least.  Pre Alzheimer’s?  Over 50?  What was the cause?

Then a friend, who had suffered from Fibromyalgia until she found “Liquid Organic Product”, came to stay as a house guest.  I noticed she looked clear skinned, radiant, energetic, and generally very well and I said “gee you are looking good.”  She’s 3 years older than I.   She told me her story and asked if we’d like to take this liquid whole food that had helped her so much.  “We would no longer need to take our daily multiple vitamin”, she said.  My husband hated choking down vitamin pills, so we decided to switch to this liquid supplement.  This was in January of 2004.

Well, was I ever surprised when after about 60 days I noticed words were popping into my head when I needed them, instead of the fearful “searching for a word and never finding it in the deep, dark emptiness”.  30 days later there was no doubt “Liquid Organic Product” was improving my brain function.  Allergies, asthma and energy level all improved so gradually that I wasn’t keenly aware of when they all had changed.  But, sure enough, after being on “Liquid Organic Product” for about a year I realized that my health complaints were disappearing.  My hair grew back in thicker, praise the Lord, and I could wear high heels again.  My feet and hips no longer hurt, in fact, I felt better then I did 20 years earlier.  I no longer complained of exhaustion. 

I’ve been taking “Liquid Organic Product”, and also “Calcium/Mineral Product” now for 3 1/2 years.  I have so much energy, I’ve begun to run, which I haven’t done since I was 28 years old.  I am now age 58.  I have not used an asthma inhaler for at least 2 years (down from 18 life-threatening puffs a day) and I no longer take allergy pills.  I now hug people freely, set free of worrying about catching colds, as my body fights off any bug that would try to come my way.  It’s like magic.  If I feel that I’m under attack, I just up my consumption of “Liquid Organic Product”, and I DO NOT GET SICK.  My immune system now functions the way God intended it to, since I’m getting the nutrients I need.  Over eating is no longer a concern. I have “fed myself thin.” I’m amazed at how well highest quality whole food nutrients have been the solution to my problems. Naturally, I began sharing my good fortune with others after being on the products for about a year.  This high-impact, priceless product is too good to keep to yourself.  Now, I have retired from my full-time executive position, working part-time sharing these awesome products.  I have time freedom and my hourly earnings are more than double what I was earning on salary.

Bethann Baffuto  

Rapid City , SD

Hello My Name Is Larry Jackson,

Atrial fibrillation came into my life in July of 2006. With this condition, the danger is that blood can pool, causing clots, that can move to the heart or brain. Along with it came an unrelenting exhaustion that was always present, causing me to give up my job in May of 2007.  Without strength or energy, my main occupation became holding down my recliner (It was the hardest job I have ever had).

My working days were pretty much over not having energy or stamina to do any work for very long. In August of 2008 I was introduced to a whole food supplement called, “Liquid Organic Product”. I began to take four ounces a day. I have now been taking it for three months. I can tell you, it is hard for me to believe the energy and endurance I have now. My get up and go is back. I am out of my recliner, working on introducing Liquid Organic Product to as many people as I can, that’s why you are reading this: I want you to know there is help and hope.

I don’t know if you need strength and energy or if you have a health issue but I know what “Liquid Organic Product” can do for you, because I know what it has done for me. I searched earnestly for a product that I could feel and see the difference, with results that could be measured, and I tried many products. This is the best I have ever found.

On October 29, 2008 I was given a heart cath. My Dr. was pleased and surprised by the improved condition of my heart, he said it was stronger and functioning better with blood flowing more freely through one of my arteries, (I had my stint put in November, 2006) he also said, you might want to go back to work. He was against it last year.

My job is reaching those who will listen and share my “Liquid Organic Product” experience with them. I hope you are one of them. Call me and let’s talk. I can help you have a Liquid Organic Product experience just as rewarding as I have.

 Thank You   Larry Jackson  

Kenneth B. Niles battled lymphoma cancer, spots of liver cancer, kidney cancer, gall duct cancer, all the latter were caused by the lymphoma, which attacks the entire lymph system.  During his eight years of battle he took radiation treatments for spots on his neck and liver, which makes one nauseous, causing weight loss, etc..  He maintained his weight through the entire time, with never more than a 3-4 pound variance.  He always weighed between 150 and 154 pounds.  This amazed most of the doctors, as most patients have massive weight loss, and no appetite.  Kenneth ate each meal during treatment, although he wasn't as hungry, he supplemented it with the “Company X” products and maintained his weight. 

He also took Ratuxin, and other stronger forms of Chemo. Our actions to counter the damage the Chemo does to everyones' body was as follows:

We followed a regiment of “Liquid Organic Product” (6 oz.- 3-am and 3 at noon), “Calcium/Mineral Supplement” (4 oz daily), we also mixed a smoothie of “Protein Product” w/ “Greens Product” with fruit juice & a banana, mid morning.  He took “Suspended Minerals” & “Pao D’Arco”, at least 3-4 times daily.

We put his cancer into remission 4 different times adding 8 years of life some doctors said was not available without his nutrition.  Some of the doctors didn't believe in his faith in nutrition helping, but those doctors who did, told us he was to bring his nutrition supplements to the hospital and the nurses were instructed to see that he had what he needed to take his supplements.  They told us he wouldn't have lived as long as he did, nor would his quality of life have been as good, had he not been taking the supplements he was to keep his strength up.

His last 2 days of life were the only days he was not up walking around, doing for himself, visiting with family and friends.  He got up every morning come to the kitchen, sat at his table and ate each meal.  His appetite was good until the last day.  He lived 89 years of quality in spite of Cancer, Radiation, and Chemo.

Hope this information helps others to combat the Chemotherapy and Radiation, doctors prescribe to patients with cancer.  Even doctors are beginning to admit that proper nutrition is the best treatment for cancer and other diseases.

Rita Niles



Three years ago, I was introduced to a product that has literally changed my life.  In November 2004, I had my 3rd back surgery, which lead to 2 staff infections.  Needless to say, I was not in good physical shape, not to mention the boat loads of antibiotics I had to take to get rid of the staff infections that poisoned my body even further.

Shortly after finally cleaning up the staff infections, a friend of mine introduced me to “Liquid Organic Product”.  I was pretty desperate and was willing to try anything to feel better.  In my first month I;

1)  Lost 15 pounds because my body was FINALLY satisfied and I stopped running to the cupboard for energy substitutes (i.e. SUGAR).

2)  My energy SHOT up and I went from 8 cups of coffee per day to 1/2 cup.  This energy lasted all day and was not the buzz kind of energy but just an overwhelming sense of well being.

3)  My mental clarity cleaned up and I was able to think on a very high level for a much longer period of time during the day.  I had trouble thinking before this due to all of the antibiotics, infections, and just having all of my energy going to try and heal my body.

4)  I started sleeping through the night and this was a heavy sleep.  I had not dreamt in months and the product supported my sleep so well that I started getting into REM sleep almost every night.

5)  My eliminations became more and more consistent.  I was constipated for many months due to pain medication and “Liquid Organic Product” help to put me back into regularity.

6)  My body started detoxing all of the antibiotics and other toxins that had been in my body for years.

7)  I actually cut my depression medication in half because of the support I was getting from the product that supported bringing my brain chemistry back into harmony.  I was on half my medication and felt better mentally than I had in years.

The biggest and most important benefit I received was a set of twins, boy and girl, and another baby girl that came 11 months later (see picture).  My wife and I had tried, for several months, to get pregnant and I came to find out that my sperm count was almost zero.  One test showed that, in the sample they took, I had 2 sperm, and one of them was dead.  A man is supposed to have 40 million sperm with each ejaculation, therefore, it was "impossible" for me to be a father.  This news brought me to my knees in disappointment.  As long as I can remember, I had wanted to be a father and thought that it was one of my callings in life.  My wife and I began a process of invitro and were looking at a book of "sperm donors" which drove me nuts every time we would look at it.  First we wanted an "engineer", then a "doctor", etc, knowing that I wouldn't be their real father.  WELL, right before, literally days before, we were going to decide which sperm to use for the invitro process, the doctor and I wanted to look one more time to see if anything had improved from my side.  Miraculously, my sperm count was that of a NORMAL male.  AMAZING!!!  The doctor was blown away and wondered what had happened.  What had happened was that 2 months before this, I had started using “Liquid Organic Product”!

Thanks to this liquid miracle, we were able to go forward with the invitro process and use my sperm.  I was even able to see my twins as 16 cells under the microscope before they implanted them in my wife and 9 months later, Mikayla and Cameron were delivered.  What an amazing experience that was!  Well, my sperm count was so good that 1 to 2 months after they were born, she was pregnant again and 10 months later, out came Emma Lee!

I never thought that something so simple could, as mentioned in my first sentence of this testimonial, could change my life, but it did.  Over the last 3 years, I have seen scores of people have life changing benefits from “Liquid Organic Product”.  Some have just had their energy during the day elevated and others have had experiences similar to mine.  A friend of mine put it perfect one time.  After she had been taking it for a couple of months, she said, "I feel like I am 12 years old again".  If you can reach back and remember what that felt like, wouldn't you want to feel like that again?

God bless!




I am a horse trainer and formerly played professional polo.  I was hard on my body and when I turned 40, I developed major health problems. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, I had Hypoglycemia, experienced symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression from the constant pain. I tried conventional and alternative therapies. None of them worked. God answered my prayers by sending me “Company X”. I started on “Liquid Organic Product”, “Calcium/Mineral product”, followed by ‘Intestinal Cleansing Product”. Within 3 weeks, I felt so much better.  I am now pain free, I have energy all day and the depression is gone.  I have my life back.  I thank God every day for “Company X”.  I haven’t been back to the doctor, because I feel so great.  I have been able to try more of the “Company X” products, which prove to be just as excellent.  Being able to share the products with others is incredible and this allows me to have a new career which is rewarding in health and freedom. I don’t have to go back to a job that kept us on edge financially and was so hard on my body. With my health turn around and the business opportunity, I have a well-balanced life with mind, body and spirit.

Grant Golliher, Jackson , Wyoming


When I began taking "Liquid Organic Product" at age 52, I was living with two debilitating health issues.

First, I had gone through menopause at a relatively early age but found myself on the other side with a rabid case of incontinence.  I began seeing a urologist and, after trying physical therapy and three different prescription medications to no avail, I submitted to extensive bladder studies.  At that time the doctor told me that I had one of the worst cases of incontinence he had ever seen.  Because I had “urge” incontinence, my last option in getting some relief was surgery that involved implanting a pacemaker in the small of my back.  The pacemaker would send out a vibration that interrupted the faulty signal that my bladder was sending my brain telling it that I had to urinate. 

At this point, I was totally desperate as my bladder was quite literally running my life and my activities were severely restricted.  At the time I had the surgery, I had been taking “Liquid Organic Product” for 2-3 months.  After a year of uncomfortable living with the pacemaker and its limitations, it began to malfunction and I was told it had to be removed or replaced.  As I had gotten at best what I considered a marginal result, I opted to have it removed and began lamenting the prospect of returning to being a slave to my bladder.  By the time the pacemaker was surgically removed, I had been taking “Liquid Organic Product” for 15-16 months.  I went into the hospital severely depressed thinking my bladder issues be worse than ever.  To my surprise and elation, my incontinence never returned!  (This despite being told that urge incontinence that does not improve, but only deteriorates and gets worse over time.)

In addition to the bladder problem, I had suffered from insomnia since my late 20’s.  I would often go 2-3 nights without sleeping and would go through my days like a zombie trying to work, keep a home and raise a child on no sleep.  Shortly after I began taking “Liquid Organic Product”, I noticed my sleep patterns gradually improving.  Shortly after, I added “Calcium/Mineral Product” and insomnia vanished.  To this day I sleep like a baby and the insomnia has never returned.

I credit the combination of “Liquid Organic Product” and “Calcium/Mineral Product” with giving me both my days and nights back.  Living in freedom from both lack of sleep and no bladder control allows me total freedom from restrictions of any kind.  “Company X” products have been an indescribable gift.   Now at 58, I have never felt better, have energy to burn and am confident that I’ll be using the products for the rest of my life.

Judith Berbiglia Charlotte , NC


We didn’t know if our daughter Brandy was going to live or die when she was born.  It took the doctors seven (7) hours to stabilize her so she could make the flight to Children’s Hospital in Denver , Colorado .  She was there for a month and spent another month at our local hospital before she could come home with us.

It has been a struggle for her and us from the beginning.  She had seizures, Cerebral Palsy; she was mentally delayed and had severe deafness.  She had to have hearing aides at six (6) months of age.  She had to crawl on her hands and knees until she was four years old because her muscles were to tight for her to walk.  We found out about Shriner’s Hospital so at four years of age she had surgery and braces put on her legs so she could walk. 

She was on 600mg of medication to try and stop the seizures however there were times that she would have four Grand Mal seizures a day.  It broke our hearts to watch her struggle to learn things that everyone else took for granted.  Things like sitting up, walking, talking, feeding herself, or getting herself dressed. 

Over the years we have filled her life with love and happiness and were always looking for things to better her life.  So when I heard a presentation about a nutritional supplement that would help your body heal itself I knew we had to get this for Brandy.

Within a month of taking “Liquid Organic Product” she surprised us by getting herself out of bed and not crying in pain when she walked.  She now walks straighter and her balance is so much better.  She used to have restless sleep for 12 hours, now she sleeps less but more peacefully.  She also takes less than half the medication for her seizures and she has not had a seizure since starting “Liquid Organic Product”.

She is proud of her accomplishments like loading and unloading the washing machine, setting the table and putting the silverware away by herself.  It fills our hearts with joy for her to be able to do the things she was never able to do before.

She has now been on “Liquid Organic Product” for 15 months, and the BEST part is she no longer has to wear her leg braces.  Brandy is 25 years old and has a better quality of life than ever before.  We wish we could have had this product for Brandy years ago.

Thank you "Company Founders"  for giving us hope for our daughter and her future.

Don & Chris Williams,   Cortez, Co




I am in fl at Disney World and am in a slight panic bc my LFI order of "Energy Product" won't arrive until wed! Yikes is all I can say


Do you have a distributor here in Orlando who might be willing to sell me some? Do you have some I could buy? I will be in vero beach on sun and would drive down


I have gone off coffee. I feel fantastic with this stuff. Husband loves it and my 11 year old played 2 games on sun; had an ounce inbetween games and played over 30 mins of the 1st game and 38 mins of the second 40 min game. She said to me on mon am "I guess this stuff works!". She always play full on the pt of exhaustion and looks at us - we coach - to come out for a break


Well thanks again for all you do for this company and we the members





I LOVE “Liquid Organic Product”!  It's working great for me!  Within the first day of taking it, I started to have more energy.  I haven't had this much energy since before I got my first symptoms in 2/06.  I am SO happy!

I've already shared some of it with some family members & plan on sending out the data sheet on it to several family members.  I'm so glad you thought of me.  It's really making a difference. 

Thank you, thank you! -  Andi Hoff, Chelmsford MA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I started using “Liquid Organic Product” regularly a few months ago.  I had been having severe break-outs of hives on a daily basis.  The doctors were unable to give me relief other than with medication. I decided to give “Liquid Organic Product” a try.  I am happy to say that my break-outs have almost been eliminated; there are only an occasional 1 or 2 every now and then.  I am sure with long term use it will eliminate them completely.  Thank you so much for bringing this product to my attention! – Mike Valentine, San Mateo CA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I used to get pretty sick from my allergies, and have to take a day off almost every week from work when I was having an allergic phase; since I’ve been taking “Liquid Organic Product” – about a year now - I have not had allergies, and haven’t had to take any time off from work because of them.  Pretty amazing. – Lisa Miller, Wayland MA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am doing well with “Liquid Organic Product”.  Definitely love the energy, and it has really helped my allergies! Karen Cox, Cambridge MA


My skin started to clear up after a week of being on “Liquid Organic Product”! – Lana Nathe, Boston MA

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m loving the “Liquid Organic Product”! I feel younger and full of energy. – Linda Cruz, Lawrence M A

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My husband and I have been on “Liquid Organic Product” for five months, and we’ve seen lots of positive benefits: increased energy, better sleep, curbed cravings for food because we’ve felt sated, better skin tone.  What we’re experiencing through this high pollen count phase this spring is that we aren’t having ANY allergies!  Amazing!  We’re both usually sneezing, itching and doing the whole thing both spring and late summer, so this is fabulous. – Craig and Karen Jones, Lawrence MA  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I seem to be sleeping better, maybe not as many cravings (or more controllable). – Kim Thomas, Lunenburg MA



(This information was compiled and edited with the help and permission of Genie.)

    Genie and her husband Dale had a car accident 6 years ago which left her disabled with severe joint pain in knees, neck, hips and back and him disabled with Traumatic Brain injury (TBI).  The disabilities affected them in long term ways financially as well.  Their modular home was repossessed and literally removed from their small goat farm.  (Thankfully, their land was paid in full.)  They had to live in a shanty home built up, around and over camper trailers.  They used a van (when they had gas) that they had no money to fix and got only 2-3 miles/gallon.

    Depression set in as Genie could not physically move her body due to the pain.  Over the years, lack of movement, depression and poor food choice availability led to morbid obesity. 

    A few years ago, she was 400 pounds at a height of 5'3".  Diagnosed with morbid obesity (They wanted her to have a gastric bypass), malnutrition, borderline diabetes, asthsma, allergies, depression, neuropathy, high blood pressure, and some sort of skin sores that blistered and bled, she was on numerous medications.  She could only walk 10 labored steps using a cane or walker, before stopping to lean on things to rest and catch her breath.  She used oxygen at night as well as emergency inhalers several times a day.

    She tried to looked into various nutritional supplements, knowing that liquid nutrition was the way to go, but all of them were far too expensive with their disability income.

    In the first two weeks, with just 2 ounces of “Liquid Organic Product” per day (swishing and holding it in her mouth for maximum impact) she started being able to get up and walk with less pain.  After the first two weeks, she stopped using both the emergency inhaler After two months she stopped using the oxygen completely.  Her depression started to lift and her "Eeyore" tone of voice disappeared.  She became more positive and more able to move forward with her life. 

    Within the first month of being on “Liquid Organic Product”, and on just two ounces per day, she was able to return to work part-time.  With the money she earned being able to work, she was able to afford four ounces per day.  Within four months, on just four ounces of “Liquid Organic Product” per day, she was able to return to full-time work

    An unexpected pleasure came when the bald and thinning spots on her head started to grow her red curly hair back!!  It came back silky, thick, and strong.  She felt beautiful!!

    In the meantime, neuropathy on her legs, brown with some sores from her knees to the bottom of her feet, started to dissipate and her body started producing pink healthy skinShe previously had little to no feeling in her feet. One day, she called moaning in pain saying, "Oh that “Liquid Organic Product”.  That “Liquid Organic Product”!! My feet hurt!!  I can feel them now!!"  Today, it is almost completely gone, 90% on her right leg and 75% on her left.

    Her skin disorder is cleared up.  No more blisters popping and bleeding.

    Menstrual cycle regular again after years of not having them.  She hadn't had them in 5 years.

    Bowel movements are also regular after years of constipation.

    She no longer uses the wheelchair at WalMart when shopping.  She has even walked around stores for two hours at a time.  She has the energy to swim to actively work on reducing her weight.    Her weight dropped significantly; over the last two years she has lost 75 pounds!  She doesn't get the cravings that she used to get and her body isn't "malnourished" anymore.

    Her medications dosages have been cut in half.  Her doctors were so impressed with her results that they asked for information about “Liquid Organic Product” and wrote her a prescription for the “Liquid Organic Product”.

    Today, she works full-time and overtime.  They have been able to fix up their shanty; they were able to put cement on their bedroom floor instead of the gravel floor covered with carpet fragments.  They were able to purchase a van to replace the one that had carbon monoxide problems and got only 2-3 miles to the gallon.

    Her results have been so significant that many of the people that she works with are on the “Liquid Organic Product” which, of course, helps her pay for her products while helping others.

    Sharing “Company X” and “Liquid Organic Product” truly is a way to help people with both their health and finances.

I am a woman who has not shown a propensity for taking care of herself, physically, in the past. I turned fifty, this year, and as I took mental and physical inventories I realized that I was severely out of alignment with my physical health. I promised myself I would bring my presence into balance, but had no idea how that would take place. AND THEN...I was introduced to “Company X”. Everything has begun to shift since I started the products 3 months ago.

I have a ridiculous schedule that I adhere to, for a job I love, that requires I be awake and mentally clear for up to 36 hours at a stretch. Prior to starting with the “Liquid Organic Product” products it took me 4-5 days to reset my internal clock and be able to be fully alert. Since starting with “Company X”, my turn around time is 24 hours and I am far more coherent. I now have enough energy that I am able to forego those last couple of hours of sleep each night so that I can get up and work with a personal trainer at 5:30 a.m. 3X/week. I am eating better and have lost some weight. I am no longer dependent on my asthma medications in order to exercise and I've noticed that my allergies have not been as severe this Spring. My hair is growing faster, and my hairdresser tells me that the texture is softer. I've been told repeatedly that I look really healthy and happy. My depression has lifted and I feel excited on a daily basis, and that's a feeling that I thought I had lost with my early youth. I no longer suffer from an old injury's chronic pain. I used to have nightly problems with insomnia, but since starting with the “Sleep Better” product I go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and sleep deeply enough to dream. (For those women who are undergoing "The Change" I'd like to share that my night sweats are better, my flow is brighter - with fewer clots, and I no longer have severe cramping. I also don't have PMS symptoms anymore.) I HAVE ENERGY NOW!!!

I am so very grateful for the “Company X” Products!!! – Jane Thibodeau, Portland ME

…and then from Jane a few months later:

It is a miracle that I have not had to use my asthma inhaler at all during this hot, humid weather!  Ordinarily I’d be using it several times a day, especially before bed so I’d be able to sleep.  Wow! – Jane Thibodeau, Portland ME


I have been on the "Liquid Organic Product" product for a little over a week now and feel pretty good, too. That is not a usual thing when I take vitamins or supplements. I usually have some kind of reaction to them, but none so far with this. My appetite is less and I generally feel better. - Beth Collins, Newburyport MA

…and then from Beth a couple of months later:

I’m very skeptical of things, and I have nothing else I can attribute this to other than “Liquid Organic Product”: my blood pressure has gone down.  I don’t know what’s in this stuff, but it’s amazing. – Beth Collins, Newburyport MA


I am so excited about using “Liquid Organic Product” and would love to share with you some more about the changes I have seen in myself in the past month.

As you know I have been showing my ankles to anyone who will look at them because...they are so beautiful and thin. The swelling is going away and now my legs are beginning not to have as much edema. I've lost 6 pounds without trying, I think as a result of not looking for that something that would make me feel satisfied. The muscles around my knees were always contracted and kept me from walking without pain as well as my ankles now they are relaxed and I've been walking at least three times a week.  

I have heard all kinds of wonderful things from my friends that I have referred to “Liquid Organic Product”: more energy, no more depression, more relaxed, feeling better, no more stiff neck, lost weight, and that's just a few. Oh, and best of all, my Mom has taken it two weeks and her feet were turning blue-ish from bad circulation and now they are pink again.  It's amazing how the body feels when you give it what it needs to function properly. – Sherry LeBlanc, Randolph ME


My gout hasn’t bothered me in three weeks (since he’s been on the “Liquid Organic Product”) – it’s gone.  I used to get it every week for two or three days at a time; it would get pretty painful – at times I couldn’t walk.  I’m like a spring chicken these days…I have energy, I’m running around; I feel really good.  I haven’t felt this way in probably 10 years.  Because of it, I’m looking at other ways to take care of myself – to get healthier, to walk more.  It’s helped me with my motivation. – Tom Roane, Sabattus ME


I had my usual early morning last Thursday - up at 4am for a weekly meeting - and was able to work until 11:30p that night (I had a project I had to get done).  I've never had energy to do anything on Thursday nights, even though I tend to be too wired to go to bed early.  I got up the following morning at my usual time, and worked a 13-hour day.  I was crankin', on task, alert; this would never have happened before I started taking “Liquid Organic Product”!  There is no other explanation for my increase in energy, focus, alertness and ability to pull these long days so effortlessly!  “Liquid Organic Product” has become the single most important food I'm putting in my body.  – Dave Thibodeau, Portland ME


Here’s what I’ve noticed since being on “Liquid Organic Product”:

  • Higher energy level
  • Endurance in stressful times with less sleep
  • Migraine headaches reduced significantly
  • No cravings for sugar, salt and fats

There’s more, but those are the biggies! – Lucy Riddell, Salisbury MA


I think the “Liquid Organic Product” is helping my restless legs--I took the day of the 4th off and just read all day and did not have a problem--usually my legs start getting restless when I am still. – Martha Clarke, Norristown PA

…and then a few months later from Martha:

I do believe “Liquid Organic Product” has improved my overall health and energy level.  I had cataract surgery on Monday, felt like I was coming down with a cold yesterday, and today I feel fine.  I also feel that it has calmed down the arthritis. – Martha Clark, Norristown PA


Before taking “Liquid Organic Product”, my monthly menstrual situation was very difficult: for five solid says, I was extremely moody (I was either snapping someone's head off, or I was crying); I was on an emotional roller coaster.  In addition to my mood issues, I experienced unbearable breast tenderness, I got bloated, and usually also became constipated. 

I've been taking “Liquid Organic Product” for a few months now, and what I noticed with this last period was...nothing!  In fact, I was really surprised when I got it, since I'd had none of the usual symptoms that warned me I was headed into a rough five days.  This month was, I'm thrilled to say, uneventful! - Clarissa Viola, Hudson MA


I have two great things to report about “Liquid Organic Product”:

1) All my life, I've been someone who bruised easily, and once I had a bruise, it would take four to six weeks for it to heal and go away.  I hurt myself at work the other day, and ended up with a really nasty bruise on my hand.  It covered a pretty big area, too - I'd say about 2" x 4".  It was swollen, very painful, and a deep purple.  Within two days of the injury, I could see it was going away, and within another two days, all signs of it were completely GONE!  You couldn't tell the difference from one hand to the other - just amazing, and I know it was because of “Liquid Organic Product”!

2) My daughter started down the road of being sick yesterday - and I know all the signs very well: clingy, sleeps a lot, very unhappy.  She'd been around her sick cousin the week before, so I was not surprised that she was getting sick.  Today, rather than her being sicker, as I would have expected, she was considerably better - all she had was a little stuffiness, but other than that was acting normal.  Again, I credit this to the fact that I've been giving her “Liquid Organic Product” for the last several weeks. – Julie Sebell, Sudbury MA


Before drinking “Liquid Organic Product”, I felt sluggish most days - especially mid-day.  I wanted to just nap or sit down.  My energy levels were pretty low.  My mind kept saying “I can't do another thing”, and my body responded as well.  I craved food all day long…I always felt hungry - even if I wasn't.  Since taking “Liquid Organic Product”, my energy levels have drastically improved.  I have an amazing amount of energy.  My body feels like it used to in my twenties.  I feel more alive than I have in a long time.  My cravings have gone.  I find myself more balanced. – Kim Harris, Quincy MA


Diabetic’s Blood Sugar and Weight Drops Easily


I was diagnosed with diabetes just over a year ago.  After you and I spoke about the benefits, and I placed my order, I wanted to put “Liquid Organic Product” to the test.  I started checking my blood sugar every morning.  (Obviously I'm supposed to check it more often than that, but I'd say I was in denial just a little bit.)  Every morning my blood sugar checked in between 240 and 250.  That is after 8 hours of sleep, and on an empty stomach.  I checked it every day for 7 days while awaiting my shipment of “Liquid Organic Product”.  It ran consistently between 240 and 250After my 3rd day of taking “Liquid Organic Product”, my blood sugar checked in at 141.  Odd - I had done nothing else differently. 

I continued taking my “Liquid Organic Product”, and continued checking my blood.  It was consistently between 140 and 145.  I also noticed that I had more energy,  I was sleeping better, and I felt more rested in the morning.  I even felt that, for no other way to describe it, that my eyes were open a little wider.  I just felt better.  I also notice almost immediately that I was eating less.  My little 4 ounce glass of “Liquid Organic Product” filled me up.  I was eating 1/2 of what I had been eating before, and  I was a big eater!  I couldn't believe I was leaving all that food on my plate.  It wasn't like me to take doggy bags! 

It’s also easier to make healthy choices on what to eat when you aren't constantly starving out of your mind.  I'm happy to say that I've lost a few pounds (11 but who's counting!) and have changed nothing else in my life.  I believe it’s the “Liquid Organic Product”.  So now here I am several months into my “Liquid Organic Product”, and my blood sugar is checking in between 100 and 109 each morning, which is MUCH closer to normal than where I started at.  Karen, thank you for introducing me to “Liquid Organic Product”.  I wish I had known about this years ago.

Chad McCollam,  Meredith , NH


John’s Life Long Struggle to Gain Weight is Over


 I must admit that when I first started taking the “Company X” products, I was skeptical. I am a 40 year old man that has had problems with my weight pretty much all of my life. I can eat anything and everything and not put on weight. High metabolism, maybe, but being too thin has always been an issue with me.

tried other programs that claimed to "put on the pounds" and after months of continued use, I would only see results of maybe 5-6 pounds. Just about a month ago, my sister convinced me to try “Company X” products.

After only one months time, I have put on just over 17 pounds. I have not felt this good about myself in years. Sure, I'm still thin, but I'm seeing results and can look forward to the final product. In this short time of taking “Company X” products, my diet has also changed for the better. I feel healthier than I have in years and feel as though I'm in my 20s again.
If someone asks me what I'm doing different that gives me all my energy, focus and self esteem, I just lift my “Liquid Organic Product” bottle and tell them about the products I'm using. A few weeks after I started using the products, and telling people about it, I actually received a check in the mail!

Thank you “Company X” for helping me!

Sincerely, John Elliott


Gina’s Speedy Knee Surgery Recovery

Hi Mike,

I just had knee surgery less than 2 weeks ago and my recovery has been almost like I never had surgery. Right after the surgery the Dr ' s, were so surprised that my knee had minimal bruising and swelling.  I had absolutely no pain is also amazing to the Dr ' s.  I was only on the couch for maybe 2 hrs. the first day and only used the crutches for all of a half an hour, and  was able to walk without them. 

Last Wednesday I went to Physical therapy and they were blown away that I could walk and do everything that most people do after 6 weeks of therapy. I just went back today and I almost have full range of motion and am completely pain free. Needless to say I will not be going 6-8 weeks for therapy.  This week will be it.  I can honestly say that taking “Liquid Organic Product” has changed my life and my body.  I will take it as long as I live.  Thank-You "Company Founders"!

Gina Brown, Scituate , Ma


Hypothyroidism: “Thyroid numbers came back normal”


I have hypothyroidism, and for the past few years I have had to, at different times, increase my medication. So I went to my nutritional therapist and he put me on a supplement which worked for a while. But after a while I needed a higher the dosage of that. That wasn't my goal. My goal was, to never have to take medication for anything.

I went to an open house at my nutritionist's office and this woman showed up with a newsletter about a product with aloe and sea vegetables. I said, "I need that." After 3 months of taking “Liquid Organic Product” I lowered my supplements to half, and when I went to my regular doctor my thyroid test came back as normal! I am confident that at some point in the near future I will no longer need anything except my “Sea Veg/Aloe”.

Kathleen Schiffmann 2008


Joint Injury Pain Gone

Seven years ago I had a volleyball injury on the ligaments below my thumb. Several doctors suggested surgery, but one believed I could heal through physical therapy, which I did.

Two months ago I re-injured the area. I ordered “Joint Formula” and within three days of taking the product the pain in the area subsided and my range of motion was back 100%!

There is still a bit of healing going on in the area, so I continue to take “Joint Formula” and I am seeing more results from no more swelling to even less pain. I totally recommend this product to anyone with joint/ligament, etc. pain! I’m So grateful for “Company X” and its products.

Bosworth Duxbury , MA


Relief from Very Painful Psoriatic Arthritis

Hi Karen,

Just an update on what “Liquid Organic Product” has done for me:

I started on July 2nd.  On day three I started to notice I was having more energy and staying up later than normal and I was less hungry.  By the end of the 1st week I was really feeling great.

My 2nd week on “Liquid Organic Product” I was still feeling great, having lots of energy (something I haven't had in a long time), and I also realized I hadn't taken any of my Celebrex (I would take this drug twice a day for all the pain that I would have in my lower back, in my joints, and pain in my fingers).  I have Psoriatic Arthritis, which at times is very painful.  It was a great week.

This is my 3rd week and I can't believe that I still feel great - I believe owe it to “Liquid Organic Product”.  It has gotten me back on track, working 12-hour shifts caring for sick patients all day.  It used to be that I’d be coming home so tired that I would just wash up and get ready for the next day.  But now I'm feeling good and I don't have the pain any more.  It is truly amazing.  I'm staying up late…I can't recall the last time that happened.  

Next week I go to see my doctor.  I can't wait!  That’s all for now - I know I will have more great news later.

I can't thank you and Jane enough for introducing the product to me.

Joyce Pelletier   Biddeford , ME

Note from Karen: As the next step to try to help manage her pain and inflammation, Joyce’s doctor wanted to inject steroids under her fingernails to get at the problem…you can imagine her relief to have “Liquid Organic Product” working so well!


Jim from CO. Could Have Saved His Mother-In-Laws Life

Dear Paul

This story is about the value of follow-up and the amazing healing that happened for my mother-in-law.
I personally took the liquid aloe vera and sea vegetable supplement for 5 years before getting involved in a serious way with the business. In the early days, I would start people on the aloe vera and sea vegetables, but then I would do very little follow-up. Many of those customers would go off the product.  It was pretty discouraging at times.

I really feel like I started my business on April 1, 2007. I say that because it was then that I started doing everything I have been taught by you and many of my upline. Once I started committing to follow-up, my business started to grow, and more importantly, a much larger percentage of my customers got results on the product and became long-term, loyal users.

My mother-in-law, who is 85 years old, had tried the aloe and sea vegetables three years ago by my suggestion.  Of course, I started her on the product and then did no follow-up with her. She didn
' t think much of it and got off it pretty quickly.
But after learning about the power of how to really work with customers, I convinced her to try it again, and this time I did consistent follow-up, especially in her first 30 days.  We did 3-way calls, shared other success stories, and just gave her a lot of positive reinforcement.  She kept taking it and is still on the product to this day, well over a year later.

s her health story...

Terminal Parathyroid Calcium Loss Stopped!


My mother-in-law, who is 85 years old, has recently been using the Liquid Aloe and Sea Vegetables Supplement. 

Back in early 2007, she was diagnosed with only one more year to live.  She had tumors on her parathyroid and her body was losing calcium each day through urinary calcium loss.  After taking the product consistently for just three weeks, she went in for a test and to her doctor ' s great surprise, she had stopped losing calcium!  She told us that she was really starting to feel great!! 
She said her energy was way up.  The muscles in her thighs started building up again and she gained 9 lbs (she was only 98 lbs before starting on the product).

The doctors don ' t know what to say...  but they were truly amazed (and still are).  Based on her condition, they don ' t know how this incredible turnaround happened.  She told me, "I love this stuff and I will never get off it"  It ' s been well over a year now and her results have continued.
Use this story any way you wish.
Thanks.   Jim, Durango, CO


Hi  Janet!   I'm waiting for this guy (Eric Henderson in Wichita) to do an official write-up of his story.  The poor guy SUFFERED with Crohns disease for years.  He even took morphine for pain. He used to bleed all the time. He is only 30.  I took this pictures in July.  Here are my notes. See the 2 pictures!!! 

"Started in january within the first month off all of it. Crohns disease, anemia, diverticulitis, fissures and fistulas in colon, surgery, can drink coffee again. Has a normal life. Realtor in wichita. Loratadine 10 mg. Morphine S04 15mg. Prednisone. Venlafaxine 37.5 mg. Nortriptyline hcl 50mg. Metronidazole 500mg. Mesalamine 250mg. Ptassium cloride 10MEQ. Budesonide 3mg. Prochlorperazine 25mg. Simethicone 80mg. Metoclopramide 10mg PRN. "


My name is Jan Lowder and I live in Western Colorado

Throughout the 1990’s, I found myself experiencing more and more health challenges.  I was a teacher and mother of four and had a hard time getting through the day.  Then in 1997, I was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease called Lupus.  For me that meant living with the never-ending flu symptoms:  fever, chills, extreme fatigue and body aches.  I woke up in pain every morning. About half the time it would work out and about four days out of seven I lived on ibuprofen.

My doctor prescribed a list of supplements so I went to the health food store and filled my tackle box.  Twice a day I took a handful of pills!  It wasn’t long before I was experiencing a lot of digestion problems on top of my Lupus symptoms.  My doctor also recommended a specialist and treatment in Denver .  But I wanted to start simple and knew I could always work up to more radical treatment. 

In the summer of 2000 I started working with a nutritionist who started me on the "Liquid Organic Product" and "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" (liquid calcium).  Gradually I began to notice improvements.  My bad days became fewer and farther apart.  My good days got better and I began to have energy again.  My digestion improved and I was even able to start exercising.  I stayed well and avoided my usual winter cycle of sinus infection, bronchitis and pneumonia.  After one year, I was pain free and had my life back again.  Each year my health has risen to a new level.  After seven years of faithfully taking "Company X" liquid nutrition, I live a full, active life including hiking, biking, skiing, jogging, volunteer work and keeping up with my grandkids. 

I’ve seen similar positive results among many other people suffering with autoimmune disorders such as Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.  I strongly encourage everyone to try "Liquid Organic Product" and not wait for a health crisis like I did.

Jan Lowder


As a result of my wife taking “Liquid Organic Product”, she and I noticed some incredible relief from her suffering with Lupus, an autoimmune disease with no known cure.  I noticed her feeling much better each day after she started taking the “Liquid Organic Product”.

I decided to start taking the “Liquid Organic Product” myself.  I noticed an increase in energy but more important I had feelings of well-being.  I started wanting to increase physical activities.  I wanted to do more things outdoors, hiking, biking, fishing, and skiing.  Also, I started walking five mile round trips to my office every day.  Because of my increase in physical activities I dropped fifteen pounds in my body weight in just a couple of months.

The most significant results I experienced with “Company X” products came from the use of "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" and "arthritis formula".  For years I suffered from pain in both shoulders and both knee joints from the abuse they took in high school and college football.  In addition, I had knee surgery and had to have a large portion of torn cartridge removed.  The doctors told me that this surgery would probably allow me to get by without pain for about five years after which I would probably need another surgery.  Then in approximately five years, I would probably need knee replacement.  About this same time period I experienced back pain in the L-5 region of my back.  A spinal birth defect was causing pressure on the nerves along my backbone, which resulted in dull pain in my right thigh.  The doctors told me I would have to have back surgery to relieve the pressure and pain.

After three months of being on "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" and "arthritis formula" I was pain free!!!  I cancelled both surgeries in the year 2001.

To this day, I continue to faithfully take these products, which allow me to remain pain free and active.

Darrel Lowder , CO


"A few months ago I went for my annual physical.  My Dr., wanting to be thorough, suggested that I have a colonoscopy (camera probe into the colon) since I had never had one.  It is suggested for those of us of the "baby boomer" generation.

While in anticipation of having the colonoscopy within a few weeks, I began using "Company X's" colon cleansing products. When I finally went in for the procedure I was amazed watching the pictures on the monitor.  There was no build up like often is expected for people of my age.  My colon was pink and clean! One of the nurses even commented on just how clean I was. I'm sure this was due to my having done the "Company X" colon cleansing product, and just for two weeks mind you.

This lack of build up and colon cleanliness assures complete and rapid nutrient absorption. I feel more confident with this good report that my daily "Liquid Organic Product" liquid nutritional supplement is reaching is maximum potential. Another added benefit is just simply having freedom from fear in not knowing, because now I know that I have a very healthy colon. So, "Company X's"  products: "Liquid Organic Product" and coln cleansing product were the formula I needed to WOW the colonoscopy staff (and to help me avoid becoming a statistic).Thanks "Company X"!"

- Michael Detwiler


From a mom and her daughter from the land "down

The story reinforces the simple message we have been
communicating over and over .... that health
transformation is not only possible, but it actually
becomes probable as you feed the body what it craves. 
We believe that sea vegetables and aloe vera are two 
of nature's most potent superfoods for this purpose.

August 2008

Rachael lives in Perth , Australia , with her mother Judy.
She is now an active 11 year old, full of life & laughter.

But it hasn't always been this way....
Rachael's story of pain and the complete deprivation of
a normal childhood began at birth.  Born five weeks
premature, she had constant reflux.  She was cold &
jaundiced as a newborn baby.  She spent the first few
days of her life in a warmer. All her normal milestones
were delayed.

From ages 2 - 7, it was obvious to her mother that
Rachael was in constant pain in her joints & muscles.  
She had poor coordination.  She bruised and bled more
easily than was normal. She suffered fractures to both
. Despite numerous consultations with General
Practioners (MD's), muscle and joint specialists, and
physiotherapists, Rachael's diagnosis ranged from
childhood naughtiness, to growing pains.  But the truth
was, they couldn't diagnose her, and they certainly
didn't have a real answers for her problems. 

At the age of seven, Rachael was seen by a
rheumatologist who immediately recognized her
symptoms as a rare connective tissue disorder called
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  Here's a quick description
of Ehlers-Danlos:


Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a group of rare genetic 
disorders affecting humans and domestic animals caused
by a defect in collagen synthesis. Depending on the
individual mutation, the severity of the disease can
vary from mild to life-threatening.  There is no known
cure. Treatment is supportive. 

The prognosis of the rheumatologist came to fruition,
as Rachael continued to deteriorate over the next 4 years.

Up until a few weeks ago, Rachael required full-time
from her mother.  That meant daily physical
therapy, personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, and cleaning
her teeth.  Every night her mother comforted her
several times by rocking her back off to sleep. The
equipment required to care for Rachael was daunting. 
She needed wheelchairs, shower chair, rails in the
bathroom and toilet, and a hydrotherapy pool.  She
also required daily physiotherapy and joint splinting,
as well as regular speech and Bowen therapy.

Judy took Rachael for regular hospitalization visits - all
were part of her daily life to prevent her joints from
subluxing, to prevent injury & accommodate her poor
coordination.  As you might imagine, the financial costs
to Rachael's family were very high
.  Rachael was able to
attend school only 2-3 days per week, in between


In June 2008, everything began to change.

Rachael started drinking a whole food liquid nutritional
supplement, recommended by a friend.  She took two
products.  The first contained aloe vera & sea vegetables,
the second was a liquid calcium/magnesium supplement.


Within seven days her pain began to be reduced.

By week 2, she was happier & able to attend school 3-4
days per week.


By week 3, her pain continued to decrease and she began
reducing her use of medication. For the first time in her life
she began to shower, dress & feed herself!


By week 4, she was off all medication.  And as if that
wasn't enough, the next thing she did shocked everyone: 
because of her serious challenges with balance and
coordination, Rachael had never been able to ride a bike. 
But 4 weeks after starting on these products, she rode
her bike for the first time without falling!!  We were


By week 5, Rachael reports no joint or muscle pain
(except when she overdoes it with all her new found
activities!).   She is playing sports at school, riding her
bike and enjoying the activities taken for granted by 
the typical 11 yr old
. She is medication free. Her attitude 
changed dramatically, due to the absence of pain.  Her
laughter rings through the house.

By week 9,  Rachael is now fully independent. She
continually tests her limitations, extending them daily.
Any residual pain is relieved within 10 minutes of extra
supplement. She enjoys traveling to school on the bus
with her friends - something that was totally out of the
question before.


The cost of maintaining Rachael's health is now less
than $100/week.


Life is great!


She thanks God daily for her pain free life and the
introduction of these wonderful supplements (liquid,
whole food aloe vera & sea vegetables plus liquid


Rachael takes both supplements every single day....


22 year old Alex Page: $1700 monthly “Company X” Check


Alex Page is a 22 years old young man in my group. He has just earned the rank of Gold (6000 BV) in his 3rd month working “Company X”.  His July 2008 check was over $1700.00.  Alex got the double bonuses for every rank advancement so far.  Way to go Alex! 

Alex’s girlfriend Autumn Shofner, age 18, just earned Silver (2500 BV) her too.

Here is Alex’s story below. 

Bo Coffee



Growing up I was fortunate enough to have some experiences at a young age that really enlightened me to the importance of money; and I decided early on that I was going to be financially free.

The only problem was, as I started to learn different ways to do this, I found it rather challenging to find a way that you could do it without money.

At the time I was helping my mother start her own health food store so I took only a small wage. That was about $7.00 an hour.

Opening the store was pretty fatiguing and even though we had our favorite multi-vitamins you just didn’t feel them working.

After being open almost 2 yrs I was introduced by a friend to a liquid whole food called “Liquid Organic Product”, and after thoroughly checking out the product and company we decided to try it.

I was so happy with the results that I started to tell some of my friends and business acquaintances and the checks started coming in. In just 4 months I have matched my regular income with my monthly check from “Company X”! That totally blew me away.

I’m excited to take this all the way to the top!

Thank You So Much “Company X”,

Alex Page, TX   


(Asthma story) “My Lungs are the Best They Have Ever Been”


I just wanted to pass along some good news. I have been going to the VA health clinic for sometime for medication and to see doctors and so on. Anyway, I took a lung function test today to see how my breathing is doing because I have asthma. And low and behold my lungs are at the best that they have ever been. I did even better than my first test done in 1993 when I was living in Mesa , Arizona .

Is it the “Liquid Organic Product”? I don't know what else I am doing different from 15 years ago to now, I don't know but I am so happy! Thanks for listening. Have a nice day.

Anthony , CT


Blood Pressure lowers; off medication (Calan-sr) 

3 years ago I had been on the high blood pressure medication Calan-sr for 17yrs. I also had frequent migraine headaches, low energy and hair loss.

The reason I was on the medication, was due to Surviving 2 Brain Aneurysm Operations.

I was then introduced to “Liquid Organic Product” and several of the other “Company X” products. After taking the products for 2 ½ months I monitored my blood pressure. It was 110/70 down from a medicated 120/95. Since then, I am medication free.

I haven
' t had any headaches since taking the products. I now have full head of hair, which I thought would never grow back. My energy is thru the roof. I ' m 54yrs. young and I feel like I ' m only 25.

I believe these products have changed my life. I thank GOD for “Company X”.

Sincere,  Carol Hinkle 
Oak Park
, IL

Note:   Carol Hinkle was also take 3 other “Company X” products; “Calcium/Mineral Supplement”, Taheebo, and Colloidal Silver. 


Blood Pressure Normal , Off Cholesterol Meds and EKG perfect!

Good Morning Carole and David,

This email is probably a bit premature, but I was so thrilled and excited that I had to tell you both.  My husband (Chris) has high blood pressure, a heart condition (he had a heart attack 4 years ago), stage two diabetes, and high cholesterol.  A few days after I started taking the “Sea Veg/Aloe”, he started drinking it also (I am going to have to double my order), well I don’t know if it is a coincidence or a pure miracle, but when Chris went to the doctors the other day, the doctor couldn’t believe the tests. 

Chris’ blood pressure was normal for the first time in 4 years, his EKG was perfect, and the doctor took him off his cholesterol medication and one other medication and lowered the dosage on his blood pressure medication.  Chris’ doctor asked him what he was doing differently, and he told him about “Company X”.  His doctor knew all about “Company X” and told him verbatim that “It is the best thing you can do for your body”.  His doctor was thrilled with the results and encouraged him to continue taking the “Liquid Organic Product”.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.  I am so grateful to you both for encouraging this product and to “Company X” for making a product that has such incredible results.  I truly believe that if Chris stays on the “Liquid Organic Product”, he will lose the weight he needs to get rid of his diabetes and become a much healthier person. 

Best,  Melissa Dyer-Waller, Washington DC

(Diabetes Story) “Blood Sugar from 250-141”


I wanted to share a friend’s experience (who has Type II diabetes) with “Liquid Organic Product”.  We just talked today. Once  Chad knew that he was going to be getting “Liquid Organic Product”, he started checking his blood sugar every morning to see how bad it had gotten. It was consistently between 240 and 250Within three days of taking the product, it went down to between 141 and 149, and it is staying there.

Karen Jones    Lawrence, MA


Diabetics Blood Sugar From Over 600 to 109


I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes in 1998. Since then my health has gone downhill. My parents died of complications from diabetes. So I was battling my present condition, and genetics too. In January 2007, I was denied life insurance because my fasting blood sugar level hit >600. After six months or restricted diet and medication, I reapplied for life insurance, and again I was denied because my blood sugar level was above 300.

I have never had normal blood sugar results in any of my glucose self test in spite of strictly following doctor ' s orders. On May 7, 2008, my wife introduced me to “Liquid Organic Product”. I skeptically drank 4 oz every morning on an empty stomach. On June 17, 2008 my doctor told me the results of my lab test that was done on the first week of June. He was amazed and so was I. The result came back at a blood sugar level of 109! My diabetes is now controlled.

Chito Martin,   Los Angeles , CA


Exhausted Nursing Mother Revitalized

When my first son was almost 4 years old and my second son was a newborn I went to visit my parents. My Dad, is an MD. He said that I looked so worn out and anemic. I had been sleeping during the day and falling asleep with the kids every night and just felt constantly tired. At night, when the baby woke me up to nurse, I could not fall asleep again for two or three hours.

It was impossible for me to be positive and caring with my oldest. Because I was so exhausted I could hardly think. My dad asked me to try “Liquid Organic Product” to see if it would help. After just three days of taking “Liquid Organic Product”, I started to notice an improvement in my energy level. It also became easier for me to fall asleep after the baby woke me up at night.

Soon, I was not sleepy during the day any more and I was staying up until 10 or 11 pm, well past the kids bedtime. When I woke up at night to nurse, I would fall right back asleep. Having more sleep and more energy has allowed me to be more patient with my older child at a time when he really needs me, that is worth everything to me.

Sandra Kornyu   Watertown , MA


“I am Free of Fibromyalgia Symptoms”


For over two years now I have suffered from extreme fatigue and pain all over my body. I went from being a morning person who had energy all day and a very clean house to barely being able to get out of bed in the morning. If it weren't for my 3 kids most days I don't think I would have gotten up at all. I also noticed my memory was getting worse which was really troublesome since I am working on a degree in Anthropology.

After many doctors had told me that they couldn't find anything wrong with me, I was sent to a specialist who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.  It was a comfort to know what was finally wrong with me but a burden to know that there was no cure for what was causing me so much trouble. For about 2 weeks I did try to take the anti-depressants from the doctor but that made me feel worse.

Then our friends encouraged me to try “Liquid Organic Product”. Within a few days I felt that the pain was getting better, and I was sleeping more restfully. I have now added “Calcium/Mineral Supplement” to my routine of “Liquid Organic Product” and am feeling almost completely normal.   Every once in a while I feel like the symptoms are starting to return but they never do like before. I’m back to my energetic self.

I have been taking these products for less than two months now, and am amazed that I can see such strong results. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Janet Calderon    Denver , Colorado    May, 2008


“I lost 8 Lbs and feel like I’m in my 20s again!”

Hi Mike 

I am so excited to tell you about the health benefits I am experiencing since I started taking “Liquid Organic Product” 3 ½ months ago.

Within the first week of taking the liquid food, I noticed a definite increase in my energy, and I was not snacking as much in between meals. I have since lost eight pounds and, at my ideal weight, and holding!

Since the first week, I have been experiencing a wonderful feeling of well being every day.  I wake up each morning feeling refreshed, having slept only six hours. (before then, I needed a minimum of seven hours to feel functionally comfortable.) 

I began noticing that I picked up new steps to the dances I was learning a lot faster than before I took “Liquid Organic Product”, and that really feels great…knowing that my mind/body connection is more fluid and alert.

My vitality is through the roof, and feel like I am revisiting my twenties, and my skin looks and feels better than ever! ( I celebrated my 50th birthday last October)

My most recent benefit involves my digestive tract. I have been a lot more regular than I was for 22 years (that is BC … before children).

This “Liquid Organic Product” stuff is amazing!

Terri Eycleshymer, LMT   Harvard , MA


“5 Years of Fibromyalgia Pain Gone”

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which has no cure.  My doctors told me they would help me with pain management for the rest of my life. I just couldn’t imagine spending the next 30+ years on painkillers, so I searched for alternatives. I did find one that kept my symptoms at bay, but it cost me a lot of time and a lot of money.  I still had to limit my commitments and activities, and made sure I got plenty of sleep, because the threat of painful flare-ups from “overdoing” was always with me. 

When I started drinking “Liquid Organic Product” I had no expectations of its benefits to me.

But After 10 months, it was unbelievable, not only do I have no pain but I have more energy than I have had in years.  I had actually forgotten what it felt like to feel good - to have no pain PLUS vitality!  Now I do aerobics and train with weights 3 times a week!  I no longer have to protect myself, or be treated by others, as if I were a fragile invalid. 

I play with my grandchildren, and do all the things I want to do! 

Nancy Myers, Marlborough , MA


“No More Hormone Replacement Drugs”


My family suffers from low serotonin levels.  During the start of menopause in 2001, I became clinically depressed as my mother also had during her menopause.  My doctor prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help with symptoms of the depression.   I had been on these medications since June 2001. 

Early last year, my doctor wanted me to reduce the dosage and potentially stop the HRT because I have a sister who had estrogen sensitive breast cancer.  She prescribed anti-depressant drugs while I gradually reduced the levels of estrogen.  Even with the anti-depressant drugs I still could feel the negative effects of the reduced estrogen levels.  I soon had to return to my normal, full dosage of HRT drugs.

In mid March of 2007 I started taking “Liquid Organic Product”.  I immediately felt a sense of well being that I had not felt for a long time.  Because there were more studies that have come out about HRT, I decided that I would try again to reduce my HRT dosage.  This time, however, I did not take anti-depressant drugs.  About a month after I started taking “Liquid Organic Product”, I gradually reduced the HRT.  It is now the end of June and I’ve been completely off the HRT drugs for about two months.  I have had none of the negative side effects that I had previously. 

Since taking “Liquid Organic Product”, I’ve been able to sleep better, have had no anxiety and more energy. 

Nancy Eckert – June 2007


Off Arthritis Medication

Hello my name is Bonnie.  I live in Texas . Daly Colwell and Bo Coffey introduced my family to “Company X” Products. It was a God sent; I was not getting around too well at the time.  I had a wheel chair, and could not get up and down. I had a lot of pain when I moved and couldn't go up or down my steps without a cane.  Arthritis in my hands made it so I couldn't shake hands with anyone because of pain.  I couldn't open a jar.  I was a mess.  Plus, I was on about eight different medications that were causing me problems.

I was getting a hunch back; my feet were swelling so that I couldn't wear my shoes.  It got so bad I couldn't button my blouses.  I said, “I have to stop this”.  So guess what I did - I stopped my meds.  I sure wouldn't advise anyone else to do it; but I was miserable.

I started taking “Liquid Organic Product”, “Calcium/Mineral Supplement” and “Joint Formula” in Jan. 07 and in three months I started feeling and seeing a difference.  The pain started diminishing in my hands and I really started feeling a lot better.

Today, June 2008, I no longer need any medication (except thyroid- I hope one day not to have to take that either).  I don’t need a wheelchair or a cane and I can go up and down my steps as if nothing had ever been wrong. I am 82 yrs. young and pray I have many more good years ahead.

I’m thankful for prayer and the “Company X” products.  Both were needed.

Bonnie Virga, TX

P.S.  This is a true story.  I am a real person. It REALLY worked for me.


Powerful MS Story


I wanted to write to let you know that I haven't experienced any MS symptoms in months. 

As you know I was diagnosed several years ago. It I got so bad I had to leave my job.  My main symptoms were numbness, balance problems (I needed a cane to help me walk) and overwhelming tiredness which made it impossible for me to work a full day.  When I got home, I had to go right to bed.  I spent my weekends just trying to recuperate. 

 After I left my job, my neurologist put me on Avonex- an immune suppressant drug.  After starting these weekly shots, some of my symptoms got a little better.  It allowed me to go back to work - but I also had bad side effects that put me in bed one whole day each week.  I'd get my injection Tuesday night, and be in bed all day Wednesday. 

In August, the doctor I work for recommended “Liquid Organic Product” to me.  During the first three months I noticed my symptoms got better and better.  On the weekends, if I did extra work or activities, I wasn't as tired as I usually was.  After three months of taking “Sea Veg/Aloe”, I noticed the only time I felt symptoms was after my weekly shot.  I thought it may just have been side effects from the drug I was feeling instead of the MS, so I decided to stop taking the Avonex.  My neurologist was concerned I would end up with a full relapse if I did this, but since the only time in the week I felt terrible was after taking the medication, I wanted to give it a try. That was over 7 month ago.    

Since then, I have no MS symptoms at all!  My energy level is high.  I feel better than I have in over six years.  Five months after I stopped my injections, my neurologist ordered an MRI scan to see if the disease was progressing.  The scan came back showing no enhanced lesions- my MS is totally dormant and in remission.  You can bet I'll be taking ”Liquid Organic Product” for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much,    Madelyn Soto, New Britain , CT


Thyroid number lower, husband sleeping after 2 years of insomnia and remarkable recovery of teenager with arthritis and ADHD has blossomed into a thriving business.

We have been with ”Company X” since early February of 2008.  We made the Gold level in 4 months.  The experience has been a wonderful one in respect to our health and our business.  My husband had been unable to sleep well (or sometimes at all) for almost 2 years now -- mostly due to the stress he was under at work.  He was on the aloe and sea vegetables supplement for 2 days and he slept through the night!  His good sleeping patterns have continued every night since he started on the product.  In addition, his cholesterol is down 44 points and his blood pressure is perfect!

In terms of my personal results, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 years ago.  My thyroid count was 9 (2 is normal).  My doctor insisted that I immediately go on a prescription medication.  I was told by my homeopath that seaweed was a natural remedy for thyroid, so I began my search for a seaweed product.  I found one that I took for about a year, and it lowered my count slightly, but then a friend told me about the aloe/sea vegetable supplement. 

My mother had been drinking aloe juice for 20 years due to a liver condition that she had been dealing with, so when I heard that there was both seaweed and aloe in this product, I was in! 

I just went to have my blood work done, and my thyroid count is 2.5!  I also had an ultrasound of my thyroid and they used me as an anatomy lesson for the new girls in the department because I had a perfectly healthy thyroid. 

All three of my children take this product and they love it (probably because it tastes good and is so easy to take).  They actually ask for it in the morning!  We adopted my oldest boy from Lithuania at the age of six months.  He is fourteen now and is a beautiful child, but he suffers with rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD, and many learning disabilities.  He had amazing results with the liquid calcium and with the liquid glucosamine, iproflavone and MSM .  Since he started taking these products, he has regained motion is his elbows that were locked at a 45 degree angle.  In the words of his therapist, his elbows were "a complete loss".  She was floored at the results.  He also is much calmer and more relaxed with these products.
So as you can see, my family has been effected in an enormous way, and we are all better for having been introduced to the product line.  Oh, by the way, the extra pay checks that now cover my mortgage and oil bills every week are pretty sweet too! 

Brian and I are positive that we have found our future with this company, and plan to take this to the top.
A quality of life that I was afraid I could never achieve is right around the corner and I now know it is possible. 

Cindi Carey, East Bridgewater , MA


My father recommended "Liquid Organic Product" to one of his patient’s parent’s Tim and Mary Ann MacDonald in Sep 2007 (my dad is a pediatrician in Connecticut ). Tim has had psoriasis for about 29 years. It covers 60-70% of his body.

Tim took the top picture shown here after being on the product for about 5 weeks. You can see it is pretty inflamed. The bottom picture was taking 1 month later. Since then he is doing well. He is currently taking 4 oz. a day.   

Mike Trouern-Trend    



My life has been difficult for many years now, due to my poor health.  My arthritis was so bad these last years that I could barely put my feet on the floor in the morning; if I sat on the floor, I had to be either helped up or crawl to a bit of furniture to pull myself up.  I had to hold a mug with both hands, I couldn’t open jars. My neck was so bad it would grind, I couldn't look to the side or up or down, and I had pins and needles all the way down into my right hand.

I was getting headaches daily that were so bad they'd have me throwing up and seeing stars.

Last November doctors discovered I was diabetic, with sugar levels over 500.  Even with medication my blood sugar would spike to between 200-300.

I've been taking “Liquid Organic Product” for just over 4 weeks now.

My headaches are gone. My blood sugar levels have been between 99- 117.  My arthritis is practically non-existent, except for a bit of stiffness in my feet, first thing in the morning.  I can make a fist, hold things, run, get up from the floor easily and I don’t need to take my anti-inflammatory meds.  Ibuprofen is sitting unopened on my table.  When my P.T. tested my range of motion, I had the same range of motion in my neck that she did in hers!  I have no pain, finally sleep through the night and have a deep inner sense of well-being.  Miracle. The only medication I take is Levothyroxine for my thyroid. Miracle.  I have a life and I have energy.  Major Miracle.

Now I'm up at 6, all singing and all dancing until 9:30 at night. Several people have said to me "My God, you look amazing!” If I am like this after a month, watch out world, here I come!  I feel well, which is beyond my wildest dreams.  I keep expecting the other shoe to fall but as the days pass and it doesn’t, I can hardly believe it. I want to thank "Company Founders" for sharing this wonderful gift with others.  I am well and I have a future.

- Mandy Edwards, Andover CT

From Karen Jones:


My good friend Elaine Fineman, who has suffered from terrible allergies for just about all of her life, exclaimed the other day that "this is the first time in 50 years that I haven't been on allergy medication by this time of year!".  She's been on "Sea Veg/Aloe" for just about three months, and loves what she's noticing so far.  The other things she told me are that she's lost weight without even trying, and that was a great and unexpected additional benefit.

(thanks to Mike TT for sending this!  ..juli <><....)

“Let Me Tell You How Great I Feel!!”

Energy, sleeping great, no PMS and lots more

My husband and I started “Liquid Organic Product” in May of 2008. I wasn't very excited about it but we promised to give it 3 months to see what it could do. I have no real health problems  aside from occasionally being moody and light aches and pains...stuff I chalked up to just life.

For the first 2 months I wasn't feeling what I thought I should, subtle things but nothing crazy,  but I kept on going and decided to saturate myself (take 8 oz a day) .

 WOW! Let me tell you how great I feel! I was waking up at 4-am every day for no rhyme or reason and now I don't. I can sleep 6 hours and wake up feeling better than if I had slept 8 or 9. I get up with pep in my step! It's a long way from the slap in the face I used have to give myself! I have far more sustained energy. I feel clear inside , a wonderful feeling only you can feel while taking this product. My attitude is better. I am far less argumentative and my relationship with my husband is better.

I used to be a coffee-holic and now I drink it only on the weekends. I have absolutely no caffeine cravings at all. My hair is growing quicker. I've been a chronic nail biter my whole life. My nails would crack and peel. Now they are strong as steel and I finally have a use for my nail polish collection!

I have experienced a drastic change in my menstrual cycle- for the better. No cramps and PMS! I just don't see how this has been a secret for so long! You have made me a lifelong customer! As for my husband, his sleeping pattern is improving and his energy is definitely up! Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Sincerely yours,

Suzanne Deibel

Rockland MA


I have an autoimmune skin condition that has not responded to many medical regiments.  I have used an aloe and sea vegetable supplement for 6 months  and the condition has quit spreading.  With the addition of herbal baths my body has begun to rebuild healthy skin on the areas previously affected,.  The medical specialist I had seen said nothing would rebuild the skin on these affected areas.  I am pleased, actually amazed at the progress.

Clara Regier, Wichita , Kansas

My son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease almost 4 years ago, he was 13.  Within 1 year they had him on about 8 pills, 2 of them steroids, and he still didn't feel well.  I started rSearching vitamins to see if I  could help him another way. 

After trying a few I found out about “Liquid Organic Product”.  It's made from 22 sea vegetables and aloe vera juice.  It is a whole natural food with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.   He is now only on 1 pill  (Nexium )  and I may start weaning him off of that also. 

He's doing great and his new doctor said that from his colonoscopy/endoscopy he would not even have know he had Crohn's. 

I also had been told it would help me with my hot flashes.  I take a combination of the “Liquid Organic Product” and also "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" which is calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, and Omegas 3, 6 and 9.  All the things my body needs anyway.  I had 10-20 hot flashes per day plus waking in the night from sweating.  Now, with “Liquid Organic Product”, I have no more hot flashes, it's wonderful.

Janet Gallagher, Pennsylvania

Hi All!

Here is a great story on Bone Density sent to me by David McLaughlin in Colorado, about his mom. 

Here are the actual test results!  She takes “Liquid Organic Product”, "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" and "arthritis formula".

Click here! 


Congrats to Joyce Friesen of Omaha, Nebraska for achieving the level of BRONZE!

Sponsored by Mable Friesen of Wichita, Kansas

This means she now makes up to 2% commissions on their 4’th level on down!

Joyce writes:

We have been with “Company X” for just over 3 months and really beginning to feel the benefits.  My migraines are lessen, in fact I can’t really remember when I had one last.  My husband Ray does not need to go on insulin for diabetes, because his count (AC1) came down from 8.5 to 7.5 in three months.  We are enjoying sharing “Company X” with others.  Ray and I have been retired from our regular jobs for about 10 years and enjoy traveling to see family, Gospel concerts, our family especially the grandkids.  We are both active in church activities, gardening and love to read.  Currently I am baby sitting this little granddaughter full time.  Courtney is 6 months old.  Thanks for the opportunity.



“Epstein Barr (chronic fatigue), Eczema and Migraine Headaches Gone”


When I met you about 4 years ago, I wasn't looking for miracles, I just wanted a good supplement. At the time I had been diagnosed with Epstein Barr and I had no energy. It causes extreme fatigue and I was falling asleep during the day - sometimes while driving. I also had eczema on my hands that my doctor was trying to treat with various creams - nothing worked. I started taking “Liquid Organic Product” and in about 2 months my hands were healing. After about 6 months there was no sign of eczema and I have not had an Epstein Barr episode since starting with “Liquid Organic Product”. I really didn't notice that I had not had an episode until my doctor asked me how I was doing when I had my annual checkup. I couldn't tell him the last time I had felt fatigue.

One other thing, I would get severe migraine headaches about twice per month and they are gone! I haven't had one in about 3 years!

But here is a warning:

I felt so good I didn't think I needed my “Liquid Organic Product” anymore and I went off of it for a few months in an effort to save some money. The eczema came back after about 6 weeks. “Liquid Organic Product” isn't a cure, it just gives your body what it needs to fight off the bad stuff.

Dennis Shank ,  Palm Beach Gardens , FL

Dolly's story:

My dog Dolly is a 10 year old Labrador/pit bull mix. She has arthritis and walk as stiffly as  the Frankenstein monster. Until about a year ago, she would come upstairs at night and hop in bed with me. About a year ago she stopped coming up the steps at night, I guess it just hurt her too much to make it up the 14 steps. I had been giving her Glucosamine pills but I didn't see any difference in her. I started giving her squirt of "arthritis formula" in a marshmallow twice per day not really expecting to see an improvement but to stop the progression of the arthritis.

About 3 weeks later Dolly was coming up the stairs again. A few days later, she put her front paws up on the edge of the bed and pulled herself up into bed and she has been doing this now for about a year. She is still pretty stiff but this was a tremendous improvement and she's even chasing the garbage truck again for short distances.

Dennis Shank    14892 66th Trail N.     Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418     Cell: 561-602-5079

Hi All!

Today I met with Dennis here in South Florida, who has been on the “Company X” products for several years (I’ll send his health story next week).

Anyway, he was telling me about his dog who has arthritis (dogs can get that in their older years too!). 

He started giving the dog "arthritis formula", which he hides in a marshmallow!  Isnt that clever?

Anyway, the dog has improved so much that he can once again jump up on the bed (I don’t know, is that a good thing – haha) and is much more mobile than he was before.

If you have a beloved dog or know of someone who does, you know how important that dog’s health is.  Perhaps you might like to share this story with them. 

Remember, their food comes from the same crummy, depleted food chain as ours.  They need the good nutrition that “Company X” has to offer at least as much as we do.

Below is a wonderful “Company X” Products health story on MS (Multiple Sclerosis) sent to me by 3-Star Diamond Mike Trouern-Trend in Boston, he said it was OK to share it with you all!

...juli <><....


I wanted to write to let you know that I haven't experienced any MS symptoms in months. 

As you know I was diagnosed several years ago. It I got so bad I had to leave my job.  My main symptoms werenumbness, balance problems (I needed a cane to help me walk) and overwhelming tiredness which made it impossible for me to work a full day.  When I got home, I had to go right to bed.  I spent my weekends just trying to recuperate.  

 After I left my job, my neurologist put me on Avonex- an immune suppressant drug.  After starting these weekly shots, some of my symptoms got a little better.  It allowed me to go back to work - but I also had bad side effects that put me in bed one whole day each week.  I'd get my injection Tuesday night, and be in bed all day Wednesday. 

In August, the doctor I work for recommended “Liquid Organic Product” to me.  During the first three months I noticed my symptoms got better and better.  On the weekends, if I did extra work or activities, I wasn't as tired as I usually was.  After three months of taking “Liquid Organic Product”, I noticed the only time I felt symptoms was after my weekly shot.  I thought it may just have been side effects from the drug I was feeling instead of the MS, so I decided to stop taking the Avonex.  My neurologist was concerned I would end up with a full relapse if I did this, but since the only time in the week I felt terrible was after taking the medication, I wanted to give it a try. That was over 7 month ago.  

Since then, I have no MS symptoms at all!  My energy level is high.  I feel better than I have in over six years.  Five months after I stopped my injections, my neurologist ordered a CAT scan to see if the disease was progressing.  The scan came back negative- my MS is totally dormant and in remission.  You can bet I'll be taking ”Sea Veg/Aloe” for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much,

Madelyn Soto,

New Britain, CT

Hi Everyone!  Below is Carolyn Schowengerdt’s amazing health story regarding the “Company X” products! 

Carolyn is a great testament to PRODUCT PATIENCE, as you will see some of her health results didn’t manifest until after she had been on the “Company X” products almost a year, but the quality of life she enjoys is more than worth it!

Carolyn is a Silver with “Company X” in the Kansas City area.

She will be hosting the Friday, July 11 event on the Midwest Tour


After taking another balanced synthetic vitamin product for 4 and ½ years that had helped me with my fibromyalgia symptoms, I regressed into my fibromyalgia symptoms and developed ulcerative colitis. My gastroenterologist indicated it was very unusual for someone to develop colitis at my age. I was put on a special diet and offered medication.  I did not want to take the medication due to the side effects.  The no raw foods diet with limited amount of cooked fruits and vegetables,  plenty of white flour and  white rice diet along with bottles of organic aloe vera juice I purchased at the health food store was not working.

ULCERATIVE COLITIS Three days after starting “Liquid Organic Product” there was a just noticeable difference in the pain and bleeding with my ulcerative colitis.  By the end of the third month I was symptom free with my ulcerative colitis and have stayed that way.

MIGRAINE HEADACHE PAIN & MUSCLE PAIN I did not have another migraine headache after starting the “Liquid Organic Product”. Before starting the “Liquid Organic Product” I was having about 1/month.   My muscle cramps, pain and energy gradually improved especially after the 3rd month. Before I discovered the value of a high quality nutrition supplement I took ibuprofen on a daily basis.  I rarely need pain relief for my fibromyalgia now.

HEALING QUICKLY In October of 2007 I had a long afternoon of picking up all of the leaves in my yard.  After finishing my yard work I took off my gloves and discovered I had rubbed a blister. It had not only broken but the skin was off the blister and I had a nasty sore.  I treated it by washing it thoroughly, applying antibiotic cream and a band-aid.  The next two mornings after taking my shower I repeated that treatment.  The third morning when I removed the band-aid the sore was healed.  The skin was a little red but perfectly smooth and clean.

SLEEP 4th month I am sleeping through the night consistently.  Before I started “Sea Veg/Aloe” I had to take a sleep medication. I was not waking feeling rested. With medication I was able to sleep 6 of 7 nights.  The 7th of these I had a fibromyalgia night where I was up for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. Now I am sleeping soundly through the night consistently and waking up feeling rested.  

OFF MEDICATION By the 5th month I was able to get off my medication for sleep which I had never been able to get off of even with the other balanced vitamin/mineral product that had given me improvement in my sleep pattern.  I only need to take Tylenol for muscle pain if I over do with too much yard work or gardening.  Without the “Liquid Organic Product” the Tylenol was a regular part of my life.

ENERGY 6th month I have added two hours two my day, most days getting up between 5:00 and 6:00 A.M. without an alarm. My energy holds throughout the day until I got to bed between 10:00 and 10:30 P.M.

DEGENERATIVE DISC, ARTHRITIS, AND BONE SPURS   When I was 8 years old a tree fell on my head and crushed vertebrae and cracked ribs from the compression on my head and spine. When I was 35 I developed severe back pain and after 5 years of that I didn’t want to live.  Finally doctors discovered a herniated disc and after more testing they found a tumor as big as a baby’s head pushed up against the right sacrum. Removing the tumor brought down the pain level but did not take it away.  My spine had been pathologically curved both front to back and side-to-side. Then from 1996 to 2005  I had 5 different accidents where others drivers ran into the back of me. I had x-rays and needed treatment after each accident.  I tell you this so you understand I have comparison x-rays and why I might have degenerative disc and arthritis in the spine along with pain.  The 10th month after starting “Liquid Organic Product” I changed to a new chiropractor.  She took X-rays and took my history. She showed me my X-rays and said she was very impressed with my disc space and I good disc between all my vertebrae.  In addition there were no bone spurs.  Now I have the objective validation for why I only have back pain when I overdo it with yard work or other physical kinds of work. . By the beginning of the 3rd month after I started “Liquid Organic Product” I began taking our "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" and the "arthritis formula". 

STAMINA and STRENGTH  By the 11th month I am swimming 100% more laps in the same amount of swimming time. When I do the cardio program on the tread mill, even at the steepest incline on the tread mill I almost need to jog to get my heart rate up to the cardio rate.

CHOLESTEROL  In the 11th month I had my annual blood work done for my physical..  My cholesterol had dropped from 205 to 151.  My LDL has dropped from 107 to 67. 

IMMUNITY STRENGTHENED For every winter since my early 20ies I got numerous upper respiratory infections that often resulted in a secondary bacterial infection and bronchitis.  I would have to have anywhere from 2 to 8 rounds of antibiotics to just get through the winter.  That happened even after I had been taking another good balanced soy based nutrition product. In fact the last winter before I started taking “Liquid Organic Product” I missed an entire month of work with one bout of flu that required two rounds of antibiotics due to the secondary bacterial infection.. I started “Sea Veg/Aloe” in late August of 2006.  For the first winter I can remember since my early 20ies I got through the winter without having to take any antibiotics.

HOPE AND QUALITY OF LIFE  My health was in a downward spiral before I started “Liquid Organic Product”.  I was grasping at straws for answers and had little hope. I was consuming bottles of Aloe Vera Juice from the health food store to try to heal my ulcerative colitis. I was able to eat limited amount of cooked fruit or vegetables due to the severe diarrhea. I was taking a balanced soy based powdered vitamin and mineral supplement. These things weren’t working. Those special diets and making shakes are behind me now.  I eat a mostly raw foods diet with lots of seeds and nuts now.  I not only feel good, I feel the best I have felt in my entire lifetime.  Now I have hope and look forward to each day because I feel I have a future. 

If you are interested in a business, ask me about my “Company X” business? 

Carolyn Schowengerdt

Overland Park, KS

Congrats to Glenn and Beth Scott for achieving the level of BRONZE!

This means they now makes up to 2% commissions on their 4’th level on down!

Hi my name is Beth Scott, I started on “Liquid Organic Product” in March of 2007. The first thing I noticed was improved energy, less brain fog, and I slept better at night. After being on the “Liquid Organic Product” for only three months I went to the Doctor for blood work and he lowered my cholesterol medicine. Then six months later I went to the Doctor for blood work again and he lowered my cholesterol medicine again. I have more energy and stamina and just feel better.

Hi my name s Glenn Scott, I started on “Liquid Organic Product” in April of 2007. The first thing I noticed was improved energy, less brain fog, and I could sleep more soundly and longer at night. You see I have had three neck surgeries in the past twelve years and the last surgery they put four titanium screws and two titanium rods in the back of my neck, which makes it very uncomfortable to lay on a pillow and sleep for more than two hours at a time, until “Liquid Organic Product”. Now I will sleep for six hours at a time usually 3 or 4 nights a week and the other nights I will sleep 3 to 4 hours before waking up. Also after taking “Liquid Organic Product” for two months my acid reflux is gone, my heart burn is gone, my bleeding hemorrhoids are gone, and the arthritis in my hands does not hurt any more. When I wake up in the mornings I can open and close my hands without pain.

We are both very thankful for this product and this company.


In March, Pat hit BRONZE (1,000 downline BV) ….

In April, she reached SILVER (2,500 downline BV)!!!!!!!!

Pat Lange – of Wichita, Kansas – sponsored by Anne Van Blaricon –of Carbondale, Kansas

This means she now makes up to 4% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a DOUBLED BONUS $500 - from “Company X”!  

Hello everyone!  This has been an active month but so much fun.  Last month when we reached Bronze and I mean “We” in the sense that it took help from my Upline and Downline because I certainly could not do it by myself.  It seemed that Silver was a few months away.  Coming down to literally the last hour of the last day of the month, it all fell into place and here we are, Silver.  This has been the most fun work I have done for quite some time.  Now I have my goal set for Gold and I know that will only happen if I am continually talking to more people and helping my ever important downline.  Thank you Upline for all your calls and wisdom.  What a great journey it has been already!

Happy Sharing!  Pat Lange 


Anne Van Blaricon – of Kansas – sponsored by Mary Catherine Toburen also of Kansas

Anne reached BRONZE in March!  This means she now makes up to 2% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a $100 Bonus from “Company X”!  

Check out all our Leaders at -

From Anne:

I love that this product is so easy to take.  You don't have to mix anything and the products take so good!!  I started it in mid-December.

I have had cancer once before.  Before “Liquid Organic Product”, I had started feeling like I did when I found out I had cancer.  I no longer feel like I am "coming down" with cancer.

I am sleeping well at night; before I was waking up 3-4 times/night.  Now, most nights I wake up once; sometimes not at all.  I have so much more energy.  I don't take naps on breaks at work or when I get home at night.  So I have increased wake time during the day by about 4 hours/day. I still have problems with my wrist but I have so much less pain so I can work more comfortably.   My health is improving dramatically.  My joints are so much better that I can walk up the stairs regularly rather than one step at a time. 

I am starting to lose the weight that I had gained on another supplement.  Warts grew all over my body for 20 years (like under arms, on the eyelids, behind the knees--all of the soft skin areas).  Now they are just falling off!!  I have only a few left.  I was so glad because I was looking at going to a dermatologist to have them removed or take medicine.  I have cleaned the dining room and living room totally cleaned without having to take days off from work.  Spring house cleaning is almost all done and it is barely spring.

I am just so shocked that I can make money in “Company X” by referring people to this company and product!!!

Lesa reached the level of GOLD in January!  This means she now makes up to 6% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a $600 Bonus from “Company X”!  Now its on to Platinum for Lesa!  Here is her story:

I am Lesa Leigers from Jefferson City, MO.  I was searching for the "right" nutrition for many years!  I have suffered with diabetes, fibromyalgia,& osteoarthritis, as well as high blood pressure & elevated cholesterol.  At the time I began taking “Sea Veg/Aloe”, I visited my endocrinologist every 3 months & my regular doc every 4 months.  I always have blood drawn before the endocrinologist visit. After only being on the product 6-8 weeks, my blood work showed a drop in my A1C level (blood sugar) from 9.6 to 7.2!  My cholesterol dropped 85 points to 145, with my bad cholesterol only being 52!  My triglycerides dropped 45 points, to 129.  Last time they were down to 93!  This is in addition to a boost in energy & some pain relief! 

The cartilage in one of my knees was down to 10% when the last x-ray was taken.  I was told that I need a knee replacement, but am too young.  I added the osteo products and they have helped tremendously!  I do not limp anymore when I walk!  I endured a nasty fall on the ice a year ago, which caused a double fracture in an ankle & a tailbone fracture.  The orthopedic Dr was amazed at how well & quickly I regained mobility & healed!  I also have been able to discontinue 3 meds for diabetes, cholesterol, & blood pressure. The docs know I take “Liquid Organic Product”, but won't admit my health challenge successes are related.  However, instead of visits every 3 & 4 months, they've changed them to every 4 & 6 months, respectively!

I work full-time in the business office of a large medical facility.  My husband, David, has worked for the State of MO in computer technology for 30-plus years. We have been married for 28 years & have 2 grown children.  Our son, 25, is married (no children yet)& also works for the State of MO in computer technology.  His wife works for the State of MO in Revenue (state jobs are a major part of our local job industry!) & is in the Air Force Reserves.  Our daughter, 22, lives in Columbia, MO & attends college (part-time when she can), while working at the medical facility where I am employed.

I was not very serious about my “Company X” business for a long time.  There were many other distractions & regaining my health was my first concern.  However, I have, especially recently, become more focused on the business part & am working hard!  My business is going great!  I ranked Gold in January, & am working toward my next goal of becoming Platinum!

“Company X” has changed my life dramatically, with awesome health results and an amazing business!  I am grateful every day for my many blessings.  Two of those are the “Company X” products & the “Company X” business!

Pat Lange  – of Wichita, Kansas – sponsored by Anne Van Blaricon – of Carbondale, Kansas

Pat reached BRONZE in March!  This means she now makes up to 2% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a $100 Bonus from “Company X”!  

Check out all our Leaders at -  

From Pat:

Hi Everyone!

My name is Pat Lange and I live near Wichita Ks which is South Central Ks with my husband Russ.  We have 3 grown children and now 3 grandchildren.  I have the privilege of staying at home with one of our three grandchildren.  I have always been interested in nutrition. Prior to 2003, I consumed vitamins through tablets and capsules.  In 2003 I was introduced to a powdered soy based company and had help with joint pain, feet and leg cramps, brain fog, bladder infections, energy and an overall sense of well being.  I have always wanted to work from home and was trying to do that with the other company. 

When I was introduced to “Company X”, I saw the dynamite duo of life changing products plus a powerful business opportunity.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my husband would consume this nutrition which he had not done previously.  I have continued to have sustained on going health benefits (joint pain, feet and leg cramps, brain fog, bladder infections) and even more sustained energy than before.  I am finding that as I share “Company X” with others, they see the benefits of liquid nutrition and the simplicity in which the products are taken and the business shared.  What a grand opportunity to make a difference in so many lives including our own.

Happy sharing!

Pat Lange

Shawna Tommie  – of South Florida – sponsored by Rebecca and John Nigara - also of South Florida

Shawna reached BRONZE in March!  This means she now makes up to 2% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a $100 Bonus from “Company X”!  

Check out all our Leaders at -  

From Shawna:

My name is Shawna Tommie.  I am a stay-at-home mom, married with two small children, with all the responsibilities that come along with young children; dance, sports, school activities, 4-H, etc.  When I first learned the “Company X” story, I tried the products and told my friends.  I knew the products were phenomenal and I discovered the company behind them was, too.  I just decided to do it…organic liquid whole food nutrition, a gift meant to be shared!  All I had to do was tell people about the products that I loved, then share with them how to order.  Many of them wanted to share in the business opportunity.  The best part is the team work and helping others to achieve their dreams as I achieve mine along the same path.  I am proud and grateful to my family for their support and my continued ability to work at home with my husband and wonderful children. 

Hi All!  Got this testimonial from Katrina, from her customer “Dianne”,  re: creatinine levels which are one of the indicators of kidney health.  As you can see by the numbers, they are on their way down!  Perhaps you have people who need to read this story! 

From Katrina Bayless, “Company X” Platinum in Topeka, KS

"Dianne", a new customer on “Liquid Organic Product” is seeing awesome results.  We had previously introduced her to another nutritional supplement (powdered and synthetic) but "Dianne" couldn't afford to stay on them.  She was pleased to hear that we had found the organic juice in “Liquid Organic Product” and also like its affordability.

She started getting results with energy on just 2 ounces per day.  Since being on “Sea Veg/Aloe”, her creatinine (levels of poisons that are in our body which are supposed to be between .5 and 1.1 for females) started at 3.773.  Recently I got a letter from "Dianne" relaying blood levels.  "I did increase to 4 oz and had lab work done Monday......I went from 3.7 in January to 3.4 in February now I'm at 2.9." 

This is a real joy to me and my husband (who also had great results with his kidney transplant--creatinine went from 2.2 in April 2006 down to 1.4 most recently.  Normal for males is .6 to 1.2.  We're almost there!!! 

Hi All!  The following testimony was sent to be by Carolyn.  What a GREAT TESTIMONY to the power of “Liquid Organic Product”!!!  I highlighted in red important words for those of you with limited time. 

...juli <><....   


 Hi Guys!
I received this testimonial this morning from a new distributor, Don Polise, and I thought you would enjoy it.  I edited the names to protect privacy.
Thanks for letting me share this, Don!

This morning, when dropping my grandson off at school, I had a conversation with Joy V---, a recent new member enrolled by my wife Virginia. Mrs V--- had been gifted with a bottle of “Liquid Organic Product” when she was recruited. She had told me earlier that she had shared the bottle with her mother who was in a convalescent facility following a hospital stay. 3 or 4 days after starting to take the product, Mrs. V--- asked her mother if she felt any different. Her mother replied that she "didn't really think so" Later during that same visit an attending nurse came into the room and announced "your mother really had a good day today, she was walking all over the hospital". Prior to this she only left the room in a wheelchair to visit a community sunroom. This morning Mrs. V--- told me that her mother had come home a few days earlier, and that when she called her this morning her mother told her she was going to have breakfast at McDonald's with the senior citizens. When Mrs. V--- told her mother she would come right over to take her there, she was promptly told " I don't have time to wait for you, it will take you a 1/2 hour to get here. I'm going drive". Against Mrs. V---'s advice, her mother drove to McDonald's this morning for a sausage biscuit, driving herself for the first time in 5 years.-------This is a pretty amazing testimonial, even more so for me, because I know these people personally. Oh, by the way, Mrs. V--- is now on autoship!

A “Company X” Products testimony from Michael Detwiler in Colorado!  


A few weeks ago, I went to my Dr. for a physical.  I had previously had all of the symptoms of Adult Onset Type II Diabetes.  This malady took the lives of my grandfather, father, and more recently my brother.   In addition, my blood pressure was high, and on the rise. 

After being on “Sea Veg/Aloe” for a few months, all symptoms of Diabetes have vanished, and my blood pressure is now nearly normal. 

So, my Dr., wanting to be thorough, suggested that I have a colonoscopy (camera up colon into the small and large intestine) since I had never had one and it is suggested for those of us of the "baby boomer" generation.  I was hesitant, as you can imagine, not only because of the invasive (what seemed would be very uncomfortable) manner of the procedure, but, historically, I have never done well with anesthesia.  (knee surgery, appendix, etc.)  The doctors "nearly lost me" on one occasion during surgery, and I have always struggled afterward with horrible headaches, nausea, etc.

Prior to this procedure, I was instructed to "fast" from solid foods one day, followed the second day with only clear liquids.  Normally when I have done this, I have horrible headaches.  This time (I continued my “Liquid Organic Product” – upped it to 8 oz. / day since I was not having other foods) No headaches, and most importantly, no adverse effects from the anesthesia as in the past. 

In addition, knowing that I was going to have this procedure a few weeks ago, I began a cleanse using “Company X”'s Colon Cleanse product, and continued with the Herbal Tabs.  It was amazing to watch the pictures coming to the monitor from my intestines . . . (I woke up but was still "out of it").  There was no build up like I've heard about.  I was pink and clean.  One of the nurses even commented on how very clean I was.   (the effect of the “Company X” Colon Cleanse).  This lack of build up or cleanliness assures complete and rapid absorption of all of the nutrients from my daily “Liquid Organic Product”, and other nutrients, in addition to just simply having a very healthy colon. 

So, “Company X”'s products;  “Liquid Organic Product” and Colon Cleanse in this case . . . that's the formula needed to amaze the colonoscopy staff and to assure even better health.   Thanks “Company X”.

Michael Detwiler

Katrina Bayless – of Topeka, Kansas – sponsored by Teresa Hudson – Of Topeka, Kansas

Katrina is a Platinum, who reached the level of BRONZE on her second position in February!  This means she now makes up to 2% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a $100 Bonus from “Company X”!  

From Katrina:

Hi to all!! 

This has been an incredible journey!!  Since joining “Company X” almost two years ago, my life has changed in numerous ways.

Many of you know me as Platinum, so you may wonder why I am "going Bronze".....

Well, it is because of the generosity of the “Company X” Compensation Plan.  Before the compensation improvements they made last year which provided more bonuses including the advancement bonuses, they gave me the option of having a second position. 

Now to why I am still here after two years:

My health has been incredibly improved since being on “Liquid Organic Product”.  I have had results with chronic fatigue, IBS, severe clinical depression, paranoia, anxiety attacks, seizure disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic hip and back pain,weakened immune system from being on antibiotics every other month throughout life, asthma, anemia, allergiessciatica resulting in using a walker during entire pregnancies, bad joints going to the chiropractor 3-5 times per week, and "fibrofog" (thought processes fuzzy).   I can now have my children sit on my lap or I can join them on the floor to play.  I can hold their hands when walking down the street (without pain).  I can even climb the jungle gyms!!

My results for the first 18 months were exclusively with the “Liquid Organic Product”!!

My husband has had mind-blowing results with kidney transplant with his creatinine going from 2.0 down to 1.4  (normal healthy range is 1.0-1.6 for males).  He also had results with high blood pressure, gout, depression, anxiety.  He is pinker now than I have ever known him.  I LIKE PINK!!

My daughter had results with warts that we had been battling for 3 1/2 years.  Her nail bed was even restored!!  That was within 2 1/2 months!!

Business-wise: Another nutritional product/opportunity left us financially devastated with $20,000.00 in debt.  We knew we needed to get off the ground with our “Company X” business immediately to get our products paid for with an additional $500.00/month to pay for the loan payment.  We did that in 5 months!! 

As a note of the ultimate surreal: My husband and I were included in the Business at Home magazine that just came out last summer.  (page 87)  Never again will I believe that I am a failure.  I have proof of being a success IN WRITING!!

I owe an incredible greater debt of gratitude to both my upline teams and down-line teams.  I have an up-line who believes in me and invests in me.  I have an army of part-time average Joe's in my line whose goal is to just make $200 per month to pay for products combined with an absolutely wonderful dozen who see the vision of this being an actuality of full-time income.  Thanks to all.  Without you all, I would not be here.

My husband is now going to school full-time--something he couldn't previously do because of his kidney failure when he was 19, his need to have expensive meds, and my needing him to work when I was disabled.  He is also helping me home-school so I can focus more on building my business.  My “Company X” income is growing daily.  I look forward to being Diamond on my first position within a year (maybe sooner).  This would provide us with a livable income!!

I am going with 7 new people to the Fly-In in two weeks.  I am taking Pat, who is a large part of me being Bronze.  Pat is taking the other SIX!!

Keep an eye out for the reports and pics in the near future.

Most importantly, I thank the Lord Almighty for leading me to “Company X”.  It was an answer to our prayers physically and financially.


Sent to me by Michael Detwiler!    


This is a 20 Lb. Red Emporer Fish, caught off the Great Barrier Reef.  (That's NOT me holding it). I just wanted to send you all this picture to show you what 20 lbs. looks like!  Can you imagine getting that off your belly!

I have lost 20 lbs. since beginning the “Company X” Weight Loss program . . .   Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4th.  That's 5 weeks.  I will be sending you more pictures of big fish, until I reach my goal . .  then I will send you my picture!

You should encourage those who may be harming their health by being a bit overweight to try it. 

  • Colon cleansing product
  • “Liquid Organic Product”
  • "Protein Product"
  • "Greens Product"
  • "sleeping/weight loss product"
  • "Body wrapping product"

If you want the Weight Loss CD and notes, let me know.  I will be happy to send it to you!  I can easily email attach it.

Michael Detwiler


In January, Chris hit BRONZE (1,000 downline BV) ….

February 26 she reached SILVER (2,500 downline BV)!!!!!!!!

Chris Statkiewicz – of Glenview, Illinois – sponsored by Carla Mason – Of Jefferson City, Missouri

This means she now makes up to 4% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a DOUBLED BONUS $500 - from “Company X”!  

Chris saw results with  blood pressure and pre-osteoporosis.

But how did she get to SILVER so fast?  In her own words…..

“My rise to silver is due to a great downline and upline.  I am proud to say I have a downline that is always thinking of ways to promote.  My upline is always available and ready to help in anyway I need no matter what time of the day.  I am very blessed with great people inspiring me.  I keep talking everyday to at least  5 people that is my goal or putting up flyers or giving out gift bags or sending packets.  I am in constant motion, there is no time to be tired even though I have shoveled more snow this year than I care to think about.  I have a very long driveway and it takes a minimum of 1.5 hrs. and during the time of shoveling I am thinking of who I can contact next or do what to promote.  I also say thank you and state what I am.  This month of March I am “on angel’s golden wings”  in February I was “hi ho silver”.   I figure what I need to reach it and push for those b.v’s each week.  I am in the processes of working with two prospects as members.  I also try to be there for my team and send weekly emails to all of them.  They are wonderful women who work full time, one has a new baby along with a full time job but all are self motivators.  That is how I move along on the fast train to diamond.”



Carla reached the level of GOLD in January!  This means she now makes up to 6% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a $600 Bonus from “Company X”!  Now its on to Platinum for Carla! 

Here is her story:

     My journey in the health and wellness field began three years ago because of an auto immune disorder, Graves Disease, that was robbing me of my health. My health improved drastically with “Liquid Organic Product” along with a combination of other products. Our entire family is getting awesome results! My husband is currently serving our country in Iraq. He is very health conscious, so I'm thankful that he is still able to receive his shipments of “Company X” products. We have two adults sons and a teenage son entering 9’th grade next year.

     I work a full time as a marketing specialist for the Department of Economic Development with the State of Missouri. Although I can't wait to be able to walk away from the cycle of trading my time for money, it is a great source of contacts for networking. I always find time to share the “Company X” opportunity whether it is lunchtime or during a bathroom break. (smiles)

My focus was on contacting two new people every day and helping my partners reach their goals. Not only did two of my partners reach ranks of Silver and Bronze, I was also able to help my sponsor achieve her goal for Gold.  My commitment to those actions allowed me to reach my goal. I feel so blessed to have great partners to work with.  The “Inner Game” training has proven to be invaluable by helping me understand the importance of commitment and discipline. I’m putting into practice how to create my own circumstances.

I’m very excited about reaching the levels of Platinum and Diamond because what that means is many lives are being changed for the better.  Our team model,  and life-changing products are two of the main reasons that “Company X” is an unparalleled opportunity within the wellness industry.  It makes me so happy to see that others are receiving the precious gifts of health and wealth.


Lesa reached the level of GOLD in January!  This means she now makes up to 6% commissions on her 4’th level on down and she is receiving a $600 Bonus from “Company X”!  Now its on to Platinum for Lesa!  Here is her story:

I am Lesa Leigers from Jefferson City, MO.  I was searching for the "right" nutrition for many years!  I have suffered with diabetes, fibromyalgia,& osteoarthritis, as well as high blood pressure & elevated cholesterol.  At the time I began taking “Sea Veg/Aloe”, I visited my endocrinologist every 3 months & my regular doc every 4 months.  I always have blood drawn before the endocrinologist visit. After only being on the product 6-8 weeks, my blood work showed a drop in my A1C level (blood sugar) from 9.6 to 7.2!  My cholesterol dropped 85 points to 145, with my bad cholesterol only being 52!  My triglycerides dropped 45 points, to 129.  Last time they were down to 93!  This is in addition to a boost in energy & some pain relief! 

The cartilage in one of my knees was down to 10% when the last x-ray was taken.  I was told that I need a knee replacement, but am too young.  I added the osteo products and they have helped tremendously!  I do not limp anymore when I walk!  I endured a nasty fall on the ice a year ago, which caused a double fracture in an ankle & a tailbone fracture.  The orthopedic Dr was amazed at how well & quickly I regained mobility & healed!  I also have been able to discontinue 3 meds for diabetes, cholesterol, & blood pressure. The docs know I take “Liquid Organic Product”, but won't admit my health challenge successes are related.  However, instead of visits every 3 & 4 months, they've changed them to every 4 & 6 months, respectively!

I work full-time in the business office of a large medical facility.  My husband, David, has worked for the State of MO in computer technology for 30-plus years. We have been married for 28 years & have 2 grown children.  Our son, 25, is married (no children yet)& also works for the State of MO in computer technology.  His wife works for the State of MO in Revenue (state jobs are a major part of our local job industry!) & is in the Air Force Reserves.  Our daughter, 22, lives in Columbia, MO & attends college (part-time when she can), while working at the medical facility where I am employed.

I was not very serious about my “Company X” business for a long time.  There were many other distractions & regaining my health was my first concern.  However, I have, especially recently, become more focused on the business part & am working hard!  My business is going great!  I ranked Gold in January, & am working toward my next goal of becoming Platinum!

“Company X” has changed my life dramatically, with awesome health results and an amazing business!  I am grateful every day for my many blessings.  Two of those are the “Company X” products & the “Company X” business!

Lesa Leigers, Jefferson City, MO


The following is from a kid who JUST GOT OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL!  By the way, he DID reach Platinum in January.


 I joined “Company X” in June of 2007; immediately after graduating from high school. Fortunately, I had fantastic upline support and a strong determination to succeed. I hit Bronze in August, Silver in September, Gold in October and I am now on target for hitting Platinum in December. I have received the doubling effect of the Rank Advancement Bonus for my past two advancements, and am on target for doubling the Platinum Bonus as well. I have very high long-term goals for my “Company X” business, but a more immediate goal is to hit Diamond before my nineteenth birthday.

Elijah Hershey
Manheim, PA
Enrolled by Jo Hershey


 Hi, my name is Major. I am a 12 year old German Shepherd. When I was 5 years old, I started having problems with my two back knees.

My owners, Steve and Mary Ann Trgovec of Sheboygan Falls took me to Madison, Wisconsin to the Veterinary Hospital to try to get me help. I could barely sit on my hind legs. I could not run or climb steps. I was also starting to lose my hair. The doctor's gave me 2 artificial knee's and said i have bad arthritis and hip problems. They also said i would need more operations.

Well, that never happened. My owner's put me on the same liquid nutritional product's they take and it helped them and me a lot. I take “Sea Veg/Aloe” and "Calcium/Mineral Supplement" and "arthritis formula" everyday. People can't believe how good I get around now. The 2 local vet's I go to said these products have really helped me with my health challenges. It didn't happened overnight but, as time went on things got better and better.

Well I have to go now. I may not be as fast as I used to me, but I'm still having fun chasing rabbits and deer on my land.

Take Care,

   Major Trgovec - Sheboygan Falls,   Wisconsin



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