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Herbal Body Wrap FAQ


Q: What is Herbal Body Wrap?

A. Herbal Body Wrap is an advanced inch loss program that includes a scientifically balanced combination of herbs and minerals.

Herbal body wrap uses natural ingredients to draw out toxins aiding the bodies natural process to breakdown hard fat and tighten the skin. The body is wrapped firmly with soft terry clothes which have been saturated with our special Amino Herbal/Mineral Formula.

It is a firming and toning process. The formula includes the following 27 herbs and minerals enhanced with sea vegetation:

Herbal Blend (Alfalfa Leaf, Chickweed Powder, Gentian Root, Yarrow Powder, Comfrey Root, Cornsilk Powder, Capsicum Powder, Garlic Powder, Aloe Vera Concentrate) Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Purpurea Flower, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Parsley Leaves, Peppermint Leaves, Papaya Leaves, Red Clover Tops, Bladderwrack, Hawthorn Berries, Kelp, Montmorillonite, Passion Flower, Pau D’Arco, Rosehips, Yellow Dock, Magnesium Sulfate
*Ionic Trace Mineral Complex.

Q. How does the Herbal Body Wrap work?

A. Herbal extracts, minerals and amino nutrients are applied warm to open pores and draw out toxic accumulations from the skin and soft tissue layers. This aids the body to further breakdown fat. Pressure wraps compact the detoxified fatty tissues that are left.

Herbal Body wrap releases toxins and replaces them with minerals your body needs. The pure aloe base works as a carrier, transporting this unique formula to the adipose layer, breaking down hardened toxic tissue (cellulite) on contact.

Consider your skin is your largest living and BREATHING organ of your body. Every day, your body is assaulted by harmful air pollution, smoking, harmful ingredients from lotions, soaps, perfumes, dangerous cleaning chemicals, UV rays, and even the wind.

Harmful chemicals get trapped in our fat cells. It behooves us to clean our body INSIDE and OUT. Doing Herbal Body Wraps help you do this. So besides reducing inches, you benefit from a more toxic-free body.

Q. Do doctors recommend Herbal Body Wrap?

A. Yes, since 1981. Herbal Body Wrap was further refined by "Doctor's Signature" ... Life Force's parent company which specializes in providing formulas to doctors. The Herbal Body Wrap formula has been recommended by health care professionals in America since 1981.

Q. Aren't Herbal Body Wraps just like all the other wraps on the market?

A. No. This is NOT a compression wrap or temporary water loss.

Many existing wraps claim they're for weight loss. But BE CAREFUL. Several wraps are designed to make you sweat off pounds of water only to return with each glass of water you drink afterward.

Other wraps are based on compression. You're wrapped extremely tight with elastic bandages and for long periods of time. These are both temporary and generally, not comfortable to do, nor are they very good for your body.

Q. Do Body Wraps involve exercise?

A. The Body Wrap System will reduce inches with or without exercise.

Though the resistance of the wraps will increase the benefits of any level of movement undertaken while wrapped. We have found that gentle exercise or being in a sauna suit will maximize the benefits of the body wrap.

Q. How do I prepare for the Body Wrap?

A. 1) Start with clean skin: be sure not to apply any lotions, oils or creams 6 hour before wrapping.

2) Use an oversized sweat suit or sauna suit to be worn over damp wraps. Your skin needs to stay warm so your pores stay open.

In order to maximize the coverage of your wrap we suggest you wrap yourself nude from your own home or wear thin, cotton undergarments or a skimpy swim suit to be wrapped in.

Q. How long does a Body Wrap take?

A. A Body Wrap session takes 1 hour if you gently exercise, 1 1\2 hours if you do not. Allow an extra 20 minutes in your session for measuring set points using our supplied body charts.

If you live in locally, ask about our Wrap Classes (where you invite friends over to wrap with you so you can have your wrap free). It usually takes 3 hours.

Q. How often can I do Body Wraps?

A. The body wrap is a safe and effective process and you may do it as often as you wish. We suggest a series of wraps, at least 3 days apart be applied until you reach your maximum inch loss results that a series of wraps, at least 3 days apart be applied until you reach your desired shape. Some clients are happy after just one wrap, others return once a month to maintain their results and because it makes the skin so soft and supple.

Q. What should I do after the Body Wrap?

A. It takes about 10 days for the skin to fully adapt to the tissue reduction. You can assist this process to produce maximum results by:

1) Avoid toxic food and drink, such as salt, sugar, fried foods, caffeine, carbonated drink and alcohol for several days after your wrap.

2) Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to continue the detoxifying process through the bodies natural elimination system. Flushing your system this way will even help you to lose weight.

3) Do not apply lotions, oils, or creams to the wrapped areas or take a bath, swim, for at least 6 hours after your wrap. Then bathe in lukewarm water when needed.

Q. What is the history of Body Wraps?

A. Body Wraps were first introduced in 1961 in USA. It is the only fat reducing method in the world with the special formula which successfully removes excessive body fat in any part of your body within an hour and with instant visible inch loss.

Body Wraps were first broadcast in the 1970's on the popular American Talk Show, PHIL DONAHUE TV SHOW, with live demonstration by the Host, MR. PHIL DONAHUE, showing the miraculous 1 hour fat reducing effect.

Since then, Body Wraps have been widely reported by the media both in USA & globally. Nearly 10 million viewers have witnessed this miraculous inch loss effect on TV.

For 10 years since Body Wrap's were first launched, it has been widely used by millions & thousands of people from different parts of the world & has proven its success in the Beauty Industry.

In the past, Body Wrap was only produced exclusively for Beauty Salons which provided such services to their customers. Unfortunately, not a lot of people could afford such luxurious treatments in Beauty Salons.

With changing marketing strategies and customer demands in the 90's, together with popular demand from the public, Body Wraps are now being sold factory direct to consumers in order to expose the products to more & more people, so that more customers could easily enjoy the miraculous effect from the wonderful product at an affordable price.

Body Wraps are suitable for both male & female and it's easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Q. Will Body Wraps help cellulite?

A. As you probably know, cellulite is waterlogged fatty issue. It may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Q. Who will the body wrap help?

A. Anyone who wants to tone and tighten their skin. People with overly dry/rough skin. People with loose skin from weight changes and pregnancy. Men and women who want to look terrific fast! Anyone who wants to look and feel younger!

Q. How much does it cost? Our Price List

A. When you do it yourself, you buy the Herbal Body Wraps at wholesale directly from Life Force, the manufacturer, and save yourself a lot of money.

Typically, individual Body Wrap Service costs $85.00 for each wrap. But those who specialize in Body Wrap Services usually offer "multiple wrap" packages which you can purchase to reduce your "per wrap" price.

Because it will take more than one wrap for the majority of us to get where we want to be, you can save yourself money by purchasing a package up front.

Standard Body Wrap Service prices are typically as follows:

1 wrap $85.00

3 wraps $240.00 ($80.00/each)

5 wraps $375.00 ($75.00/each)

10 wraps $700.00 ($70.00/each)

Keep in mind that to obtain the best results possible, you need a series of wraps. As you can see above, if you buy a package, you save money. The more you buy, the more you save.

(If you're interested in doing this as a service business, see our Affiliate Page.)

Q. How often should I get wrapped?

A. Although this too varies from person to person, we suggest that you get one wrap per week until you get to the size you want to be, and are happy with what you see in the mirror.

After that, you will only need maintenance wraps to remove new toxins taken in from the environment. This, too, will vary. Some people will require one maintenance wrap per month whereas others may require one maintenance wrap every three to four months.

Q. If I don’t have months before a special event, can I get wrapped several times in one week?

A. YES you can.

Many people only have a few weeks or even a few DAYS to get ready for a special event. You can wrap as often as you would like, and you will still receive the benefits of inch-loss as well as the tightening of skin.

So don’t feel that just because your reunion is only a month away you can’t make a significant change in your appearance because you can.


The Body Wrap is very healthful and relaxing.

The Body Wrap solution has ideal pH for body and facial skin.

It firms body tissue and tightens skin, especially after weight loss/pregnancy.

You determine where the inches come off…hips, thighs, abdomen, etc.

It is NOT a "water wrap" or a "dehydration" process.

The basic idea behind Body Wrap is to strengthen muscles, increase body fluids circulation, inch loss before weight loss and make inch loss results visible in 1 hour.

Body Wrap contain the best ingredients & customers can use it confidently as it complies with and meets all standards & regulations set down by the FDA in America.         


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